AL East rival Orioles confident Aaron Hicks signing can deliver

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On Tuesday, the versatile outfielder joined the Orioles, following his dismissal from the Yankees’ roster on May 20 and his formal release a week later.

Aaron Hicks’ recent performance for the Yankees hasn’t been particularly impressive, yet the Orioles are confident that he could still deliver after signing him on Tuesday.

Orioles’ executive vice president and general manager, Mike Elias, expressed that Baltimore’s assessment goes beyond the usual stats, indicating that Hicks might exceed his current performance metrics.

“Our scouting and evaluation methods dig deeper than what a player’s traditional stats might suggest,” Elias explained, as reported by the Baltimore Sun. “We always hope for a performance rebound from any player we sign.”

Although Hicks has a commitment of $30 million through 2025, he will receive a prorated league minimum compensation with Baltimore. His OPS has fallen under .700 since 2021, and this season, his stats stand at .188/.263/.261.

The Orioles found themselves in urgent need of outfield reinforcements when Cedric Mullins was sidelined due to injury. They see a golden opportunity in Hicks, who previously demonstrated strong offensive capabilities in the Bronx from 2017 to 2020.

During this period, Hicks smashed 60 home runs and brought in 188 RBIs, including his personal best of 27 home runs in 2018.

Elias added, as quoted by the Sun, “Not all our moves may hit the mark, but we see promising aspects in Aaron Hicks that align with our team’s goals. We’re hoping this shift reinvigorates him, and that he brings his A-game to help us clinch victories.”

After the Yankees released Hicks, their manager Aaron Boone spoke highly of the outfielder, focusing on his successful tenure with the Yankees.

Boone said on Friday, “I trust people will recall the exceptional seasons he spent with us. He had his moments of glory during the postseason. Regrettably, injuries have been a major stumbling block, likely hindering his career progress and his chances of regaining his prime form.”

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  1. I have been a Yankee fan since the early sixties and watched all the greats !! Yogi , Mickey ,Roger Whitey and Moose !! They were the greatest !! But now the fans in New York have forgotten this is still a game . They boo their players and cuss at them and the umpires also ! The umpires have now lost their minds and argue with the players and they all go back and forth . It is now not resent for young people ( boys ) to even watch the games on TV for the arguments and the cursing !! I no longer even care to follow the games because of the disrespect people have lost for other people !! No wonder so much hate and violence takes place in this country !! Now the idiots in congress wants to take our guns !! I’m afraid this world is going to hell wide open !!!

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