In Limbo: The future of Oswald Peraza with the Yankees

Injury Concerns for Oswald Peraza Raise Questions About His Future.

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Shortstop Oswald Peraza has become a hot topic of conversation within the New York Yankees organization, even though he hasn’t been in the team’s lineup this month. With his impressive performance in Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, where he boasts a .292 batting average, a .923 OPS, and 11 home runs in just 34 games with the RailRiders, there’s a valid argument for promoting this former top prospect and finding him a spot in the Bronx.

However, the Yankees face a dilemma due to the surplus of infielders on their roster. Yet, the struggles of Anthony Volpe at shortstop and Josh Donaldson‘s difficulties since returning from the injured list have raised questions about whether Peraza will get his chance to shine.

Oswald Peraza’s uncertain path highlights his ongoing development with the Yankees

Oswald Peraza's path to the Yankees remains uncertain.

Recently, the discussions have shifted to concerns about Oswald Peraza’s physical condition. The 23-year-old has been absent from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s games since June 18, missing an entire six-game series. Yankees manager Aaron Boone alleviated some worries on Tuesday by revealing that Peraza has been dealing with a minor abdominal injury, which shouldn’t keep him out of action for too long.

According to Aaron Boone, Oswald Peraza’s playing status is day-to-day but he believes he may play on Saturday.

“I thought he was going to maybe play Sunday. He didn’t. It seemed to be minor enough that it was just a day-to-day thing. Hopefully, he’s back in there tomorrow.”

Over the weekend, Conor Foley of The Times-Tribune in Scranton reported that Peraza would soon return to the lineup and mentioned that the infielder had passed some tests related to his muscular issue. Moments later, the YES Network’s Jack Curry confirmed the official diagnosis, revealing that Peraza was nursing a low-grade abdominal strain.

Despite not being in the New York Yankees' lineup this month, Oswald Peraza is currently a popular topic of discussion within the organization.

While it’s a positive sign that Peraza will soon be back on the field in Triple-A, his path to the Bronx remains unclear. The notion of replacing Volpe at shortstop is losing momentum, especially considering Volpe’s improved performance in recent weeks, including a three-hit game on Tuesday night. Furthermore, the Yankees never had any intention of demoting Volpe after anointing him as the starter earlier this spring. Peraza would need a significant decline in Volpe’s form before he could leapfrog him on the depth chart.

The quickest way for Peraza to make it back to the big leagues seems to be through third base, but he faces competition from Donaldson and DJ LeMahieu. Despite Donaldson’s struggles at the plate, the Yankees are firmly committed to him and have no immediate plans to make a change on the left side of the infield. Their faith in Donaldson’s abilities remains unwavering.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman recently expressed his satisfaction with Peraza.

“We are very happy with Peraza. We feel we have two high-end players. One is currently playing at the major league level, while the other is biding his time in Triple-A. It’s a great situation to be in, especially as we look ahead. We have nothing but full support for Volpe as he continues to develop here and for Peraza as he finishes off his development down there.”

Oswald Peraza’s path to the Yankees remains uncertain, but his potential and development continue to impress.

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8 thoughts on “In Limbo: The future of Oswald Peraza with the Yankees

  1. Peraza is not even found on the ‘Top 30 prospects “ list. When I searched his name, it said ‘not found’

  2. I think it’s a total joke the Yankees remain committed to Donaldson and I’m sure every Yankee fan like myself feels the same way. Donaldson career is over he has 9 hits in 72 at bats. You can’t tell me that Peraza can do any worse and at least he will be a contact hitter thanks Cashman great trade. Alos what a great way to waste 90 million dollars giving DJ a 6 year contract at the age of 32. He’s a shell of himself from the first 2 years as a Yankee. What you see this year is what you’re going to get from DJ for the remainder of his contract. Stuck in another bad contract. Thanks Cashman. Boone and Cashman need too go. Since 2017 Cashman has known what needs too be done too bet the Astros and all he continues too do is bring in these scrap pile players. The Yankees should be embarrassed the most valued franchise in sports and we have no real closer no real catcher. Are you kidding me and we’re stuck in multiple bad contracts until the players are 38-40 years old. Let the young guys play. This is a horrible roster that Cashman has built. Boone cannot manage a bullpen. Takes starters out in the 6th inning with 2 outs and nobody on with only 85 pitches and he does this on a regular basis. Send them both packing. The Sas part is Boone will get another mulligan this season because of Judges injury. But he consistently gets out manages by managers such as Cash, AJ Hinch and managers alike. He’s horrible.

    1. He no longer technically is a prospect, just a rookie now. Volpe, Brito, & Peraza have all ‘graduated’ from the Prospect list so far in 2023.

    2. First, to blame Boone for anything is wrong on your part. Boone is doing exactly what BC wants him to do. In fact, BC has said so back in May. If you dump Boone without changing the real baseball decision maker, Cashman, you’re not getting any sort of Manager who has more say. You think Boone likes having rehabbing players doing their rehab on the active roster? You think it’s Boone’s choice to continually write in Donaldson at 3B? Just by watching LeMaheiu, to me he is not healthy. Too many called strike 3 on outside pitches that he’s not even trying to foul off like in past years or too many swings with no legs.

  3. Peraza is a better shortstop then volpe. It should be peraza at shortstop and Oswald at second, volpe at third.

  4. I believe the Yankees problems start with Hal, Cashman and Boone. Yes players must be held accountable for their actions on the field. Those three idiots, mentioned above, need to be held accountable for disgraceful trades and blind loyalty to players who are useless and past their prime. It’s mind boggling why Peraza is not being called up. Give this kid a shot, can’t be any worse than Donaldson or Torres. So many scenarios for the infield with Peraza, Volpe and DJ. Gleyber needs to be traded for a top notch left fielder. Rizzo has slowed down so maybe a back up first baseman is in order. Stanton is a total flop, have on idea who would want him, a disgrace. Best to just let him DH and play outfield just to rest others. Catcher is in need of an upgrade, Higgie isn’t what they imagined. Trevino is good in my book just need a good backup to him. Pitching staff took so many injuries, could have been best in majors. Not bad at this point, hopefully guys coming back will bolster the rotation.

    1. Let’s pretend the Yankees are the A’s or Pirates and bring up the kids. DFA Donaldson, Stanton, DJ, Trevino and Higgie. Bring up Rordvedt Austin Spencer Peraza and Dominguez. If Torres continues to lose focus on the bases and defensively, sit him on the bench and bring up Sweeney.

  5. I say cut Donaldson. Put Peraza at 3rd. Try to trade Gleybor and allow DJ to be everyday 2nd. Or switch the two. Or you can keep Gleybor at 2nd let Peraza at 3rd and DJ continue to rotate all over the infield. But Donaldson has to go.

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