Yankees’ Clayton Beeter, a standout from the Joey Gallo trade, making waves

Yankees prospect Clayton Beeter is pitching for the Somerset Patriots
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As the Yankees approach the one-year mark since they traded Joey Gallo to the Dodgers, they are starting to find a positive outcome from that decision. Clayton Beeter, the prospect who the Yankees acquired in lieu of the struggling slugger, is rising fast through the franchise ranks.

The Yankees were determined to get rid of Gallo and limit their losses before the 2022 trade deadline. As a result, they traded him to Los Angeles in exchange for a single prospect, a right-handed pitcher named Clayton Beeter, who wasn’t widely recognized or highly regarded at the time.

During that period, Clayton Beeter held the rank of the Dodgers’ 15th overall prospect and had a 5.75 ERA while playing for the Tulsa Drillers, which is the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate team. However, after the trade, the player from Texas, Clayton Beeter, excelled in seven games with the Double-A Somerset team last year. Since then, he has continued to elevate his performance and gain even more recognition this season.

Clayton Beeter on a roll in the Yankees farm

Following a remarkable 2.13 ERA with the Somerset team in 2022, Clayton Beeter has achieved an impressive 6-2 record this season. Notably, he currently possesses the best ERA in the Eastern League, standing at 2.08. Additionally, he has accumulated an impressive total of 76 strikeouts in 60 ²/₃ innings pitched.

The prospect is fast becoming an attention catcher in the Yankees’ minor league system and it is a positive development for the Yankees who lack a strong bullpen.

Somerset Patriots

According to Somerset pitching coach Grayson Crawford, the notable aspects of Clayton Beeter’s performance have been his mentality and consistent approach on a daily basis. Crawford mentioned observing Clayton Beeter’s unwavering demeanor, regardless of whether he is pitching a clean inning or facing challenges with baserunners. Beeter has showcased exceptional competitiveness and has demonstrated the ability to deliver crucial pitches in critical moments.

Clayton Beeter’s performance has propelled him to the 13th position among the top prospects in the Yankees’ organization, with an even more impressive rank of 6th among pitchers. As a result, he has emerged as a strong contender to potentially join the major league roster in the future, showcasing significant progress since his initial arrival.

Although it is not expected that he will receive the call to join the major league team in the near future, there is a possibility that it could happen either toward the end of this season or sometime next year.

The standout aspect of C’slayton Beeter performance that has garnered the most attention is his impressive velocity. This attribute has played a crucial role in establishing him as a dominant strikeout pitcher and the leading force in the Patriots’ pitching staff.

What makes Clayton Beeter special

Clayton Beeter

Clayton Beeter consistently throws his fastball in the mid-90s, occasionally reaching impressive speeds of 97–98 mph. If the 24-year-old aims to progress to the next level, it is highly probable that his fastball will play a crucial role in that advancement.

In his conversation with The Post, Clayton Beeter expressed his commitment to continually enhancing his velocity. He emphasized that the main aspect he is presently working on is increasing his speed, aiming to retain his current level while also making efforts to gain a few additional miles per hour.

Following an impressive record of striking out a high number of batters per nine innings throughout his minor league career (notably, he achieved a striking average of 15.1 batters per nine innings last year), Clayton Beeter experienced a decline in his strikeout performance during the initial phases of this season.

The reason behind the decline in Clayton Beeter’s strikeouts can likely be attributed to the Yankees‘ decision to transition him into a traditional starting pitcher role, which requires pitching longer innings. In contrast, during his time with the Dodgers, Beeter primarily served as an opener, pitching shorter stints.

Both Clayton Beeter and Crawford hold a strong belief that he has made significant progress in regaining his ability to secure strikeouts. They are confident that as Beeter adapts to the increased workload and responsibilities he is given, he will continue to display his dominance by striking out opposing batters.

According to Clayton Beeter, consistency plays a vital role in the success of professional baseball players. He believes that top-performing big leaguers consistently deliver reliable performances day in and day out. 

He commented on his satisfaction with his progress this year, highlighting his ability to rebound from previous outings and demonstrate his capability to handle an increased workload without any adverse impact. 

This aspect of his performance is something Clayton Beeter considers a personal achievement and a source of happiness during the current season.

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