Blake Snell’s agent makes outside-the-box counteroffer to Yankees, per insider


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The New York Yankees and free-agent pitcher Blake Snell remain in talks, according to a report on Monday. However, no substantial progress has been reported toward a potential deal.

According to Jon Heyman of The Post, Blake Snell’s agent Scott Boras has offered an alternative deal to the Yankees. He has reportedly presented a shorter-term contract with higher annual salaries and opt-out clauses, similar to the recent deal between Cody Bellinger and the Cubs. However, the Yankees are hesitant due to potential luxury tax implications and the uncertainty associated with opt-out clauses, which could result in sacrificing draft picks for a player not guaranteed to stay long-term.

Yankees remain interested in Blake Snell

The Yankees are reportedly interested in exploring options with Blake Snell due to the potential impact he could have on their team. Adding Snell would not only give the Yankees the distinction of having both reigning Cy Young Award winners, but also potentially solidify them as favorites in the American League.

Negotiations between the New York Yankees and free-agent pitcher Blake Snell remain ongoing, reflecting owner Hal Steinbrenner’s commitment to building a winning team. However, despite continued communication, a recent call reportedly did not yield significant progress. A source within the Yankees organization reportedly expressed a low likelihood of reaching a deal.


Despite the current outlook, the possibility of a deal remains open as long as talks continue. The Yankees have expressed interest in Blake Snell and possess the financial means to acquire him, even with the associated tax burden. The overall market remains unclear, with the number of competing teams for a player with a potential $30 million salary unknown.

While the Yankees also hold former player Jordan Montgomery, another top free-agent starter, in high regard, reports suggest a preference for Blake Snell at this stage. However, a significant obstacle exists in pursuing him. Any potential deal at this stage would be subject to a 110% luxury tax, effectively doubling his salary and making it a financially challenging acquisition for the Yankees.

Negotiations between the Yankees and Blake Snell continue to be a point of contention, with both sides struggling to reach a mutually agreeable deal. While various contract options have been proposed, none have garnered enough traction to move the discussions forward.

Yankees stars Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole reportedly wanted the team to sign Blake Snell in January 2024.

Weeks ago, the Yankees made public their offer to Blake Snell, which reportedly included a five-year contract with potential extension possibilities for a sixth year at around $28 million annually, exceeding the $27 million Carlos Rodon received. This offer, however, reportedly fell short of Snell’s expectations.

With both sides seemingly at an impasse, a breakthrough is needed to reach a successful conclusion. It remains to be seen if the Yankees are willing to adjust their offer or if Blake Snell is open to considering a longer-term deal with different terms.

Upon his arrival at Tampa, Aaron Judge, the team’s superstar and occasional advisor, expressed optimism about the prospect of another move being made, though he refrained from offering specific details or insider information. “I definitely think there might be another move on the way. But you never know. We’ll see,” Judge remarked, leaving the nature of the potential move unspecified.

While Blake Snell’s name wasn’t explicitly mentioned, it’s understood that influential figures in the clubhouse are generally supportive of adding a player of his caliber. They recognize that acquiring the star pitcher could potentially address the only lingering question surrounding the AL East-leading Yankees – the depth of their starting rotation. This is especially significant given the team’s overall strong performance thus far.

It’s important to note that Judge’s comments and the clubhouse sentiment are not confirmations of a potential deal with Blake Snell or any other player. Negotiations are still ongoing, and the final outcome remains uncertain.

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7 thoughts on “Blake Snell’s agent makes outside-the-box counteroffer to Yankees, per insider

  1. Realizing it is all about money, this is crazy. The amount of money these ballplayers are getting is unreal. Boras is a really a smart guy, the more money his client receives the more he receives. Gosh every player should have him as an agent. Being older, following the Yankees since 1957, being a huge Mickey Mantle fan, what would he make today? Not many players can even hold his bat and the money they are getting is nuts. Us as fans are paying these crazy prices, it is expensive to go to a game in today’s world. The amount of money should relate to the output the player supplies, plus if he goes on IRL he should not get full payment.
    And then to say the Yankees can afford it, with the extra tax money is like paying the player twice the money to play for you. Yes, I know it is a tax, but it is still money they are paying extra for that player.

  2. Yes it’s only money. But as a fan, now many games do you get for free now? What are the ramifications for spending all that money? Hal, yes a very good veteran ball club, should cost at least $250M. But you have been absent, and not demanding enough, that for every high contract player you add that there is not a kid on the roster. Yankees should’ve had the 16th pick in July, but because of the salaries, they are picking 26th. Was getting Stanton a real smart move? What about Rondon? How about taking on the entirety of Donaldson’s contract to get rid of Sanchez and get your stopgap SS? That was, what, over $88M in salary last year.

  3. History shows long term deals rarely can out. Snell and his agent Boras need to think shorter term otherwise Snell may be pitching in Japan this year.

  4. while Hal it sounds like the man wants to be a Yankee. Because he could’ve taken a deal by now. But no he is waiting on y’all. But Hal say we all in it to win it you can’t do that without Snell or Cease we need that extra arm. An we need a third baseman in the name of Matt Chapman. These are the players we need to win it all. Because we don’t have a third baseman because what we have at third now are there now is a patch job.

  5. If signing Snell jeopardizes a potential contract for Soto then hell no. There are enough bloated contracts on the books adding another doesn’t seem to make sense. Sometimes you have to roll the dice with what you have. If Rodon, Cortes, Stanton, Rizzo play to their capabilities then the team will go far. I know that’s a lot to ask.

  6. if yall talking about taxes it’s yall fault. taken on that Donaldson contract that was a joke. Cashman and Hal isn’t good businessmen. A blind man can do better then Cashman. anyone else would’ve been had the Yankees back in the world series but not Cashman. look at all the prospects we given up the last 7 years and what do we have to show for it nothing. But broken promise thanks Hal and Cashman. let’s go back to 2010 everybody else been to the world series accepted us.

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