Aaron Judge signs a big endorsement deal with major fashion brand

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge agrees to endorse polo perfume by Ralph Lauren.
Michael Bennington
Friday March 15, 2024

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Aaron Judge, the Yankees captain and one of baseball’s best-known faces, has just added another impressive accomplishment to his already remarkable resume. This week, the iconic fashion brand Ralph Lauren announced that Aaron Judge will be the face of their newest campaign for the fragrance Polo Est. 67.

Aaron Judge, a seasoned outfielder who has spent eight outstanding seasons with the New York Yankees, is no stranger to being in the spotlight. He is a five-time MLB All-Star, and his impact extends well beyond the baseball diamond, as demonstrated by his recent appointment as the captain of the Yankees. This latest collaboration with Ralph Lauren further showcases Aaron Judge’s influence and appeal beyond the realm of sports.

With the 2024 MLB season set to kick off later this month, Aaron Judge is preparing for another thrilling year on the field, all while simultaneously making a significant impact in the fashion world through his partnership with Ralph Lauren.


Aaron Judge lands high-profile endorsement with fashion giant

In a recent interview with People magazine, baseball star Aaron Judge expressed his enthusiasm about being the face of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Est. 67 campaign. He felt a strong connection to the message of overcoming obstacles in pursuit of one’s dreams, which resonated with his own journey as an athlete.

The newly launched fragrance, which became available this week, promises a refreshing combination of citrus and woodsy notes, offering a modern interpretation of what “fresh” means, according to the Ralph Lauren website. The name, Polo Est. 67, is a subtle tribute to the year Ralph Lauren founded his company, adding a touch of heritage to the brand’s latest offering.

The sleek, refillable bottle itself is a stylish blend of navy blue and white, reminiscent of the iconic Yankees uniform that Aaron Judge wears with pride on the field, creating a visual link between his baseball career and his new role as the face of the fragrance.

Aaron Judge stepped up to the plate not only for baseball this season but also for Ralph Lauren’s Polo Est. 67 campaign. He went beyond being just the face of the fragrance and actively participated in modeling for the campaign.

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees

The centerpiece of the campaign was a television commercial titled “Design Your Dreams.” In this advertisement, Aaron Judge wasn’t swinging for the fences on the baseball field; instead, he delivered a powerful message while standing in what appeared to be an empty stadium. At an impressive 6’7″ tall, Aaron Judge’s voice boomed through the voiceover, urging viewers, “When greatness calls, you answer. Don’t give up. Level up. Own the moment.” This clear call to action resonated with the fragrance’s message of pursuing one’s dreams and striving for greatness.

In the “Design Your Dreams” commercial, Aaron Judge wasn’t merely delivering a speech; he was putting his words into action. Dressed in a classic Ralph Lauren t-shirt, he stepped up to the plate and showcased his remarkable baseball skills. He swung with power and precision, sending the ball soaring not once, but multiple times, before finally launching a towering home run. This display of athleticism perfectly embodied the concept of “owning the moment” and resonated with the message of the fragrance, demonstrating Aaron Judge’s ability to lead by example.

This latest collaboration with Ralph Lauren adds another prestigious brand to Aaron Judge’s growing portfolio of endorsements. He already boasts partnerships with powerhouse brands like Jordan Brand, Hulu, and Topps, further solidifying his status as a marketing force to be reckoned with, in addition to his exceptional baseball prowess. It’s important to note that Aaron Judge secured a massive nine-year, $360 million contract with the Yankees just last December, ensuring his financial security for the foreseeable future.

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