Juan Soto’s hilarious reaction to almost missing first pitch: ‘I saw the clock’

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Tuesday April 9, 2024

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Juan Soto has been having a remarkable season so far, despite being named the best MLB player of the week during the first week of the MLB. Soto, the latest sensation for the New York Yankees, found himself in the spotlight after a video went viral last Monday. Following the historic 7-0 game, Soto commented on the viral moment.

“I saw the clock too, and I was thinking and hesitating because the game was supposed to start at 6:08,” Soto said after the Yankees’ 7-0 win over the Miami Marlins. “So I have two minutes. I try and I turn around and Nester is almost moving to make his pitch. I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ It got me very quick, but definitely works.”

Juan Soto’s video goes viral 

In the clip, Juan Soto could be seen graciously signing an autograph for a fan in the right field stands mere moments before the game commenced. This gesture, just seconds before the first pitch, captured the hearts of fans and showcased Soto’s dedication both on and off the field.

Juan Soto, player of the new york yankees
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Acquired from the San Diego Padres in a significant offseason trade, Soto has swiftly endeared himself to the Yankees faithful. His impact on the team’s stellar 9-2 record, currently tied for the MLB’s best alongside Pittsburgh, cannot be overstated. Following the Yankees’ 7-0 victory over the Miami Marlins, Soto reflected on the viral moment, acknowledging his awareness of the game’s impending start and the adrenaline rush that followed.

Manager Aaron Boone expressed his belief that Juan Soto’s presence in New York is a perfect match, particularly given the vibrant Dominican population in The Bronx. Soto reciprocated this sentiment, expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans. Choosing Jay-Z’s iconic “Empire State of Mind” as his walk-up song for the Yankees’ home opener, Soto aimed to elevate the atmosphere and further ignite the fans’ enthusiasm.

The outpouring of support during the Yankees‘ home opener has continued throughout the season, with Juan Soto recognizing the significant impact fans can have on the team’s performance. His presence is so important that he stepped into the right field stands to accommodate a few autograph requests from eager fans. However, a glance at the clock caused him to pause as he realized the game’s scheduled 6:08 PM start meant he had just a couple of minutes left for impromptu autographs.

Turning back towards the field, Juan Soto was surprised to see starting pitcher Nestor Cortes already warming up and preparing to take the mound. His willingness to engage with fans, demonstrated by signing autographs until the last possible second before gameplay, underscores his appreciation for the Yankees’ devoted fanbase.

Why is Juan Soto so important to Yankees?

Juan Soto, player of the new york yankees

Despite injuries to key players like Gerrit Cole and DJ LeMahieu, the Yankees have surged ahead, led by Juan Soto’s exceptional performance at the plate. With a batting average of .357, an on-base percentage of .462, and a slugging percentage of .548 in 11 games, Soto has been instrumental in the team’s early success. Notable plays, such as his game-saving throw on Opening Day, further solidify his impact on the team’s fortunes.

Juan Soto’s maiden home run at the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium on the night of the solar eclipse further cemented his status as a rising star. The timing of the event, coupled with the thunderous crack of his bat, created a captivating moment that will forever be etched in the memories of Yankees fans. However, it was the indelible connection Soto has forged with the fervent Bronx faithful that has truly resonated, solidifying his place as the newest beloved icon in pinstripes.

As the season progresses and injured stars return to the lineup, the Yankees are poised to establish themselves as a dominant force in the American League. Juan Soto’s seamless integration into the team and his remarkable contributions bode well for the Yankees’ aspirations of championship glory in 2024.

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