Wife Ashley behind Carlos Rodon’s 10K IVF assistance to women

Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon at an event hosted by his The Willow Grant initiative.

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New York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon and his wife Ashley have embarked on a beautiful journey, becoming proud parents to three adorable children: Willow, Bo, and Silo. Their path to parenthood, however, was not without its share of challenges, as reported by Gary Phillips of the New York Daily News.

Before welcoming their firstborn, Willow, in 2019, Carlos Rodon’s wife Ashley tragically experienced two heartbreaking miscarriages. Undeterred and determined to build their family, they began exploring various options, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), a process where eggs are fertilized with sperm outside the body before being implanted in the uterus.

While IVF was initially considered as a potential route, Ashley unexpectedly conceived naturally. However, their experience highlighted the importance of IVF as a vital fertility treatment option for many couples. This has become particularly relevant in light of recent legal debates surrounding IVF. An Alabama court ruling classifying frozen embryos as children has ignited discussions about the legal protections and rights associated with this crucial medical procedure.

Carlos Rodon’s story not only celebrates the incredible joy of family but also sheds light on the challenges that some couples face on their path to parenthood, while simultaneously raising awareness about IVF as a successful and empowering option for those struggling with fertility issues.

Carlos Rodon, wife start “The Willow Grant” to support families facing infertility


Inspired by their journey to parenthood, New York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon and his wife Ashley have established a meaningful initiative: The Willow Grant. This nonprofit program launched through a partnership between the Carlos Rodon Foundation and the Nest Egg Foundation, aims to provide financial assistance for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments to families struggling with infertility.

Ashley Rodon, emphasizing the importance of family building, spoke to the New York Daily News about their desire to help others experience the joy of parenthood. She highlighted the profound impact of advanced reproductive technologies like IVF in making parenthood a reality for couples facing challenges with natural conception.

The Willow Grant offers a beacon of hope for families struggling with recurrent pregnancy loss. Qualified families, who have yet to have a child, can apply for a $10,000 grant to help offset the significant costs associated with IVF treatment. The program will award its first grant on April 5th.

New York Yankees Carlos Rodon family
New York Post

“The Willow Grant has been a dream of ours for a long time,” said Carlos Rodon, as reported by Phillips. He acknowledged that infertility is a prevalent issue, often overshadowed in public discourse. The Rodons are dedicated to raising awareness about this challenge and supporting families through their innovative grant program.

The Willow Grant offers a tangible way for the Rodons to share their personal story while making a positive impact on the lives of others facing similar struggles.

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