Anthony Volpe goes on a blazing spree, equals Aaron Judge’s 2021 record

Anthony Volpe is celebrating with Rizzo and Cortes after the Yankees beat the Orioles on May 23, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.
Sara Molnick
Tuesday July 4, 2023

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Yankees rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe is on a blazing spree and his season seems to have turned around. In Monday’s remarkable 6-3 comeback victory over Baltimore, he made a significant impact, going 2-for-4 with a solo home run and crossing home plate for an additional run. Notably, Saturday’s game marked his fifth consecutive multi-hit game, a feat unmatched by any Yankee this season. In fact, the last time a Yankee achieved such a streak was Aaron Judge, who accomplished it in five games from August 23 to 28, 2021.

Anthony Volpe proved to be a catalyst in the Yankees’ comeback victory as they trailed 3-0 on Monday. In the fifth inning, the rookie shortstop ignited the rally with a solo home run. He continued to impress in the seventh inning, recording an infield single and extending his streak of multi-hit performances to six out of the last seven games.

Over the course of his last 17 games, Anthony Volpe’s performance has been nothing short of outstanding. He boasts an impressive .370 batting average, a .443 on-base percentage, and a .556 slugging percentage. With seven extra-base hits and nine runs scored, his contributions have been vital to the team’s success. Notably, his 11 home runs surpass the rookie totals of any Yankee since 2019, where Mike Tauchman hit 13 and Mike Ford hit 12.

Currently riding an eight-game hitting streak, Anthony Volpe’s consistency at the plate is remarkable. His recent surge has elevated his overall batting line to an impressive .500/.516/.733. Alongside his eight runs, two doubles, one triple, one home run, two RBIs, one walk, and one stolen base during this span, Anthony Volpe has showcased his versatility and impact on the team.

Anthony Volpe, Rizzo, Aaron Judge, and Cortes celebrates after the rokkie shortstop Volpe drove in the winning run with a sacrifice fly in against the Orioles on May 23, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

Anthony Volpe’s turnaround

The turning point in Anthony Volpe’s rookie season may have been a dinner he had. On June 12, the Yankees had a break in their schedule between series against the Red Sox and Mets, giving Anthony Volpe the opportunity to visit his parents’ house in Watchung, N.J. It was a rare off-night for the team.

A group of his Minor League teammates, including the highly regarded catching prospect Austin Wells, were with him that evening. They gathered together and enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken parmesan. Afterward, they started to review videos on their iPads from the previous season. Specifically, they focused on games in which both of them had hit home runs for the Double-A Somerset Patriots.

During that trip down memory lane, Anthony Volpe and Wells observed that the frame-by-frame images on their screen bore only a passing resemblance to the Yankees’ rookie shortstop. They both agreed that Anthony Volpe’s stance had unintentionally changed, and they speculated that it might be the reason for his recent difficulties at the plate. The shortstop also had the same pointed out by hitting coach Dillon Lawson before the team’s previous series against the Red Sox.

Anthony Volpe mentioned that there were some minor issues with his stance and how he positioned himself to hit. He described it as a small detail, but both he and Wells noticed it and began discussing it. The rookie believed that they both gained valuable insights from their conversation.

Following this, Anthony Volpe made a correction to his stance by adopting a more closed position, aiming to remove the uppercut in his swing. Since making this adjustment, his performance has been exceptional, reminiscent of his impressive showing during the spring season, which played a significant role in securing his spot on the Opening Day roster.

The baby Bomber is on a blazing spree

On Saturday, Anthony Volpe achieved an impressive milestone by recording his fifth consecutive multi-hit game. This remarkable streak is the longest of any Yankee player this season. The last time a Yankee achieved this feat was back in 2021, when Aaron Judge accomplished it, recording five multi-hit games from August 23rd to August 28th.

Anthony Volpe remarked that he had noticed a considerable improvement in his at-bats. He mentioned that his focus had shifted toward the quality of his plate appearances rather than the specific outcomes. The Yankees rookie explained that he had been more selective with his swings, making better decisions about which pitches to attack and which to let go. According to him, his overall approach at the plate had returned to its usual state, allowing him to feel more comfortable and confident in his performance.

Manager Aaron Boone noted that Anthony Volpe has been consistently making solid contact with the ball. Boone expressed his satisfaction with Volpe’s ability to stay disciplined at the plate and not chase pitches outside of the strike zone. He mentioned that this improved approach has been evident for the past couple of weeks, leading to more consistent and productive at-bats.

Boone emphasized that focusing on having quality plate appearances is crucial, as it is the only aspect within a player’s control. He remained confident that if Anthony Volpe continues to exhibit this level of consistency over time, positive results will follow.

Anthony Volpe minimized the significance of the session with Wells, stating that it was “clearly frustrating” to realize that he had wasted several at-bats by deviating from his usual setup.

However, it cannot be denied that ever since that dinner with the chicken parm, his batting average has been impressive.  373 (19-for-51) in 16 games. During this time, he has recorded five doubles, a triple, a home run, three RBIs, and seven walks.

Anthony Volpe shared that he found it comforting to discover that his previous approach, which had not produced the desired outcomes, did not align with his natural style. He mentioned that he is currently in the process of returning to his familiar and comfortable approach. The Yankees shortstop added that he is open to whatever outcomes may result from this adjustment.

Since his chicken-parm dinner, Anthony Volpe has been 22-for-58 (.379). His consistent and impressive performance can be a big boost to the Yankees reeling under an offensive slump.

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7 thoughts on “Anthony Volpe goes on a blazing spree, equals Aaron Judge’s 2021 record

  1. The PITCHING coach mentioned it before the Boston game?
    Why didn’t he drag him by his ear to the batting cage the first game he saw it? Or the 10th?
    What else could he be possibly be doing that’s more important?

    1. 100% agree. And judging from others (Stanton, D.J., Donaldson) their hitting coach hasn’t been a big hit.

    1. Great idea! Maybe the rest of the Yankees who have been slumping can try some of Anthony’s Mom’s delicious chicken parm? It can’t hurt!

      1. That’s is really funny guys. Maybe we all go to his parents for Chicken? Winner winner chicken dinner. 😆 🤣 😂

  2. Anthony, stress on your strong suit only.
    Get on base and steal bases. Don’t over do and try to hit home run. Put team first and help. Don’t hit into DP! Bunt if need be! Good luck ! Don’t get hurt by trying to leg out and injure your groin etc. Learn from Gerrit Cole!
    All the best. Will pray for you and family!

  3. volpe needs to play every day to stay in his groove. They need to stop looking at the short term statistics, and look at the overall potential of the Yankee rookie.

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