Yankees’ prospect Will Warren earns spot on roster

Will Warren, player of the New York Yankees

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Yankees pitching prospect Will Warren is set to make his mark on the MLB, earning a spot on the Yankees roster this coming Tuesday, as reported by Gary Phillips.

The ball is in the court of the Yankees’ prospect, as this upcoming Thursday night game against the Marlins at Steinbrenner Field will feature Clayton Beeter taking the mound, according to Aaron Boone.

Will Warren, known for his coachability, impressive pitching arsenal, and Louisiana grit, rose from an eighth-round pick to become one of the top prospects in the Yankees organization. However, his time at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre required adjustments, with pitching coach Graham Johnson guiding him through the transition.

Forward focus

Will Warren, player of the New York Yankees
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Now 24 years old, Will Warren aims to demonstrate his readiness for a major league graduation. With a strong chance to join the Yankees’ starting rotation, he is poised to contribute in case of any setbacks—a common occurrence in the previous season due to underperformance and injuries.

The current rotation features ace Gerrit Cole, followed by the resurging Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes, newcomer Marcus Stroman, and Clarke Schmidt. Following them, a mix of candidates, including Will Warren, Clayton Beeter, Yoendrys Gómez, Luis Gil, Luke Weaver, and Cody Poteet, along with prospect Chase Hampton, may contend for spots. While not on the 40-man roster, Warren stands out as a compelling candidate.

Acknowledging the significant opportunity ahead, Will Warren expresses to the Athletic his determination to showcase his skills during spring training. Despite uncertainties about his placement in the roster, whether in the majors or at Scranton, he remains focused on giving his best.

“At Triple A, it’s big-league guys,” Warren said. “Big-league guys who have been sent down and it’s guys like me who are on the way up, they’ve got to stop at Triple A, and eventually they’re all going to be big-league guys. You treat them like that. Obviously, those guys are good. The game-planning went to a whole other level. Not so much as, let’s try to trick this guy or anything like that. But a lot of confidence, trusting in what I’ve got and if you get to the third time in the order, it’s time to hunker down and use that pre-work before the game and knowing, ‘This guy’s weakness is this, and it sits well with my strengths. Let’s go attack that.’”

Will Warren’s impressive performance in the previous season at Triple-A—where he boasted a 3.61 ERA in 21 games, with notable improvements in game-planning—adds to his case for a promotion. His ability to analyze at-bats and adapt strategies showcased his growth, earning praise from Yankees director of pitching Sam Briend.

With a diverse pitching repertoire, including a mid-80s, high-spin slider as his standout pitch, Warren credits the guidance of coaches in refining his techniques. Last season, he adopted the tunneling technique, ensuring consistency in his arm slot to keep hitters guessing.

Having commenced his offseason training in Tampa, Florida, alongside both established and up-and-coming players, Warren seizes the opportunity to learn from big-league veterans. Eager to demonstrate his capabilities, he heads into spring training with a mindset focused on showcasing his skills and making a strong impression on the Yankees organization.

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One thought on “Yankees’ prospect Will Warren earns spot on roster

  1. I really wish every Yankee reporter/blogger would stop saying the age of the prospects. The fact is, Warren has only pitched 2 seasons in the minors, and more than one-half of one season was at Triple-A. The Yankees love to draft college seniors. Then, if you’re a pitcher, for whatever their reasons those guys aren’t pitching in the draft year even though there is anywhere between about 5-7 weeks left of a minor league season. So, of course these guys are going to be on the older side.

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