Carlos Rodon’s $162 million nightmare: Should the fans label him a Yankees catastrophe?

Carlos Rodon, player of the New York Yankees
Amanda Paula
Saturday September 30, 2023

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In what can only be described as a nightmarish conclusion to his first season with the New York Yankees, Carlos Rodon, the left-handed pitcher who had inked a hefty six-year, $162 million deal with the team in the offseason, faced a catastrophic outing against the Kansas City Royals on Friday. In this devastating start, he surrendered a staggering eight runs without managing to record a single out. As the dismal performance unfolded, Rodon allowed his frustrations to take control, committing a notable act of disrespect towards Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake during a crucial mound visit.

The disastrous display served as a stark contrast to the expectations that accompanied Carlos Rodon’s arrival in the Bronx. After a season plagued by injuries that limited him to just 13 starts, he saved his worst for last. This performance left fans and team management bewildered, wondering how the promising ace they had anticipated could unravel so spectacularly.

The critical moment of contention arose during a mound visit by pitching coach Matt Blake. By the time Blake approached Rodon, the southpaw had already conceded four runs, and two more Royals hitters had reached base. Initially, Rodon appeared to engage with Blake, presumably seeking guidance or reassurance. However, a surge of frustration overcame him, leading him to turn his back on Blake and even gesture for the coach to retreat to the dugout. The two briefly engaged in a face-to-face conversation before Blake finally left the mound.

In the aftermath of this alarming display, Carlos Rodon, in a moment of self-reflection, acknowledged his egregious behavior. He publicly admitted his embarrassment, recognizing the gravity of his actions. In his own words, he stated that he was “not in the right mind” during the mound visit and accepted full responsibility for his conduct. His willingness to accept blame showed a degree of maturity amidst the turmoil, an acknowledgment that his actions were far from what was expected of a professional athlete.

Furthermore, following the game’s conclusion, Carlos Rodon engaged in a lengthy conversation behind closed doors with Yankees manager Aaron Boone, suggesting that the team took the matter seriously. Boone, although acknowledging the challenging season Rodón had endured, emphasized the need for “better mound presence” from the pitcher, hinting that the incident was deemed disrespectful by the coaching staff.

Matt Blake, who was at the receiving end of Rodón’s actions, expressed his viewpoint on the matter. He confirmed that he had not yet spoken to Rodón about the incident, but he refrained from interpreting it as a “personal attack.” Nevertheless, he stressed that such behavior was unacceptable, proclaiming, “You can’t act like that,” and added, “We can’t have that happen again.” Blake’s response underlines the significance of professionalism and sportsmanship within the Yankees organization.

Carlos Rodón’s historic collapse: A Yankees headscratcher

Carlos Rodon’s nightmarish outing marked the culmination of a woeful first season with the Yankees. In 13 starts, he posted an abysmal 5.74 ERA, a far cry from the expectations associated with his arrival. To make matters worse, his historically terrible start against the Royals saw him enter the record books for all the wrong reasons, tying a record set by only five other pitchers since 1901. He became the first Yankees pitcher to allow eight runs without recording an out in a start.

The frustration and disappointment surrounding Carlos Rodon’s performance on this fateful night were palpable. It was a disheartening end to a season that had promised so much. Now, as he faces the offseason, Rodón carries with him the weight of expectations and a determination to rebound from his disastrous first year in pinstripes.

As the Yankees wrap up their season, they undoubtedly have many questions to address, including the future of Carlos Rodon. Whether he can bounce back from this nightmarish season and regain the form that earned him his massive contract remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: the Yankees, their fans, and Rodón himself will be watching closely, hoping for a redemption story in the seasons to come.

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