A glance at the Yankees’ pitching standouts and letdowns

Yankees Randy Vasquez debuts against the Padres at Yankee Stadium on May 26, 2023.
Michael Bennington
Wednesday October 11, 2023

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The Yankees had high hopes from their 2023 pitching crew. Even many touted the rotation and the bullpen as the best entering the season. Their expectations were logical since they had invested a staggering $162 million during the winter to acquire Carlos Rodon, a towering southpaw whose ERA had been the most impressive among all major-league starters during the 2022-23 seasons, both of which earned him All-Star honors.

Their anticipation reached a fever pitch as they looked forward to the dynamic duo of Gerrit Cole and Rodon taking the mound in the first two games of a playoff series, with high hopes of finally conquering the Astros. The return of a healthy and determined Luis Severino, who was entering a contract year and eager to showcase his skills in free agency, added to their optimism. Furthermore, they were counting on Nasty Nestor Cortes to replicate his sensational breakout All-Star performance from the 2022 season.

However, as Opening Day arrived, the Yankees rotation became a source of uncertainty rather than stability. This troubling turn of events foreshadowed a challenging season for Montas, Rodon, Severino, German, and ultimately, the entire Yankees team. With the exception of Gerrit Cole’s consistent excellence, the rotation failed to meet the Yankees’ lofty expectations, posting a collective ERA of 4.44, ranking them 18th among all major league teams. Montas underwent surgery, and injuries struck down both Rodon and Severino. German and Schmidt were thrust into action, joined by rookie Jhony Brito.

The Yankees bullpen showed a spark but only to fizzle out as the season progressed. However, all was not lost in 2023. Clay Holmes silenced the naysayers with an impressive performance as a closer, while the emergence of rookie Ian Hamilton caught everyone by surprise. Additionally, critical high-leverage situations were capably handled by Tommy Kahnle and Michael King emerged as a big rotation boost toward the late season.

Gerrit Cole: The Yankees rotation hero


Gerrit Cole’s remarkable season featured a 15-4 record, boasting a stellar 2.63 ERA across 33 starts and an impressive 209 innings pitched. He allowed just 157 hits, surrendering 64 runs (with 61 earned runs), and 20 home runs, while issuing 48 walks and recording an impressive 222 strikeouts.

Cole’s performance in the 2023 season may well go down as the Yankees’ most outstanding by a starting pitcher since Ron Guidry’s legendary 25-3 campaign with a jaw-dropping 1.74 ERA back in 1978. Recognizing the differences in eras, it’s clear that Cole dominated the American League in every pitching category. He secured the top spot in ERA, innings pitched, starts, quality starts, opponents’ batting average, and WHIP, and ranked second in winning percentage and third in both wins and strikeouts. The upcoming November Cy Young announcement seems destined to carry his name as the unanimous winner, akin to Guidry’s victory 45 years ago.

Nasty Nestor fails to showcase his true valor

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Nestor Cortes’ 2023 season tallied a 5-2 record but bore a challenging 4.97 ERA over 12 starts, encompassing 63.1 innings of work. He conceded 59 hits, resulting in 36 runs (with 35 earned runs) and 11 home runs, while issuing 20 walks and striking out 67 batters.

Following his breakout All-Star campaign the prior year, Nestor Cortes encountered a frustrating 2023 season characterized by difficulties in the middle innings during April and May. Additionally, he faced two stints on the injured list due to a rotator cuff strain, limiting him to just one start over the final four months of the season. Cortes underwent rehabilitation throughout September, involving bullpen sessions, but the Yankees’ prospects for relying on him next year remain uncertain until he successfully navigates spring training without any health setbacks.

Domingo German: From hero to zero


Domingo German‘s 2023 season culminated with a 5-7 record, accompanied by a 4.56 ERA across 20 appearances, 19 of which were starts. He amassed 108.2 innings on the mound, yielding 83 hits, resulting in 61 runs (55 of them earned), and a total of 20 home runs. German also issued 34 walks while striking out 114 batters.

Regrettably, German’s legacy will be marked not only by his on-field accomplishments, such as his memorable perfect game on June 28 in Oakland – a feat achieved only four times in Yankees history and 24 times in the majors – but also by a series of off-field issues. Following a mere five additional outings, German reportedly appeared for a game under the influence and in an angry state. Subsequently, he faced suspension for the remainder of the season and entered a rehabilitation center for alcohol-related issues. This marked the second significant suspension for German, who had previously missed the entire 2020 season due to a violation of MLB’s domestic violence policy. In light of these incidents, it appears that German’s tenure with the Yankees has reached its end. In the upcoming winter, it’s likely that he will be non-tendered, as the Yankees will probably struggle to find a trade partner given his circumstances.

Michael King: The rise of a Yankees star

Michael King is starting the Yankees vs. Blue Jays game on Sept 20, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

In the 2023 season, Michael King’s performance stood at a 4-8 record, backed by an impressive 2.75 ERA, encompassing 49 appearances, including 9 starts. He logged a total of 104.2 innings, surrendering 98 hits that translated to 35 runs (32 earned runs), while conceding just 10 home runs. King also exhibited control with 32 walks issued, striking out an impressive 127 batters, and even secured 6 saves.

Michael King’s season commenced with another strong showing in his established role as a versatile multi-inning relief specialist. However, a pivotal shift occurred in August when he seamlessly transitioned into the starting rotation, emerging as an immediate ace for the team. During his nine starts, King dazzled with a stellar 2.23 ERA and a remarkable 51 strikeouts across 40.1 innings, solidifying his versatility and value to the team.

Frankie Montas: Too late to be good

Frankie Montas pitching for the Yankees against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium.
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Frankie Montas‘ 2023 season was characterized by a minimal presence on the mound, yielding a 1-0 record and a pristine 0.00 ERA in just one appearance spanning 1.1 innings. He conceded two hits while not allowing any runs, issued a single walk, and recorded one strikeout.

Montas’ journey throughout the year was marred by offseason shoulder discomfort that eventually culminated in surgery during spring training. This ordeal led to an extended stint on the injured list, sidelining him from Opening Day until the season’s final weekend. Remarkably, during this time, Montas collected a substantial $7.5 million in what was his walk year heading into free agency.

The decision to grant Montas a chance in the final series could suggest the Yankees’ potential interest in re-signing him, possibly on a one-year contract with a modest base salary supplemented by performance-based incentives. Such a move might indicate the Yankees’ eagerness to extract value from the former Oakland ace, who had not lived up to expectations since his acquisition in exchange for four highly-regarded prospects before the 2022 trade deadline.

Carlos Rodon: He dashed all Yankees hopes

Carlos Rodon is seen during his start for the Yankees against the Astros on July 06, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

Carlos Rodon’s 2023 season unfolded as a significant disappointment, resulting in a 3-8 record coupled with a concerning 6.85 ERA. He made 14 starts, amassing 64.1 innings on the mound, during which he conceded 65 hits, resulting in 51 runs (49 of them earned) and 15 home runs. His control also wavered, issuing 28 walks while tallying 64 strikeouts.

Carlos Rodon’s entire season was marred by a series of setbacks, leaving Yankees management deeply concerned about their substantial $162-million investment. The anticipation of Rodon forming a formidable 1-2 pitching punch alongside Cole ultimately yielded no returns in the inaugural year of his six-year contract. Prior to 2021, Rodon had a history of injuries, and in 2023, he spent more than half the season on the injured list due to a forearm strain, sore back, and strained hamstring.

Despite being an All-Star in 2021 and 2022, Rodon’s performance in nearly half of his starts was subpar, culminating in a disastrous final outing where he allowed eight runs without retiring a single batter. Additionally, concerns were raised about his diminished velocity. While Rodon insists he’s not injured, the true test will come when he embarks on his offseason throwing program, leaving uncertainties about his future performance.

Clarke Schmidt: The Yankees vexillation


Clarke Schmidt‘s 2023 season unfolded with a 9-9 record and a 4.64 ERA over the course of 33 appearances, including 32 starts. He accumulated a total of 159 innings pitched, allowing 169 hits that translated into 91 runs (82 of them earned), and 24 home runs. His control showed promise with 46 walks issued and 149 strikeouts recorded.

Clarke Schmidt began spring training seemingly low on the Yankees’ rotation depth chart, hovering around the sixth or seventh spot. However, unforeseen injuries to both Luis Severino and Carlos Rodon in March created a prime opportunity for him. Consequently, Schmidt spent his entire first full MLB season as a starting pitcher.

In the initial phase of the season, when he held a 1-4 record coupled with a 6.30 ERA after nine starts, the Yankees persisted with Schmidt out of necessity. Fortunately, he exhibited significant improvement as the season progressed. Over his final 24 outings, Schmidt showcased marked improvement, securing an 8-5 record while reducing his ERA to a more respectable 4.04, demonstrating his resilience and adaptability on the mound.

Luis Severino: The gone case


In the 2023 season, Luis Severino compiled a disappointing 4-8 record, accompanied by a troublesome 6.65 ERA across 19 appearances, of which 18 were starts. He logged a total of 89.1 innings, relinquishing 113 hits, resulting in 73 runs (66 earned runs), and an alarming 23 home runs. Severino also exhibited control issues, issuing 34 walks while recording 79 strikeouts.

Luis Severino, when viewed in context alongside Carlos Rodon, stands out as one of the most significant letdowns for the Yankees in the 2023 season. This year represented his final opportunity to recapture the All-Star form he displayed in 2017 and 2018 before heading into free agency, but he struggled more than ever. Amidst two additional injuries, Severino’s performance on the mound at times showcased some of the most subpar pitching, surpassing even the lowest expectations, especially for someone who had once been a dominant ace. It’s increasingly apparent that a fresh start with a new team in the upcoming season may be the best course of action for all parties involved.

Luke Weaver: The Yankees future uncertain

Luke Weaver, player of the New York Yankees.
New York Yankees

Luke Weaver, after being claimed off waivers by the Yankees in September, produced a mixed bag of results. He secured a 1-1 record with a respectable 3.38 ERA over three starts, totaling 13.1 innings. During this span, he conceded 14 hits, resulting in 5 runs (all earned) and three home runs. Weaver displayed control with three walks issued and an impressive 16 strikeouts.

Weaver’s brief stint with the Yankees in September featured one standout performance and two more modest outings. This marked a notable improvement from his performances in 2022 and most of 2023, during which the 30-year-old struggled with a daunting 6.58 ERA across four different teams, with the majority of his appearances coming as a starter (46 out of 50 outings). It’s uncertain whether Weaver will retain his 40-man roster spot with the Yankees in the upcoming winter. However, the possibility of remaining within the organization on a minor-league contract could be on the table if he fails to secure a major-league deal elsewhere.

Randy Vasquez: The future of Yankees rotation

Yankees starter Randy Vasquez makes his MLB debut on May 26, 2023, against the Padres at Yankee Stadium.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In 2023, it was a rather peculiar season for Vasquez, as he displayed contrasting performances. Over the course of 11 games, encompassing 5 starts, he compiled a 2-2 record along with a commendable 2.87 ERA, covering 37.2 innings. During this period, he allowed 30 hits, resulting in 12 runs (all earned) and 5 home runs. Vasquez demonstrated a solid strikeout capability with 33 strikeouts, but control was an area of concern, issuing 18 walks.

For Vasquez, the 2023 season proved to be an enigmatic one. He exhibited better performance during his five call-ups with the Yankees compared to his struggles in Triple-A, where he managed a 3-8 record with a 4.59 ERA across 17 starts. Interestingly, the Dominican pitcher found more success as a starter in the big league (1-2 with a 2.42 ERA) than when deployed as a long reliever (3.52 ERA).

One evident area for improvement lies in his ability to reduce the number of walks, which was a problem not only in the majors but also during his minor league outings, where he accumulated 80.1 innings and issued 40 walks.

Albert Abreu: The oscilliation in Yankees bullpen

Twitter-NY Sports

Albert Abreu’s 2023 season resulted in a 2-2 record accompanied by a 4.73 ERA, spanning 45 appearances and a total of 59 innings pitched. He conceded 52 hits, leading to 39 runs (31 of them earned) and 9 home runs. Control was a challenge, as he issued 35 walks while recording 61 strikeouts.

Albert Abreu’s performances during the season occasionally oscillated to the point where, during his worst outings, one would question his place on the team. This was notably evident when he allowed a staggering 15 runs over just two innings in his three most problematic appearances. However, it’s worth noting that in his remaining 42 outings, Abreu exhibited remarkable consistency, delivering a superb 2.53 ERA while amassing an impressive 58 strikeouts across 57 innings of work. This Jekyll-and-Hyde dynamic encapsulated his season, showcasing both his potential and his occasional struggles.

Matt Bowman: Another disappointment


In his 2023 season with the Yankees, Matt Bowman recorded a 0-0 record alongside a somewhat disappointing 9.00 ERA over three games, totaling 4 innings pitched. During this brief period, he yielded 6 hits that translated into 4 runs (all earned), including 1 home run. He issued 2 walks and notched 3 strikeouts.

Matt Bowman, a 32-year-old with a track record of success as a reliever with the Cardinals and Reds early in his career, returned to MLB action following Tommy John surgery that kept him sidelined since September 2019. His reintroduction to the majors proved to be underwhelming. After pitching a scoreless inning in his Yankees debut on September 12, he struggled in his subsequent two appearances, allowing four runs over three innings. As a result, it’s likely that his 40-man roster spot will be occupied by another player come November, especially when the Yankees aim to protect prospects who might otherwise be exposed in the Rule 5 draft.

Jhony Brito falls short of excellence

Jhony Brito is pitching against Minnesota on April 13, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

In his debut MLB season, Jhony Brito accumulated a 9-7 record paired with a 4.28 ERA, participating in 25 games, including 13 starts. He totaled 90.1 innings pitched, conceding 82 hits that translated into 47 runs (43 of them earned), inclusive of 14 home runs. Brito exhibited control by issuing 28 walks while striking out 72 batters, and he even secured 1 save.

Jhony Brito’s inaugural season in the big leagues was characterized by a rollercoaster performance. His performance was somewhat inconsistent, with a less-than-stellar 6.32 ERA during his 13 starts. However, he showcased remarkable excellence during the months of August and September, posting a stellar 6-1 record with a spectacular 1.43 ERA across 12 relief appearances. While Brito expresses a preference for being a starter in the upcoming season, his best chance to secure a spot with the Yankees may likely be in the role of middle relief pitcher.

Jimmy Cordero’s Yankees career is over


In 2023, Jimmy Cordero’s season featured a 3-2 record complemented by a 3.86 ERA across 31 appearances, which included a single start. He accumulated 32.2 innings on the mound, allowing 25 hits that resulted in 14 runs (all earned), including 2 home runs. Control was an area of concern as he issued 10 walks while recording 34 strikeouts.

Jimmy Cordero made his return to the big leagues in 2023 after a hiatus since 2020, and his performance was relatively positive until it came to an abrupt halt in early July due to a season-ending suspension for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy. Given the Yankees’ history of extending second chances to players like Aroldis Chapman in 2016 and Domingo German in 2021, perhaps it’s time for the team to send a resounding message that such behavior will not be tolerated, emphasizing their commitment to upholding a zero-tolerance policy for such issues.

Yoendrys Gomez: The meritorious Yankees pitcher

Yankees prospect Yoendrys Gomez

In his lone MLB appearance, the Yankees’ 26th-ranked prospect (as per MLB Pipeline) delivered a flawless performance, showcasing a 0.00 ERA with no decisions recorded. He pitched 2 innings, permitting just 1 hit while keeping the opposing team off the scoreboard. Remarkably, he issued no walks and notched 4 strikeouts.

This young Venezuelan pitcher, standing at 6-foot-3, experienced an unexpected call-up from Double-A Somerset in late September, making an indelible mark with an impressive debut in his sole MLB outing. His ascent through the Yankees’ system had been marred by injuries, with a shoulder issue sidelining him until May 28 of the current season. Despite these setbacks, he managed to post a respectable 3.58 ERA across 19 starts for Somerset, hinting at his potential to make a significant impact in the future.

Ian Hamilton: The fightback pitcher

Ian Hamilton of the Yankees is pitching against the Athletics on May 8, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

Ian Hamilton’s 2023 season featured a 3-2 record, coupled with an impressive 2.64 ERA across 39 games, which included 3 starts. He accumulated 58 innings on the mound, conceding 45 hits that led to 19 runs (17 of them earned) and 2 home runs. Control was a strong suit, with 26 walks issued and an impressive 69 strikeouts, complemented by 2 saves.

Hamilton’s performance proved to be one of the most delightful surprises for the Yankees in 2023. Despite enduring two stints on the injured list, Hamilton’s contributions were noteworthy. After having brief stints in the majors with the White Sox in 2018 and 2020, as well as with the Twins in 2022, he inked a minor-league contract with the Yankees in the preceding winter. Hamilton made a strong impression during spring training, delivering a flawless performance by not allowing a single run in nine innings across eight outings. Although he narrowly missed making the Opening Day roster, he was summoned before the second game of the season and went on to deliver a consistently solid year, with 28 of his 39 appearances ending without the opposition scoring.

Clay Holmes: The best Yankees closer

Clay Holmes getting ready to pitch a ball in a Yankees game in the MLB.
NY Yankees/Twitter

In 2023, Clay Holmes posted a 4-4 record accompanied by an impressive 2.86 ERA, participating in a substantial 66 games. He logged 63 innings on the mound, yielding 51 hits that resulted in 22 runs (20 of them earned), including 2 home runs. Holmes displayed control by issuing 23 walks while recording an impressive 71 strikeouts. Notably, he also secured 24 saves.

Clay Holmes quietly pieced together a commendable year as the team’s closer, rebounding from a rocky start to the season that had critics concerned it might be a continuation of his late-season struggles in 2022, despite it being an All-Star year. His performance was marked by consistency, with nearly all but 14 of his 66 appearances resulting in scoreless outings. He allowed more than one run in a game on just four occasions. Impressively, Holmes converted 24 of his 27 save opportunities, extending his two-year total as the Yankees’ closer to an impressive 44 saves out of 52 opportunities.

Tommy Kahnle’s excellence felt by all

Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle is seen against the Nationals on Aug 24, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

Tommy Kahnle’s 2023 season featured a 1-3 record accompanied by an impressive 2.66 ERA across 42 games. He pitched 40.2 innings, allowing just 26 hits that translated into 14 runs (12 of them earned), inclusive of 5 home runs. While he showcased control with 19 walks issued, his strikeout ability was noteworthy, as he recorded an impressive 48 strikeouts. Additionally, he secured 2 saves during the season.

Tommy Kahnle’s performance was predominantly excellent when he was available to pitch during the 2023 season. However, he faced setbacks on the injury front, as he began the year on the injured list due to biceps tendinitis and was subsequently shelved in the final week of the season due to shoulder inflammation. Prior to 2023, Kahnle had been severely limited by a combination of Tommy John surgery and a UCL sprain, limiting him to just 14 big-league outings between 2020 and 2022. Given his history of arm-related injuries, there are legitimate concerns regarding his health heading into the 2024 season, which marks the final year of his two-year contract.

Matt Krook continues to be journeyman pitcher


In 2023, it was a year of multiple call-ups for Matt Krook, marking the eighth year of his professional career. He appeared in four games but struggled mightily, resulting in a 0-0 record coupled with an elevated 24.75 ERA across 4 innings. During this brief period, he conceded 8 hits that translated into a staggering 11 runs (all earned), including 1 home run. Control remained a persistent issue, as he issued 6 walks while recording just 3 strikeouts.

Matt Krook’s 2023 season was noteworthy for the four call-ups he received, marking a significant point in his eight-year professional career. However, his performance in the major leagues was marred by severe struggles, particularly in three of his four appearances. Walks have been a persistent issue throughout Krook’s career, and this season proved to be no exception, with control problems plaguing both his MLB outings (4 innings, 6 walks) and his minor league performances (34 innings, 26 walks).

Jonathan Loaisiga: The Yankees concern

Jonathan Loaisiga could be Yankees' pitching X-factor.
Bill Kostroun

In 2023, Jonathan Loaisiga posted a 0-2 record, accompanied by a commendable 3.06 ERA across 17 games. He pitched 17.2 innings, allowing 14 hits that resulted in 7 runs (6 of them earned), inclusive of 2 home runs. Loaisiga demonstrated remarkable control, issuing just 1 walk while recording 6 strikeouts.

Jonathan Loaisiga has been a source of frustration for the Yankees, largely due to recurrent injuries that have sidelined a reliever with the potential to be one of the best in the majors when he’s healthy. In 2023, his season was plagued by injury-related setbacks, as he was placed on the injured list from April 8 to August 7 and later from September 12 until the conclusion of the season. These injuries have hindered his consistency and ability to contribute consistently to the team.

Ron Marinaccio showed decline

Ron Marinaccio is on the mound on March 30, 2023, pitching for the Yankees against the Giants.
Twitter – @FourSavages

In 2023, Ron Marinaccio registered a 4-5 record paired with a 3.99 ERA over 45 games. He accumulated 47.1 innings pitched, during which he allowed 35 hits that led to 24 runs (21 of them earned), including 6 home runs. Marinaccio’s control issues were evident as he issued 27 walks but countered with a solid 56 strikeouts. Additionally, he recorded 2 saves during the season.

The decline in Ron Marinaccio’s performance during the 2023 season is perplexing. Equipped with a highly effective changeup, this product of Toms River, New Jersey, had an outstanding rookie campaign in 2022, highlighted by a remarkable 2.04 ERA across 40 games. He carried that momentum into the current year, boasting a stellar 1.65 ERA through 14 games until May 8. However, as the season progressed, command issues became increasingly problematic for Marinaccio, leading to his demotion back to Triple-A on July 31. With the exception of a brief one-day call-up in early September, he endured a challenging stretch with Scranton, struggling significantly with an 8.80 ERA over 15.1 innings, accompanied by 18 walks across 14 games. It remains to be seen whether some offseason adjustments and tinkering will aid Marinaccio in making a successful rebound in the upcoming season.

Kenyan Middleton matched his words


In the 2023 season, Keynan Middleton recorded a 0-0 record, showcasing an impressive 1.88 ERA across 12 games. He delivered 14.1 innings on the mound, allowing just 7 hits that translated into 3 runs (all earned), including 1 home run. While control was a slight concern with 7 walks issued, he countered that with an impressive 17 strikeouts.

Middleton was the Yankees’ sole addition at the trade deadline, and he showed improved performance after making the move from the White Sox. Immediately after changing teams, Middleton made headlines by criticizing his former club, suggesting that White Sox players held considerable influence, even to the extent that a pitcher could take a nap in the bullpen during a game. With the Yankees, he managed to navigate around a few walks to maintain a low ERA. Middleton has expressed a desire to re-sign with the Yankees, and there’s a strong likelihood of mutual interest if the contractual terms align appropriately.

Anthony Misiewicz: The Yankees brave face


In the 2023 season, Anthony Misiewicz posted a 1-0 record, accompanied by a 3.38 ERA across 3 games. He pitched 2.2 innings, allowing 2 hits that resulted in 3 runs (1 earned), while recording no home runs against him. Control was an issue, as he issued 3 walks and managed 2 strikeouts.

Anthony Misiewicz’s call-up to the Yankees in September was necessitated by a series of injuries to their bullpen. However, his performance during the season had been underwhelming, particularly during his previous opportunities in the big leagues with Arizona and Detroit. After joining the Yankees, he started on a positive note with scoreless innings in his first two outings. However, the third appearance was marred by a frightening incident that led to Misiewicz being hospitalized with a concussion. The incident involved a 100.6 mph line drive striking him in the head during a game in Pittsburgh, an unsettling event that still resonates when watching the video footage.

Wandy Peralta: The Yankees flame thrower

Wandy Peralta could leave the Yankees injury list soon.
(Frank Franklin II/AP)

In the 2023 season, Wandy Peralta compiled a 4-2 record, boasting a solid 2.83 ERA over 63 games. During his 54 innings of work, he allowed 36 hits that resulted in 19 runs (17 earned), including 7 home runs. While control issues led to 30 walks, he managed to strike out 51 batters. Additionally, he recorded 4 saves.

Wandy Peralta is set to enter free agency following another productive season as a reliable member of the bullpen. Although his walk numbers were on the high side this year, he remained effective for the most part. Before considering re-signing Peralta, the Yankees will need to ensure that they would be welcoming back a healthy veteran arm, as his season was cut short in mid-September due to a triceps strain.

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