Yankees’ Aaron Boone caps Toronto drama with ‘F***’ rant at Jay’s Pete Walker

Yankees' Aaron Boone shouted using 'F***' rant at Jay's Pete Walker on May 18, 2023, at Rogers Center.
John Allen
Friday May 19, 2023

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The series between the Blue Jays and Yankees at Rogers Centre was marked by intense drama and became one of the most memorable of the early MLB season. It began with the ‘Fat’ shaming incident involving Toronto’s manager John Schneider in the first game, and Aaron Boone further contributed to the chaotic nature of the series with his actions in the last game.

Following a relatively calm Wednesday night, except for Danny Jansen’s walk-off home run, the ongoing feud between the two teams persisted on Thursday. This time, the focus shifted to a clash between Yankees manager Aaron Boone and Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker, adding another layer of drama to the series.

As Jose Berrios made his way back to the Blue Jays’ dugout after a scoreless fifth inning, Aaron Boone was caught on camera by the YES Network, engaging in a heated exchange with Pete Walker. Aaron Boone could be heard expressing his disagreement, using strong language, and telling Walker, “You’re f*ing crazy. You’re crazy. Sit the f*k down, man.”

The fervent rivalry took over Aaron Boone

The highly charged rivalry between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees reached its peak during the final game of the series on Thursday, captivating both fans and players. The game was characterized by heightened tension and hostility, culminating in a fiery confrontation between Yankees manager Aaron Boone and Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, the YES Network broadcast captured a heated exchange between Aaron Boone and Pete Walker. The video footage showed Aaron Boone passionately gesturing and pointing at Walker from the Yankees’ dugout, while Walker responded dismissively by waving his hand. The confrontation was marked by intense emotions, further intensifying the already heated atmosphere. According to multiple reports, Aaron Boone was heard referring to Walker as “F**ing crazy.”

This incident was just one of several conflicts between the two teams. The tensions initially arose when cameras captured Yankees’ power hitter Aaron Judge displaying peculiar glances during an at-bat, triggering allegations of cheating directed at the Yankees. In response, the Blue Jays promptly reached out to MLB to voice their concerns regarding the Yankees’ base coaches not complying with the designated coaches’ boxes. Judge defended his actions, stating that he was attempting to calm down his teammates following Aaron Boone’s ejection.

The series was filled with palpable tension as various incidents unfolded. Walker engaged in a verbal altercation with Yankees’ Luis Rojas, who was observed to be positioned outside the coaching box. Furthermore, Yankees starter Domingo German faced ejection and subsequent suspension for possessing a foreign substance on his hand. The rivalry was further intensified when Schneider had a heated exchange with the Yankees’ dugout, adding fuel to the already intense atmosphere.

Judge too took a swipe at the Jays in Game 2 after shadowing his face.

Walker preferred to dismiss it

From his position across the diamond, Walker remained composed and unruffled, shrugging off Aaron Boone’s remarks and dismissively waving his right hand. It seemed that their disagreement had come to a conclusion at that moment.

Similar to a gripping reality TV show, this four-game series was filled with an abundance of surprises and unexpected developments. Each game had its own unique twists and turns, captivating the audience and keeping them engaged throughout the entire week.

The highlight of the series took place on Tuesday, delivering a spectacle that encompassed a variety of elements. The game witnessed the ejection of Yankees pitcher Domingo German, who was subsequently handed a 10-game suspension for utilizing an illicit substance. Later, the Yankees starter decided not to appeal. Additionally, heated discussions arose between the Blue Jays and Yankees regarding the appropriate positioning of coaches in foul territory. Adding to the controversy, Toronto manager John Schneider directed a derogatory comment, referring to New York’s assistant hitting coach Brad Wilkerson as a “fat boy.”

Furthermore, the WestJet Flight Deck witnessed an impressive display of power from Aaron Judge, the reigning AL MVP of 2022, as his remarkable 430-foot home run to straightaway center field resulted in a broken maple leaf.


The rivalry between the teams intensified during Monday’s opening game when the Yankees potentially relayed signs to Jake Bauers and Judge in the eighth inning, taking advantage of Toronto reliever Jay Jackson’s admitted of tipping his pitches. As a result, Judge received support in hitting his second home run of the game.

After a fiercely contested series, the Yankees emerged victorious with a 3-1 record, securing a 4-2 win in the final game. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until late September for the next encounter between the Blue Jays and Yankees.

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