Radio host calls Don Mattingly a terrible manager, warns Mets against hiring him

Ex-Yankees great and Toronto bench coach Don Mattingly is talking on Yes to Meredith Marakovits at Yankee Stadium on Sept 22, 2023.

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Following the firing of Buck Showalter by the Mets, there are reports hinting at the team looking to employ former Yankees great Don Mattingly as the new manager. However, a radio host has branded the New York legend as an awful manager and warned the Yankees’ cross-town rivals against hiring him.

“Don Mattingly is not a good manager,” according to WFAN’s Evan Roberts. “I just want to be blunt about it.”

Roberts slams Don Mattingly as a failed manager

The failure of the New York teams this season and their frantic rebuilding efforts have ignited passionate discussions among baseball fans. One of the prominent talking points will revolve around the quest of the Mets for a new manager, following the departure of the highly regarded Buck Showalter.

A candidate gaining attention among both reporters and fans is a familiar figure in New York, Don Mattingly. Currently serving as the bench coach for the Toronto Blue Jays, Don Mattingly’s name has been brought into the conversation after the Blue Jays were recently eliminated from the wild-card round of the playoffs.

However, when this notion was introduced by a fan during the “Evan and Tiki” show on WFAN, Evan Roberts had an immediate and strong reaction, expressing his belief that the Mets should keep a considerable distance from the idea. It’s worth noting that this sentiment doesn’t even touch upon any actual interest from the Mets themselves.

Roberts questioned the rationale behind considering the hiring of a manager he deemed to be ineffective, asking, “Why would you do that? Why would you want to hire such a terrible manager?”

Upon hearing the caller mention Don Mattingly’s experience, Evan Roberts delivered a cutting response, stating, “Yes, he certainly has experience. Experience sucking.”

Roberts made his opinion clear about Don Mattingly, stating, “Don Mattingly is not a good manager.” He acknowledged Mattingly’s greatness as a player during a five-year stretch but firmly criticized his managerial abilities. Roberts mentioned Mattingly’s performance with the Dodgers, emphasizing his shortcomings in the postseason. He also mentioned observing Mattingly’s managerial skills with the Marlins and remained critical, asserting that he was not a good manager.

According to Evan Roberts, those linking Don Mattingly to the Mets are likely doing so because of his recognizable name, especially in New York, and his managerial experience.

Don Mattingly’s managerial career

Don Mattingly, a legendary figure in Yankees history, has an extensive managerial career spanning 12 years with two different teams. During his tenure with the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2011 to 2015, he compiled a regular season record of 446 wins and 363 losses, concluding with three consecutive 90-win seasons. His stint with the Miami Marlins from 2016 to 2022 yielded a record of 443 wins and 587 losses, with his sole winning season occurring in the COVID-shortened 2020 campaign, earning him NL Manager of the Year honors.

In his early years with the Dodgers, they missed the postseason, but subsequently, they reached the NLCS in 2013 and the NLDS in the following two years. Mattingly also guided the Marlins to the playoffs once in 2020, although they were swept in the NLDS.

Roberts acknowledged Don Mattingly’s greatness as a player and his iconic status among certain age groups but maintained his stance that as a manager, he didn’t hold a favorable opinion of Mattingly’s abilities.

In case there were any doubts, Don Mattingly clarified that he was not currently contemplating a return to the Yankees, despite the potential need for his assistance there. Instead, he expressed contentment with his current position in Toronto.

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One thought on “Radio host calls Don Mattingly a terrible manager, warns Mets against hiring him

  1. Clown don’t Donny Baseball, states his greatness as a player was basically limited to a 5 year stretch. Let’s get the facts straight, 14 years in the Big Leagues while battling a bad back he was able to accomplish:
    Career .307 average
    6 time All Star
    9 Gold Gloves
    3 Silver Sluggers

    Everyone has a right to their opinions, even if they are wrong

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