Aaron Judge returns to action, resumes baseball practice

Aaron Judge hugs Domingo German after he pitched a perfect game against the A's on June 28, 2023, at Oakland.

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The wait for the Yankees and MLB fans seems to be over. Aaron Judge resumed his baseball activities on Wednesday afternoon at Oakland Coliseum,

This marked the first instance of the Yankees’ captain participating in baseball activities since injuring his toe. It signifies a step forward in his recovery, although Aaron Judge chose not to emphasize its significance too much.

According to Aaron Judge, it was merely another step in the process, and he refrained from categorizing it as either significant or insignificant. He made these remarks before the Yankees’ 11-0 victory over the A’s, during which Domingo German accomplished the 24th perfect game in Major League Baseball history. He acknowledged that there are several more steps to undertake before returning to the field, so he viewed this particular step as just another part of the journey.

The last time Aaron Judge played in a game for the Yankees was on June 3. During that game, he made a remarkable catch by colliding with the right-field wall at Dodger Stadium, preventing J.D. Martinez from getting extra bases. However, four days later, Aaron Judge was put on the 15-day injured list due to his injuries.

Aaron Judge’s small step a big reprieve for the Yankees

On Wednesday, there was a small but meaningful sign of progress toward Aaron Judge’s return to the Yankees. Although it was just one step among many, it provided tangible evidence that he was moving closer to rejoining the team.

Aaron Judge mentioned that there wasn’t a specific reason or clearance that prompted him to start playing catch again. Instead, he simply informed the team that he intended to do so. The exact timeframe for Aaron Judge’s return to the Yankees remained uncertain because he still needs to overcome several more challenges before he can make a comeback.

The brief session of throwing didn’t exert much pressure on Aaron Judge’s right big toe, and he acknowledged that he made an effort to avoid putting too much strain on it. The Yankees captain said that he didn’t experience significant discomfort during the throwing session, which he considered to be a positive indication. He expressed his desire to engage in another game of catch on Thursday.

Aaron Judge explained that throwing doesn’t involve putting much weight on the injured toe. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the strength and conditioning of his throwing arm so that when he does return, he won’t have to spend additional time getting it back into shape. He expressed his intention to take any possible action to minimize the time required for preparation and get back to playing sooner.

The power hitter mentioned that he made a conscious effort not to exert too much pressure on his toe. He described performing slow movements such as catching a ball down the line and executing reverse pivots, as well as simulating throwing from the right-center gap to second base. During these actions, he didn’t experience significant discomfort.

Aaron Judge found this to be a positive development and expected to have further throwing activities on Thursday.

Yankees captain Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium on June 1, 2023.

Yankees positive

According to Manager Aaron Boone, Aaron Judge’s return would start to seem more probable when he observes him getting back into hitting practice.

At first, the Yankees referred to the injury as a contusion and sprain. However, Aaron Judge disclosed on Saturday that he actually has a torn ligament in his right big toe. To alleviate the discomfort in his toe, he received two platelet-rich plasma injections in different ligaments. Currently, neither he nor the team has provided a specific timeframe for his comeback.

Boone revealed it was good for him on the field, walking and participating in a game of catch. He considered it another progression in his journey toward recovery. The skipper acknowledged that the process has been slow but emphasized the importance of observing consistent improvement.

After engaging in a game of catch on Wednesday, Aaron Judge shared that his toe has been improving with each passing day. He expressed enjoyment of the opportunity to maintain his arm’s condition,

According to Boone, the next significant milestone for Aaron Judge will be to start practicing hitting again. However, at the moment, there isn’t a specific schedule or timeline in place for when Judge will begin his hitting progression.

A key aspect to consider is Aaron Judge’s ability to generate power and rotation from his back foot during hitting before his return. In addition, Boone stated that he was ready to give a time frame for the slugger’s return only when he could fully unleash his swing with strength.

He clarified that there were currently no immediate plans or specific arrangements in place for him to start practicing hitting. Ever since Aaron Judge injured himself, he has undergone two PRP injections in an attempt to accelerate the healing process. After receiving the second injection on June 15, it provided more assistance compared to the first one. However, Judge’s recovery has still been relatively slow, with progress occurring at a gradual rate.

For the Yankees’ most crucial player, Wednesday’s simple act of playing catch held significant importance.

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4 thoughts on “Aaron Judge returns to action, resumes baseball practice

  1. I think AJ is special, mature, responsible, so he can be depended upon to guide himself thru recovery. Doctors are not the final word for AJ, totally an out of the box personality, great sensitivity and acumen. It pays to wait for complete recovery in ligjt of the 9 year deal.

  2. I hate to say this I mean I love judge and don’t get me wrong. It seems he is starting to become one of those crybabies and phonies like Rodon,and Frankie months get the big bucks and can’t play I men Frankie m has not pitched forever and the 162 million dollar man has back problems for 2 months give me a break. It’s the upper brass Cashman pays these guys and they can’t play. And judge like I said fantastic ballplayer but nobody deserves 40 million dollars to play a game. I mean really I have bowled with a broken toe and tended bar for hours. I mean it seems he got paid them took a vacation. The Yankee have become greedy and crybabies. I mean I am 75 years old remember micky,roger,reggie,Derrick they played for the love of the game and their fans. And Boone should learn to stop changing pitching so much in a game

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