Radio host warns Yankees fans against big expectations this offseason

Yankees in the dugout reacts following a home run by Giancarlo Stanton vs. theTigers at Yankee Stadium on Sept 5, 2023.

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WFAN’s Evan Roberts has urged Yankees fans to exercise caution and skepticism when it comes to reports about team activities this offseason. He suggested this while on the show with Tiki Barber on Monday.

Concluding the 2023 season with an 82-80 record, marking their poorest performance in a 162-game season since 1992, and failing to reach the postseason for the first time since 2016, the Yankees have found themselves linked to numerous prominent free agents. Additionally, there have been swirling rumors indicating active discussions between the Yankees and the San Diego Padres regarding a potential trade for Juan Soto.

Recent Yankees acquisitions, or the absence thereof, have left fans disappointed. Notably, the team did not make an attempt to secure Bryce Harper before the 2019 season, and several trades involving decent players turned out to be underwhelming.

Radio host has an advice for Yankees fans

In response to a caller who all but assured Soto and Japanese ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto were joining the Yankees, Evan offered some advice.

He conveyed that the banner carried at the Yankee Stadium signifies the aspirations of many passionate Yankee fans who hold exceptionally high expectations for the offseason. Roberts shared a concern about the prevalent sentiment among Yankee fans, indicating a sense of expecting the organization to make significant acquisitions.

He cautioned that although possibilities exist for the Yankees to acquire players like Juan Soto or Yamamoto, there’s a risk of fans facing severe disappointment if these expectations aren’t met. Roberts emphasized that being linked to a player doesn’t guarantee a successful deal or acquisition.

Yankees owner' Hal Steibrenner, the general manager Brian Cashman, and the manager Aaron Boone

The Yankees fans have previously seen how new acquisitions, such as Josh Donaldson and Frankie Montas failed miserably while Jordan Montgomery trade did more harm to the team.

Roberts emphasizes the importance of learning from past experiences and urges fans not to fall into the same cycle—encouraging them to temper their expectations until an actual deal materializes.

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2 thoughts on “Radio host warns Yankees fans against big expectations this offseason

  1. I think they ate 100 % correct. I don’t believe any of these rumors until they actually happen. Yankees are good about putting rumors out there and not doing anything.

  2. Steinbrenner perspective confirms the franchise is awash in profits. So, rhetoric aside, life is good. But he’s still raising ticket prices for 2024.

    The fans and local sports media are gleefully building the gallows for Cashman and his track record of poor trades and irresponsible fiscal decisions supports such criticism. However, the team’s won consistently for more than a decade, generating huge profits, so Hal I’d happy with him.

    The team’s current and projected fiscal commitments run directly afoul of the basic MLB standards for team performance and spending. Whether Hal & Cashman are unaware of the looming carnivore in the form of long term position on the Competitive Balance Tax (CBT) penalty list or believe somehow they’re too big to worry about it is unknown. Actions this off-season will confirm their status, one way or the other.

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