Yankees’ trade wishlist reportedly includes notable Cy Young Winner pitcher

Shane Bieber is pitching against the Yankees.
Inna Zeyger
Thursday July 13, 2023

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As reported by Patrick McAvoy of Baseball Essential, there is speculation that the Yankees might explore the possibility of pursuing Shane Bieber at the upcoming trade deadline.

The New York Yankees are poised to make a significant impact at the upcoming MLB trade deadline on August 1st. They are looking to bolster the team that is currently out of playoff contention to push for a postseason berth.

According to McAvoy’s analysis, the Cleveland Guardians have experienced an unpredictable season thus far. While they are currently leading the American League Central, their record stands at 45-45, leaving open the possibility of various approaches leading up to the trade deadline. Considering that Shane Bieber is under team control through 2024, acquiring him would likely come at a significant cost. However, the Yankees could potentially afford his salary and secure one of the strongest rotations in baseball by pairing Bieber with Gerrit Cole and Carlos Rodon.

Biber a big boost for the Yankees


The Yankees are actively seeking pitching reinforcements to bolster their rotation. One intriguing option that has caught their attention is Cleveland Guardians’ ace, Shane Bieber.

Acquiring Bieber would be a substantial improvement for the Yankees, but his contract status and the Guardians’ position in the division make it likely that the cost will be steep. With two potential postseason runs ahead, the price tag for Bieber’s services will be even higher.

However, with only one team from the American League Central securing a playoff spot, the Guardians’ .500 record doesn’t guarantee them a postseason berth. In such a situation, they might consider trading their top asset and reshaping their roster for a stronger run in 2024.

It remains uncertain whether the Yankees are willing to meet the expected high price tag for Bieber. However, acquiring him could present the Yankees with the best chance to win another World Series, a feat they haven’t achieved since their victory over the Philadelphia Phillies in 2009.

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4 thoughts on “Yankees’ trade wishlist reportedly includes notable Cy Young Winner pitcher

  1. If the Indians(I REFUSE) to call them Guardians want to trade Bieber, I’d give them Roderick Arias, Spencer Jones, Glyber Torres and Clayton Better. That might be much but it’s not necessarily stripping the farm system.

  2. I haven’t seen any proposed trade packages to get this deal done. What will it take? Workd Series titles are the ultimate goal, and don’t get me wrong, are what are hoped for by the fans. However, equally important to me, and I hope many other fans, is winning exciting baseball where there is a chance to win every game you are in. Equally exciting is to do it with homegrown exciting players. Just hope Cashman doesn’t empty the farm again to acquire busted veterans.

  3. Yankee’s brass, there’s nothing wrong with enduring a season plagued by injuries and several former stars suffering through historically poor years without trading away promising young players like Spencer Jones. He may well be worth more by himself than the player the Yankees would trade for.

  4. Yankees are boring. It’s not just the losing, there is no excitement to their game, no at bats that challenge the pitcher, no great defensive plays, no 2 strike at bats where the hitter ends up with a clutch hit… and Boone leads the list

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