Aaron Judge’s return claim by Bret Boone holds significant weight

Bret Boone and Aaron Judge

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During an interview on the “Zach Gelb Show,” Bret Boone, the older brother of Yankees manager Aaron Boone, claimed that Aaron Judge would be making a comeback right after the All-Star break, Though he denied having heard it from his brother, his prediction carries a lot of weight and can’t be dismissed.

Bret Boone informed Zach Gelb during their conversation that Aaron Boone has not shared any details about Aaron Judge’s potential return. Despite that, Bret mentioned hearing some rumors indicating Aaron Judge’s possible return to the Yankees lineup immediately after the All-Star break. He added that only time will tell if his information turns out to be accurate.

“I’m hearing some grumblings he’s going to be back right after the All-Star break, so we’ll see if I’m right,” he told. 

Boone’s claim about Aaron Judge’s comeback carries weight

Former MLB player Bret Boone, who also happens to be the brother of Yankees manager Aaron Boone, could potentially have insider information regarding significant developments in the Bronx. And this is likely to include the recovery of Aaron Judge.

Bret made it clear that his brother, Aaron Boone, was not the one who provided him with this information and didn’t name the source. But his claim about Aaron Judge is likely to be true. First, the Yankees never clear the air about the actual injury to the slugger. Later, Aaron Judge himself revealed that it was a ligament injury in the toe without explaining more. But within days of that announcement, he resumed baseball activities and even told reporters that he was ready to play with the pain.

Aaron Judge himself has already informed that he could return after the All-Star week. He avoided going to Seattle to focus on his recovery. His first swing was flawless and the hitting coach didn’t find any issue affected by his injury. To fast-track his recovery, the Yankees captain also started running on an anti-gravity treadmill.

Since he has already ruled out surgery and is ready to play despite the pain, it is likely that Aaron Judge make a comeback after the All-Star break. In 2022, he played through pain and hit 62 home runs.

Aaron Judge is seen at the batting practice at Yankee Stadium.

Yankees desperately need Judge

The Yankees continue to suffer since Aaron Judge sustained a “right grade two sprain” on June 3 due to colliding with a concrete ledge below the right-field fence at Dodger Stadium during an impressive catch. During his absence, the Yankees have recorded a 14-17 record, finding it challenging to fill the void left by his offensive prowess in the lineup.

The Yankees’ collective OPS stands at .710, placing them 20th among all MLB teams. Their struggles have been notable against right-handed pitching, as evidenced by their .229 batting average, .294 on-base percentage, and .402 slugging percentage in such matchups.

During his MVP-winning season in the American League last year, Aaron Judge showcased his exceptional power by launching 61 home runs and driving in 131 runs. This year, he was on track for another outstanding season before his injury sidelined him.

An art of Yankees slugger Aaron Judge in Seattle, the city which is hosting 2023 All-Star Game.

In the 49 games he has played in 2023, Aaron Judge has continued to be a force in the Yankees’ lineup, leading the team with 19 home runs and 40 RBIs. His power and run-producing abilities have been crucial for the team’s offensive production.

Judge has been cautious in providing a specific timeframe for his potential comeback but has mentioned engaging in various baseball-related exercises. These activities include playing catch, light hitting, and participating in running drills.

Last week, Aaron Judge expressed optimism about his injury recovery, stating that he was feeling optimistic and experiencing overall improvement. Following the All-Star break, the Yankees kick off the second half of the season with a matchup against the Kansas City Royals on Friday. Aaron Judge’s return will help them start the second half on a strong note.

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  1. I hope you realize that in the NFL an injury like Judge’s is called turf toe and often takes more than a season to recover from. Oh yeah, Brett Boone never really said anything but you posted about him three times.

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