David Cone highlights distinctions between his and Domingo German’s perfect games

Domingo German pitched a perfect game on June 28, 2023, at Oakland, to become the first Yankee since David Cone did it 1999.

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Following his perfect game Domingo German is now in an exclusive four-member Yankees club of men with that illustrious achievement. However, David Cone, the latest Yankee to throw a perfect game before Wednesday’s feat, finds some distinction between his achievement and that of Domingo German.

An analyst for YES and ESPN, David Cone highlighted a significant distinction between his perfect game and the flawless one that Domingo German achieved against the Oakland Athletics. According to him, the difference lies in the level of communication between the pitcher and catcher throughout the innings.

David Cone mentioned that he didn’t have any discussions with his catcher, Joe Girardi, during his perfect game. In contrast, during Domingo German’s game, there were instances of him conversing with pitching coach Matt Blake and catcher Higashioka as the game progressed.

“Whereas I kind of played it by feel, you know, we were allowed to kind of do it on the fly a little bit and Joe Girardi and I just kind of read bats, and we did it kind of the old school way,” he said. “Whereas I understand today there’s much more preparation and much more information.”

He revealed that during his perfect game, Girardi, the catcher, almost made an effort to avoid communicating with him. He observed that the situation was much different for Domingo German, considering the abundance of information available in today’s game. David Cone acknowledged that players are well-prepared and have a clear plan regarding the pitches they want to throw.

According to the 60-year-old, both he and Girardi relied more on their intuition and instincts during his perfect game. He mentioned that they had the freedom to make decisions on the spot and read the batters in a more traditional manner. David Cone acknowledged that the game has evolved since then, with greater emphasis on preparation and the availability of more information for pitchers and catchers.

“They’re very prepared on what pitches they want to throw ahead,” he said. “Whereas I kind of played it by feel, you know, we were allowed to kind of do it on the fly a little bit and Joe Girardi and I just kind of read bats, and we did it kind of the old school way. Whereas I understand today there’s much more preparation and much more information.”

David Cone's perfect game on July 19 was one of the many high points for the 199 Yankees.

David Cone hails Domingo German

On Wednesday night in Oakland, California, Domingo German pitched a perfect game that made him the 24th pitcher and the fourth Yankee in history to accomplish this. The Yankees emerged victorious with an 11-0 win over the Athletics.

David Cone revealed his admiration for Domingo German’s performance while talking on the YES Network after the game. He remarked that it was a joy to watch and follow the game, highlighting German’s impressive efficiency throughout the entire match.

According to David Cone, the success of Domingo German, catcher Kyle Higashioka, and the entire Yankees’ organization made it a remarkable and memorable moment.

Cone expressed his delight in witnessing both Domingo German and Higashioka celebrate together with the team after the game, capturing a remarkable moment in a photo. He also mentioned the evident joy on Domingo’s face, which was truly captivating.

“You know, … this is a long time coming for both of those kids and too see them celebrate together after the game with the team and the photo behind it, I think was just remarkable.”

Yankees starter Domingo German with his teammates after he pitched a perfect game against the A's on June 28, 2023, at Oakland.

Sees similarities too

In addition, David Cone remarked that Domingo German, who is 30 years old, displayed a similar mentality to what he himself had during his own perfect game on July 18, 1999, when he faced the Expos.

David Cone shared his perspective, mentioning that the challenge lies in maintaining a constant state of aggressive play. According to him, it is crucial not to let up or reduce the intensity. The ex-Yankees starter added that Domingo German demonstrated great skill in maintaining such a mindset, emphasizing that he executed it exceptionally well.

He expressed his hope that Domingo German would gain confidence from this impressive start and carry it forward for the remainder of the season, just like David Wells did after his perfect game in 1998. According to David Cone, Wells became the top pitcher in baseball that year following his perfect game.

“So, you know, you hope the confidence that Domingo gets in this game gets him on a run and allows him to really truly believe in himself and get over the hump in terms of whatever confidence that he has needs moving forward,” he said.

He emphasized the importance of the confidence that the current Yankees starter gained from this game, hoping that it would propel him on a positive streak and enable him to have full belief in his abilities, overcoming any confidence issues he may have faced in the past.

David Cone also expressed his belief that, in the long run, German and Higashioka will be remembered for their remarkable achievement of pitching and catching a perfect game.

Interestingly, Domingo German shares a commonality with the other four Yankees who have thrown perfect games: their first names all begin with the letter “D.” He now joins David Cone, David Wells, and Don Larsen as the only Yankees players to achieve this remarkable feat.

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