Aaron Boone concedes ‘anything’s on the table’ after meeting Yankees owner

Yankees manager Aaron Boone is at the post-game press meet on August 20, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

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With the Yankees hitting a record low, managing partner Hal Steinbrenner summoned Aaron Boone for a meeting, which was also attended by general manager Brian Cashman. Following the closed-door meeting, the Yankees manager admitted that the front office was frustrated with the team’s performance. When asked about talks he had about the team during the private discussion, he responded “anything’s on the table right now.”

Back in June, Steinbrenner voiced his intent to engage in serious inquiries if the Yankees failed to secure a playoff spot. It’s likely that Steinbrenner has been closely observing recent developments, particularly post the trade deadline when Cashman expressed his commitment to victory. Aaron Boone reported that he used to hold regular discussions with Steinbrenner and communicate with Cashman daily. But considering the Yankees’ situation, the latest meeting remains extraordinary.

Having seemingly explored all available strategies, it appears that Aaron Boone has exhausted his options within the team’s current roster. The manager also hinted at the possibility of promoting players from the Minors before September 1. Notably, outfielder Everson Pereira, who is ranked as the club’s third prospect by MLB Pipeline, showcased his prowess with two home runs for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on Saturday.

Additionally, infielder Oswald Peraza and catcher Austin Wells are among the prospects contending for call-ups. Wells, in particular, exhibited his skills with two home runs, including a grand slam, for the RailRiders on Sunday. Aaron Boone seems to be ready to consider all options available.

Did Aaron Boone apprise Hal about the faulty roster handed to him?

Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman are at a Yankees training season.

Aaron Boone tried to underrate the importance of the meeting by highlighting that he and Steinbrenner have routine interactions over the course of the year. He mentioned that the owner checks in periodically, especially during successful periods. Nonetheless, Aaron Boone acknowledged a shared sense of frustration with their current situation. The Yankees manager emphasized the need to consider measured approaches that would benefit both the immediate and long-term prospects of the team.

If that’s true, the roster might have made it to the discussion. This is backed by Aaron Boone’s claim that the Yankees appear inclined to pursue a strategy that contributes to the team’s long-term stability. It’s probable that they’ll proceed with promoting select top prospects, those who are closest to making an impact at the major league level. This move might take place as early as Tuesday, just after a day off on Monday. Among the potential candidates are outfielder Everson Pereira and infielder Oswald Peraza. While catcher Austin Wells could also be considered, his promotion might be deferred until September 1st, a date when rosters expand to accommodate 28 players, providing the flexibility to add an extra position player and pitcher.

In a recent Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre game, the trio of Pereira, Peraza, and Wells showcased their potential. Pereira, filling the role of left fielder which is a position of need for the Yankees, posted a 0-for-2 record but walked twice, bringing his Triple-A batting average to .312 with an OPS of .917. Peraza achieved a 3-for-5 performance, maintaining a .268 batting average and a .836 OPS at the Triple-A level. It’s worth noting that many anticipated Peraza to be the Yankees’ starting shortstop on Opening Day, although Anthony Volpe ultimately secured the role during spring training. As for Wells, he excelled with two home runs and seven RBI while serving as a designated hitter. Wells had been batting .260 with an 830 OPS at that level after a recent promotion.

While facing a sweep from their long-standing rivals, the Yankees concentrated on the present moment. Despite the disheartening outcome, they found motivation in their ability to recover from multiple deficits, equalizing the game three times before Clay Holmes conceded the go-ahead run in the ninth inning. Acknowledging the loss, Aaron Boone didn’t attempt to downplay its significance.

Was Aaron Boone told about his bleak future?


That conclusion appears quite clear at this juncture though the Yankees’ underwhelming season shouldn’t be attributed to Aaron Boone’s responsibility. Regular interactions occur between Yankees manager Aaron Boone, owner Hal Steinbrenner, and general manager Brian Cashman. But their recent gathering is not an ordinary occurrence.

The subject matter covered during that meeting is what holds intrigue. Considering the Yankees’ proximity to their potential first losing season in thirty years, combined with an eight-game deficit from a playoff position and only 39 games left, fans will undoubtedly be curious about the details.

It’s not hard to envision a tense ambiance during that meeting, given the current state of the team. There’s no doubt about that. Aaron Boone acknowledged the challenging situation they find themselves in, accepting that things aren’t going as planned. He mentioned their focus on finding solutions and the ongoing conversation about determining the most effective steps to steer the team back in the right direction.

These discussions encompass various aspects, ranging from specific players on the major league roster to the potential inclusion of prospects from the Yankees’ minor league system. This topic was also brought up when Aaron Boone was questioned on Sunday.

While fans are expressing a desire for significant alterations, Aaron Boone emphasized that the Yankees are carefully evaluating the consequences of each decision, considering how they might influence the team’s long-term prospects.

Aaron Boone conveyed that there is a shared sense of frustration regarding the current situation. He elaborated that they are attempting to approach the matter with a balanced perspective, focusing on identifying the optimal measures that would not only benefit their immediate circumstances but also contribute to their long-term prospects.


Should the Yankees fail to reverse their season’s trajectory, these regular meetings might evolve into more contentious discussions! To be frank, the opportunity for Aaron Boone’s team to stage the necessary turnaround and rescue what has been a disappointing campaign might have diminished considerably.

To attain the presumed target of 90 wins, often considered vital to secure the third and final Wild Card position, the Yankees would need to finish the season with an impressive 30-9 record. Even if they manage to triumph over teams already out of contention in every subsequent game—sweeping series against the Nationals, Pirates, Royals, and Tigers (twice)—they would still need to secure victories in 14 of their 23 matches against teams vying for a playoff spot. This leaves an extraordinarily narrow margin for error, particularly for Aaron Boone’s team, which began the season with championship aspirations.

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4 thoughts on “Aaron Boone concedes ‘anything’s on the table’ after meeting Yankees owner

  1. 30-9? Sweeping anyone? Great Gehrig’s ghost! We need a Phil Linz harmonica moment on Arods! Yes on the three kids (baby bombers II?)…A Girardi 84 “might” save Boone (face?)…It smells so bad in here! Please God! Open a window!

  2. We’re die hard yankee fans forever but this offense really not good! Signing judge for over 300mil for me was too risky to be like Stanton Rizzo and Donaldson. First Stanton Rizzo Donaldson bauers McKinney Ben rortvet torres( sometimes good but mostly lackadaisical) bader good defender but can’t hit,need a really good catcher that can hit ! Trevino and Higashioka not World Series contender, these players need to be replaced if the Yankees want to ws contenders . We need the caliber of players like tucker, Alvarez, arraez, betts, freeman, seager, turner, devers , there is no one in yankees offense with these players caliber.

  3. The time has come to say good bye to Cashman, Boone, and the analytical game, just play baseball. Go with some young fellas from the farm. A complete evaluation at every position except for Judge. Judge is not a spring chicken and is injury prone. He is in his prime and the clock ticking.

  4. The present situation has been 6-7 yrs in the making & rests on Cashman shoulders. He should go & his replacement can keep Boone or not. I don’t see Boone as being a big problem. They need to stop with the big names past their prime unless it’s a 1 yr deal otherwise concentrate on player development & conditioning. Stop with the launch angles & lift the no beards etc crap

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