Aaron Judge’s unbelievable catch vs. Dodgers sends Yankees fans into a frenzy

Yankees captain Aaron Judge busted the bullpen door at Dodger Stadium while making a spectacular catch on June 3, 2023.

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In a stunning display of athleticism during the eighth inning of Saturday’s game against the Dodgers, Yankees’ Aaron Judge took a breathtaking catch that has a few comparisons in MLB. While making this exceptional running catch, the New York Yankees captain forcefully burst open the door to the visiting bullpen at Dodger Stadium.

Yankees fans were momentarily alarmed, but their anxiety quickly transformed into a jubilant celebration. It not only opened the gates of the visitors’ bullpen gates at the ballpark but also unlocked the floodgates for the Yankees to cement their victory.

The Yankees were leading 5-3 when Dodgers’ designated hitter J.D. Martinez launched a sinker from pitcher Michael King into the outfield. With remarkable speed, Aaron Judge sprinted backward and expertly timed his catch, resulting in a collision with the door of the outfield bullpen.

Despite crashing into the bullpen gate and stumbling through the unexpectedly open doorway, Aaron Judge managed to maintain possession of the ball, securing his second remarkable catch of the road trip after robbing a home run in Seattle. Although trainers briefly examined Aaron Judge to ensure he was uninjured (as running into bullpen gates can be notorious for causing shoulder injuries), he remained in the game to contribute to the Yankees’ 5-3 victory.

Reflecting on the incident, Aaron Judge reassured everyone that he was alright after the forceful crash, attributing his safety to the fact that the wall had some flexibility. He expressed gratitude that it wasn’t a solid wall, acknowledging that the outcome could have been different otherwise.

“I’m feeling good,” the slugger said. “I think the fence got most it. Thankfully, it was that part of the wall where it had some give. I think that saved me quite a bit. If it was a solid wall, it might be a different story.”

“Just another awesome catch added to the list in a big-time spot,” Boone said. “Your heart skips a beat when the fence goes flying open. Just another great play.”

“Man, what a play,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said of Judge’s eighth-inning play on a drive by J.D. Martinez. “J.D. had a fastball that was up, top of the zone and blocked it the other way and hit it well. I thought it was a double, a sure double but Judge made a heck of a play out there.”

Yankees fans reacts to Aaron Judge’s epic catch

Well-known Yankees fan and actor-producer Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee led the Yankees fans in reaction to Aaron Judge’s catch of the year.

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