Carlos Rodon’s son thinks Austin Wells is his daddy

Carlos Rodon and Austin Wells

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PITTSBURGH —  Carlos Rodon, the Yankees’ starting pitcher for Sunday’s game, and his catcher Austin Wells arrived for work long before most of their teammates even got on the team bus at a downtown hotel.

Around 11 a.m., which was approximately 2 and a half hours before the planned start of the game at PNC Park, left-handed pitcher Carlos Rodon was eager to meet with rookie catcher Austin Wells to discuss their strategies for facing the Pirates’ batters.

The left-handed pitcher walked across the clubhouse from one side to the other and then asked if Austin Wells was ready. The catcher stood up from his locker and went to a back room with Carlos Rodon.

This time, there was no mix-up about their identities, even though they bear a slight resemblance with their short, dark hair, round faces, and bushy mustaches.

Carlos Rodon looks similar to Austin Wells

There’s a strong resemblance between them, so much so that Carlos Rodon’s second child, his son, was convinced that Austin Wells was her dad when he saw the catcher doing a TV interview after a recent Yankees game while he was at home.

In a funny video shared by Rodon’s wife on X (formerly Twitter), cute little kid repeatedly pointed to the TV screen and said, “Daddy,” while a close-up of Wells was shown.

Ashley Rodon laughed and told her son that’s not his daddy. But the youngster continued to call out, “Daddy!”

Ashley replied that the guy had a mustache, like his dad.

Persisting in his belief that Austin Wells was her father, the little kid shouted out and called Ashley to look at Daddy. 

Carlos Rodon and Austin Wells

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