Yankees’ duo thrills Bronx crowd with epic response to fans’ roaring

Jasson Dominguez responds to a roll call by Yankees fans on Sept 5, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

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It was a Yankees night filled with memorable moments in the Bronx on Tuesday though the crowd of 31,553 was the smallest attendance this season. During the roll call in the top of the first inning, Jasson Dominguez acknowledged the bleacher creatures with a gesture reminiscent of “E.T. phone home.” Later in the game, when Giancarlo Stanton hit his 400th home run, Anthony Volpe called time at the plate to allow Yankees fans to give the veteran slugger a curtain call. Stanton relished the moment, raising his right arm high while holding his helmet.

The Martian’s epic response to roll call by Yankees fans


Prior to his debut at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees’ rookie sensation, Jasson Dominguez, received instructions from his manager on Tuesday afternoon. He was advised to ensure that he responds to the bleacher creatures when they initiate their traditional roll call after the first pitch.

In a memorable first act, the Yankees rookie, embracing his “Martian” moniker, delivered a remarkable response. In center field, he mimicked E.T.’s iconic “phone home” gesture.

Upon hearing his name, Dominguez removed his glove, formed a triangle with his two index fingers, and then raised his right index finger, playfully wiggling it toward the Yankees fans located in right field, all while sporting a cheerful smile.

In his first formal encounter with Yankees fans, the Martian seemed to offer a nod to his unique persona. During the top of the first inning of his home debut on Tuesday, as the bleacher creatures chanted his name, Jasson Dominguez playfully acknowledged that he’s not your typical player.

With a smile on his face, Dominguez brought his index fingers together and then raised one finger skyward while facing fans in right-center field. This gesture appeared to be a subtle reference to “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” the iconic 1982 film featuring a benevolent extraterrestrial character. It’s worth noting that Dominguez was born in 2003, a full 29 years after the release of the sci-fi classic.

Dominguez, the 20-year-old who made a spectacular debut in Houston with two home runs in three games, earned his “Martian” nickname during his teenage years in the Dominican Republic. His extraordinary talents on the field set him apart from the other teenagers he played alongside.

During Tuesday’s game on Tuesday, the Yankees sensation initially faced some challenges, striking out and hitting into two fielder’s choices in his first three at-bats. However, in the eighth inning, he delivered when it counted. After Aaron Judge drew a leadoff walk and hit a double to right-center, Dominguez came through with a crucial hit. His single put two runners in scoring position with nobody out. This key contribution led to two additional runs when Gleyber Torres followed up with a two-run double, extending the Yankees’ lead to 5-1.

Stanton’s roll call by Yankees fans

Giancarlo Stanton responds to a roll call by Yankees fans on Sept 5, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

In a game tied at 1-1, Stanton stepped up to the plate with a runner on first and two outs. He faced Tigers reliever Jose Cisnero and saw an inside pitch for ball one, followed by a called strike, bringing the count even.

On the next pitch, Cisnero delivered a hanging slider that hung over the plate just above the knees. The Yankees slugger made a solid contact, sending a 451-foot shot to left-center field. The ball cleared both the left-field wall and the Yankees bullpen before landing in the first row of the bleachers. A fan with a glove caught the home run.

Stanton’s 22nd homer of the season, despite his injury setbacks, made him the fourth fastest player in history to reach the 400-homer club, achieving this milestone in 1,520 games.

Upon crossing home plate, Stanton received a celebratory greeting in front of the Yankees’ dugout from Aaron Judge, who gave him an arms-up, double-handed slap. Anthony Volpe then called time at the plate to allow fans to give Stanton a curtain call.

After hitting his historic home run, Stanton relished the moment by lifting his right arm high while holding his helmet.

With a 3-1 lead following Stanton’s home run, the Yankees managed to secure a victory in the first game of their six-game homestand. This marked their fourth consecutive win and their seventh in the last eight games, bringing their record back to .500 since August 14. Their current record stands at 69-69 with 24 games left to play in the season.

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