Aaron Judge gets needed breakthrough with injury recovery

Aaron Judge has had a “breakthrough” in his recovery from a toe injury, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said

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The New York Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, announced on Thursday afternoon that Aaron Judge‘s injured toe had shown progress in strength work.

During a press conference before the third matchup between the Yankees and Mariners, Aaron Boone addressed Aaron Judge’s significant progress in his recovery. Boone mentioned that Judge had been in the pool the previous day and was able to perform more balancing and strength exercises, which he couldn’t do just a few days ago. 

Aaron Judge’s injury update

New York Yankees center fielder Aaron Judge takes a couple of warm up throws before a baseball game against the Texas Rangers on Sunday, April 30, 2023, in Arlington, Texas.
AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez

The Yankees coach Aaron Boone also expressed hope that by the end of the week, Aaron Judge would be able to start throwing and maybe even hitting. Although the recovery process was going slowly.

“I know he was in the pool yesterday, and he’s able to do more balancing and strength things. You know, things he wasn’t able to do at all, four or five days ago. He’s starting to get those points, so hopefully, we will get to a point at the end of the week where he starts doing some throwing and maybe some hitting. Still going slowly, but I feel real progress.”

Following his second platelet-rich plasma injection last week, Aaron Judge has experienced a “breakthrough” and appears to be progressing well. If everything goes as planned, Aaron Judge could start throwing and engaging in light hitting before the end of the week.

The Yankees have had their worst month of 2023

The Yankees had been dominating games in the American League this season, largely thanks to Aaron Judge’s exceptional performance. They boasted an impressive record of 30 wins and 19 losses, with a winning percentage of .612, while averaging 5.0 runs per game.

However, after Aaron Judge suffered a toe injury, the team’s performance took a significant hit. They struggled and managed only 10 wins against 14 losses, resulting in a considerably lower winning percentage of .391. Additionally, their scoring dropped to an average of 3.4 runs per game.

Given the team’s heavy reliance on Aaron Judge for offensive production, Brian Cashman, the general manager of the Yankees, expressed his concern about the impact of Judge’s absence on the team’s overall performance.

Jasson Domingez is batting at Yankees' Stadium.

Aaron Judge’s absence has dramatically affected the Yankees’ performance in the regular season, resulting in one of their worst months. They have suffered ten defeats so far, some of which were by a significant margin, such as the game against the Boston Red Sox.

However, there is a positive development with Harrison Bader‘s recovery, which could bolster the Yankees’ strength. They have recently achieved back-to-back wins against the Seattle Mariners.

The Yankees’ medical department is concerned about the surge in injuries within the team. This worrisome trend has prompted them to intensify their efforts in managing Carlos Rodon‘s potential return, while also grappling with the setback of Willie Calhoun who suffered an injury shortly after joining the team.

The timing of Aaron Judge’s return is still uncertain, but Yankees fans have reason to rejoice with this promising update about his comeback to the pitch.

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3 thoughts on “Aaron Judge gets needed breakthrough with injury recovery

  1. I am a long time Yankee fan. I understand that they going through tough right now but the rest of the team nobody Siri you got two guys that just came out and they are the only ones hearing the moon manage the bullpen OK sometimes it makes a lot of mistakes by keeping the picture in too long and making some bonehead moves is the play is not playing great don’t make it look like he is in less bones by habit. Some of these guys should not be on the team, but they still there and that’s Brian Cashman‘s fault. He always makes a lot of mistakes when he’s training for people the last two years have made some bonehead decisions and letting the pictures go because he did not want to pay the price of the minor-league players they want it , but sometimes they like to say to make money you have to spend money and Brian Cashman is done. The only reason why we still have judge George Steinbrenner‘s son help re-sign him you have to find the cash man and you have to get rid of I will manager boom

  2. No!No! No! Your wrong that’s my opinion. Cashman is the the problem. It is the injuries. Emotionally this team is down, their playing like a team that knows they may not make the playoffs. We’ve seen over the years teams that the Yankees have played that have given up. The Yanks haven’t given up but it doesn’t look good right now.

  3. Hi. I was born a yankees fan while the team was owned by cbs news. One summer I went to a yankees game on the strength of community family services taking us to the game. That to me is why I’m a life time yankees fan. I didn’t care if they won the world series. That day was a a day at the ball park for a kid who had just lost his brother in a tragic accident in New York. It created a time of healing for me and family 👪. I got to see Mickey Mantle hit a home run to the moon, and in my mind that ball is still traveling! This was a day of good family fun.
    So what ever problems the yankees are facing, they will always hold a special place in my heart ♥.

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