Boone hails big step by Everson Pereira, as Yankees rookie faces uphill task

Everson Pereira of the Yankees is batting against the Blue Jays on March 1, 2024.

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While Everson Pereira‘s mammoth home run over the left-field wall at Steinbrenner Field stole the show, it was a different aspect of his at-bat that truly impressed Yankees manager Aaron Boone.

Facing Blue Jays righty Chad Dallas in the second inning, Everson Pereira displayed remarkable poise by taking a 1-2 curveball for a strike. This decision showcased a level of discipline often seen in seasoned veterans, not rookies.

This patience paid off handsomely. The next pitch, another curveball but this time a hanging one down the middle, was left waiting for by Everson Pereira. He capitalized on the mistake, launching the offering 406 feet into the night sky for a memorable home run.

Boone commented that Everson Pereira’s performance that night was a significant development for him. He noted that just before hitting the home run, the rookie appeared comfortable by taking a pitch. This seemed to free him up a bit. After hitting the homer, Boone observed that Everson Pereira’s at-bats for the rest of the night were really good.

“Tonight was a big step for him” Boone said. “Right before the homer, he took a pitch and looked comfortable. He looked freed up a little bit. Then he hits the homer, and the rest of the night I thought his at-bats were really good.”

Following a strikeout in his second time at bat, Everson Pereira connected for a base hit up the middle in his third plate appearance, driving a two-strike fastball from reliever Yimi García.

Boone noted, “Facing García in a right-on-right matchup is challenging.” He observed Everson Pereira falling behind 0-2 against García but noted his confidence during the at-bat, which he found encouraging.

Everson Pereira’s raw power and potential are undeniable. Yankees hitting coordinator Joe Migliaccio recently spoke about his “unique and genuine power,” highlighting his natural talent. However, there’s a crucial element to Everson Pereira’s development: plate discipline. This has been a consistent area of emphasis for manager Aaron Boone and the organization since Pereira’s MLB debut last August.

While Everson Pereira dominated in the minor leagues, his 27-game stint with the Yankees in 2023 proved challenging. He struggled to adjust to major league pitching, batting a meager .151 with a .427 OPS and striking out a concerning 38.8% of the time.

The key to unlocking Everson Pereira’s full potential lies in his ability to improve his pitch selection and avoid swinging at pitches outside the strike zone.

Everson Pereira’s focus: Development, not Opening Day roster

Everson Pereira prior to the game against the Nationals, on August 22.
New York Daily News

While Everson Pereira’s impressive home run against the Blue Jays is certainly a positive sign, a single spring training game won’t determine his season outlook. Even a strong spring might not translate to an immediate major league call-up.

The Yankees’ outfield picture has changed significantly this offseason. With established stars like Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo, and Trent Grisham joining the roster, along with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton who will rotate between DH and the outfield, competition for outfield spots is fierce.

Therefore, Everson Pereira’s primary focus for this spring training should be on development. Refining his plate discipline and demonstrating consistency across all aspects of his game will be crucial. This strong showing will position him well for a potential call-up later in the season or a prominent role in the minor leagues as he continues to hone his skills.

While top prospects Spencer Jones and the recovering Jasson Dominguez might be grabbing more headlines in Yankees camp, Everson Pereira shouldn’t be overlooked.

Spring training is all about seizing unexpected chances. If an injury strikes the outfield before Opening Day, the rookie could find himself thrust into the competition for a roster spot.

Twitter – @FiresideYankees

Even if he starts the season at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, a strong showing can pave the way for a call-up to the Bronx later in the year. Additionally, his talent makes Everson Pereira a valuable trade chip for the Yankees.

Boone remarked that the pitchers at this level pose significant challenges and can exploit weaknesses effectively. Transitioning to the big leagues and solidifying one’s place is no easy feat, but it’s essential to stick to one’s strengths and approach the game with confidence. Boone observed that Everson Pereira did well in handling the situation during the game, although it’s just March 1. He hoped that the experience would prove valuable for Pereira.

The key to unlocking these opportunities lies in Everson Pereira’s plate discipline. Demonstrating decisiveness at the plate, as he did with the 1-2 curveball, will be crucial for him to impress the Yankees’ organization and be ready for whatever role awaits him this season.

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2 thoughts on “Boone hails big step by Everson Pereira, as Yankees rookie faces uphill task

  1. I still think that Cashman & his gang have turned the page on Cabrera, Peraza, & Pereira. Cabrera is looked at as a long term bench piece, who if the right opportunity came along, they’d trade him. as for Peraza & Pereira, they are no longer looked at as top prospects, but organizational depth, and they might be more motivated to include them in deals now.

  2. Brian Cashman is in panic mode this year because his contract with the Yankees will expire after this season.

    So, Cashman knows if the Yankees don’t go far in the playoffs, he can kiss a lucrative contract extension goodbye.

    That makes Cashman a Very Dangerous Man to have as your GM because he’s more likely to trade a prospect with great future value for a questionable player with an existing injury history or a player who’s already showing signs of digressing, like Bieber.

    I think Pereira will likely end up being a .260 or better hitter with 30+ home-run power.

    I’ve seen Peraza play 5 times at AA and he was a better defensive SS than Volpe, with a much stronger arm, and he’s hit for both average & power in the minors as he’s matured. So, he also has MLB potential.

    But because Cashman put together such a god-awful roster in 2023, the Yankees called up Pereira & Peraza too early in their development process to try & plug the holes in the roster that were Cashman’s fault. So, it’s not surprising that they were overmatched at the MLB level.

    All the blame for that goes on Cashman for being the architect of one of the worst Yankee rosters in many years.

    Cashman’s ineptitude in building a MLB-ready roster in 2023 is what led to Cabrera, Peraza, & Pereira being thrown into the fire BEFORE they were ready to deal with that level of competition on a part-time basis, no less!

    I’ve said this before & I’ll keep saying it: Until Cashman’s is Out as GM the Yankees will not return to their former glory.

    Here’s just a partial list of the injury-plagued players for whom Cashman has traded more recently: Hicks, Stanton, Bader, Montas, etc.

    It’s one thing to trade for a player who later gets injured, but Cashman has an alarming habit of trading for players who have pre-existing injury histories.

    For example, look at the ABJECT STUPIDITY of Cashman trading a healthy Montgomery for Bader, WHILE BADER WAS ALREADY ON THE INJURY LIST! Then Cashman traded for Montas, who was already showing signs of injury issues and, sure enough, he went down for (basically) the rest of the season.

    Yet Brainless Brian has the audacity to act Shocked & Dismayed that a guy like Stanton is often injured, when he had that same problem in Miami:

    In 5 of 9 years with the Marlins, Stanton played in 74 to 123 games!

    So, it takes a lot of baseBALLS for Cashman to act Shocked & Dismayed about Stanton’s inability to stay healthy, as he gets OLDER!

    Right, Brian, and are you also Shocked that the National Deficit keeps going up? What an idiot!

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