Yankees stars reflect on heartwarming stories on Mother’s Day

Yankees' captain Aaron Judge with his mom Patty.
Michael Bennington
Monday May 13, 2024

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The New York Yankees players don special touches of pink color on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day while crusing to a 10-6 win over the Tampa Bay Rays. Their stars share heartwarming stories while reflecting on their relationships with moms.

NJ Advance Media spoke with manager Aaron Boone and seven Yankees players before and after Saturday’s game, gathering heartwarming stories about their mothers. Aaron Judge shared a classic tale, Boone’s was touching, and Alex Verdugo’s was both sad and inspiring. These vignettes, told in their own words, highlight the special bond between the players and their mothers.

Alex Verdugo shares about his cancer-survivor mom


For Alex Verdugo, his mother, Michelle Verdugo, is the epitome of strength and resilience. In a heartfelt conversation, he opened up about the immense challenges his family has faced over the past year and a half. Tragically, shortly after losing his grandmother to breast cancer, Verdugo’s mother fell ill. He moved in with her during her sickness, and upon her return home, she received the devastating news that she, too, had been diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2022.

Throughout his mother’s battle,¬†the Yankees star remained by her side, offering unwavering support.¬†As a symbol of his love and encouragement, he crafted a chain necklace for her, promising to give it to her once she completed her treatment. True to her indomitable spirit, Michelle Verdugo emerged victorious, becoming cancer-free after undergoing radiation therapy.

Verdugo speaks of his mother with the utmost admiration, describing her as the strongest woman he knows. He acknowledges the profound impact she has had on his life, both on and off the baseball field. Her strength has been a constant source of inspiration for him, and the Yankees outfielder credits her with shaping him into the person he is today, instilling in him invaluable life lessons that he carries with him every day.

Through their shared experiences and¬†the unbreakable bond they share, the Yankees star and his mother have demonstrated the power of love, resilience, and the unwavering support of family in the face of life’s toughest challenges.

Aaron Judge loves his ever-present mom

Aaron Judge fondly recounted a cherished memory from his T-Ball days when his parents coached his team, the Rockies. During one game, he stepped up to the plate, unaware that one of his shoes was untied. Without hesitation, his mother, Patty Judge, rushed over to him, halting the game to securely double-knot his laces.

A photograph captured this tender moment, showing a young Judge wearing an oversized helmet and clutching a bat while his mother attended to his shoe. For the Yankees captain, this memory encapsulates his mother’s unwavering love and care, even in seemingly small, unnoticed moments.

The Yankees slugger marveled at how she consistently looked out for him, addressing concerns he might have overlooked. This heartwarming recollection¬†serves as¬†a testament to the enduring support and affection his mother has always provided, leaving an indelible mark on Judge’s life and underscoring the profound impact of a mother’s love.

Yankees manager Boone remembers his profound support


Aaron Boone spoke fondly of his mother, Susan Boone, praising her as an extraordinary and integral part of their close-knit family. As a mother of three boys, she stood as their unwavering pillar of support. During his father’s Major League career, which spanned from Boone’s birth until his senior year of high school, his mother immersed herself in the world of baseball.

At the height of her dedication, she attended an astonishing 12-15 games per week, masterfully juggling her presence at Aaron’s high school matches, his younger brother Matt’s Little League games, and their father’s professional outings, including those at USC where their brother Bret played.¬†The Yankees skipper reminisced¬†about how¬†their family was among the first to own a large satellite dish, allowing his mother to watch countless games on television and attend many in person, even when¬†they¬†were¬†scattered¬†across various locations.

With heartfelt appreciation, the Yankees manager expressed his gratitude for having the most incredible mother anyone could ever hope for, emphasizing her constant love and support that has been a guiding light throughout their lives. His words paint a picture of a remarkable woman who tirelessly devoted herself to her family and their shared passion for baseball.

Carlos Rodon wants more time with mom

Carlos Rodon shared an intriguing anecdote about his mother, Julia Rodon. When she was in her third trimester of pregnancy with him, she experienced a memorable encounter while wading in shallow beach waters‚ÄĒa stingray bite on her leg. Rodon humorously mused that this event might have influenced his adventurous spirit. With his parents visiting Tampa that week, he looked forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with his mom, whom he commended as an exceptional mother and grandmother, emphasizing her adoration for his children.

Gerrit Cole cherishes his mom as first coach


Gerrit Cole fondly recollected moments shared with his mother, Sharon Cole, during his youth. She would transport him to games, ensure his equipment was ready, and provide nourishment. After completing his studies, they would retreat to the garage in the evenings, where his mother would gently toss pitches to him while his father was absent. Cole noted that she even crafted a special T-shirt for him to wear during these training sessions. The Yankees ace cherished the countless hours spent together in the garage, refining his abilities under her nurturing guidance.

Jose Trevino recalls mom’s sacrifices for him

As a parent himself, Jose Trevino has gained a profound appreciation for the sacrifices his mother, Patsy Trevino, made for him and his siblings. He reminisced about the early morning routine they shared, waking up to drive his father to work before embarking on a 45-minute to an hour-long journey to school. Trevino’s mother, who worked as a canteen manager at his school, always ensured he got some extra rest by allowing him to sleep in the car during the commute.

Trevino expressed deep gratitude for the sacrifices both his parents made to support his baseball aspirations. The Yankees catcher drew a parallel between his mother and his wife, whom he described as the rock of their family, recognizing the similar roles they play in nurturing and supporting their loved ones.

For Trevino, playing on Mother’s Day holds a special place in his heart, as it serves as a way to honor his mother’s unwavering support and dedication. He shared that his mother’s primary wish is always for the team to emerge victorious, as she takes great joy in their success. Trevino’s reflections underscore the profound impact his mother has had on his life and the enduring love and appreciation he holds for her.

Clay Holmes expresses gratitude to mom

Clay Holmes spoke with great affection about his mother, Teresa Holmes, emphasizing the special place she holds in the hearts of him and his two brothers. He highlighted her loving and selfless nature, always willing to go above and beyond for her children. Holmes shared that his mother is a hardworking individual, currently employed as a private counselor after previously working as a counselor in the school system.

Throughout her life, Holmes’s mother has not only been dedicated to caring for her family but has also extended her compassion to help others, a quality he greatly admires in her. He mentioned that his father is a pastor, and his mother supports him by playing the piano in church, showcasing her commitment to their family and faith.

Despite leading busy lives, Holmes’s mother always¬†made it a priority to attend¬†as many of his baseball games as possible, a gesture he deeply appreciates.¬†Having his parents travel from Alabama to Tampa for the Rays series allowed the Yankees closer to cherish quality time with his mother on Mother’s Day weekend, making the occasion even more meaningful¬†for him.¬†His words reflect¬†the¬†profound love and gratitude¬†he holds¬†for his mother and¬†the invaluable role she plays¬†in his life.

Oswaldo Cabrera talks about his special bond with mom


Oswaldo Cabrera shared a heartwarming memory from his childhood when he would fall ill and couldn’t stay home alone while his parents were at work. His mother, Yitty Cabrera, a high school teacher, would bring him along to her classroom. At the tender age of 10 or 11, Cabrera found himself seated at the back of the room, surrounded by his mother’s older students, aged 14 or 15.

Despite feeling under the weather, Cabrera treasured the opportunity to witness his mother in her element, passionately teaching her class. He found the experience of observing her dedication to her work to be truly beautiful and inspiring. This cherished memory highlights the special bond between the Yankees utility star and his mother, as well as the profound impact her commitment to her profession had on him during his formative years.

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