Juan Soto’s pre-game autograph dash makes waves on social media

Yankees slugger Juan Soto rushes to sign autographs as Nestor Cortes starts pitching at Yankee Stadium on April 8, 2024.
John Allen
Tuesday April 9, 2024

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In a lighthearted moment before Monday night’s game, Juan Soto found himself in an unexpected situation.

Assuming he had more time before the first pitch, Juan Soto stepped into the right field stands to accommodate a few autograph requests from eager fans. However, a glance at the clock caused him to pause as he realized the game’s scheduled 6:08 PM start meant he had just a couple of minutes left for impromptu autographs. Turning back towards the field, Juan Soto was surprised to see starting pitcher Nestor Cortes already warming up and preparing to take the mound.

While getting an autograph from a favorite Yankee player isn’t an uncommon occurrence, the opportunity to do so while the player is literally in the outfield during pregame is a rare sight.

Social media quickly picked up on the encounter, with a video capturing Juan Soto’s moment of realization. The clip shows him looking towards the fans, glove tucked under his arm, as they excitedly called out for his attention. A quick look back toward the mound reveals Cortes, who would go on to pitch eight scoreless innings, poised and ready to start the game.

A nearby fan, decked out in a classic navy blue Yankees jacket and cap, seizes the opportunity and tosses a ball and marker toward Soto for an autograph. With a smile, Juan Soto swiftly signs the ball and returns it to the lucky fan before rejoining his teammates on the field with just enough time to spare. This brief exchange added a touch of whimsy to the pregame routine, showcasing Juan Soto’s willingness to connect with fans whenever possible.

Juan Soto’s first Yankee Stadium homer caps enchanting night


Monday night proved to be a memorable one for Juan Soto, etching his name not only in the Yankees’ record book but also solidifying his bond with the Bronx faithful.

Juan Soto launched his first home run at Yankee Stadium this season with a powerful swing, sending the ball soaring into the right field stands. This three-run blast in the fourth inning significantly bolstered the Yankees’ lead, putting them comfortably ahead 6-0 against the Miami Marlins.

While Friday marked his official home debut (albeit in a 3-0 loss to the Blue Jays), this marked his inaugural home run within the iconic Yankee Stadium walls. Notably, Juan Soto had already achieved his first Yankees home run back on March 30th during a Spring Training victory against the Astros.

Despite his young age of 25 and his contract expiring after the 2024 season, Juan Soto has rapidly become a fan favorite in The Bronx. This adoration extends beyond his impressive on-field performance. Fans appreciate his genuine interactions and willingness to connect with them on a personal level.

“When they show you a lot of love,” Juan Soto said, “you have to reciprocate.” This simple yet powerful statement exemplifies Soto’s understanding of the dynamic between player and fan. His commitment to reciprocating the fans’ affection further cements his position as a beloved member of the Yankees organization.

Yankees fans react

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