Yankees pass on Snell despite reported lobbying by two prominent stars

Yankees stars Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole reportedly wanted the team to sign Blake Snell in January 2024.
Inna Zeyger
Saturday January 27, 2024

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Amidst the buzz surrounding Juan Soto‘s arrival and other offseason maneuvers, a compelling subplot is developing behind the scenes. The Yankees’ duo, Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge, reportedly advocated for the acquisition of lefty ace Blake Snell, but the team felt stumbling blocks in negotiations too big to overcome.

The revelation, brought to light by Jon Heyman of the New York Post, unveils Cole and Judge’s endorsement of Snell, despite a significant disparity in contract terms. Snell’s lofty demand of $240 million far exceeds the Yankees’ offer of $150 million, creating a substantial $90 million gap.

Yankees forced to drop Snell pursuit

This notable divide has not gone unnoticed by fans eager for Snell’s formidable pitching skills. Armed with a Cy Young trophy, a clean health record, and an impressive innings tally, Snell appears to be an attractive option compared to other pitching alternatives. However, the Yankees remain cautious, unwilling to stretch their budget to meet Snell’s asking price.

Yankees captain Aaron Judge with San Diego pitcher Blake-Snell in May 2023.

Even the combined influence of Judge’s leadership and Cole’s Cy Young-caliber performance failed to bridge the financial discrepancy. Heyman reports that their fervent endorsement did not sway the decision-makers within the Yankees organization.

While the Yankees have already made significant offseason moves, such as the Soto trade and the recent signing of Marcus Stroman, the addition of Snell, supported by their star players, would undoubtedly fortify the pitching rotation. Nevertheless, the exorbitant asking price remains the primary impediment.

Free-agent pitcher Blake Snell, a key target for the Yankees for the 2024 season, is seen celebrating at Petco Park in the 2023 season.

For Snell, a potential adjustment of expectations might be the key to securing his desired contract. While his Cy Young-winning achievements are undeniable, the Yankees, along with potentially other interested teams, remain cautious about making him the highest-paid pitcher in baseball history.

The ongoing saga prompts speculation about whether Snell will reconsider his price tag, if the Yankees will reconsider their stance, or if another team will step in to secure the sought-after pitcher. This offseason drama, far from reaching its conclusion, promises additional twists and turns before the dust settles on the finalized 2024 rosters.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees pass on Snell despite reported lobbying by two prominent stars

  1. Your 2 best player ask you to get their friend and you say No . But you sale the farm for a pitcher you will have for 2 years. An you was willing to give someone 300 million that never pitch in the Major league. But your not willing to give someone that have 200 million for 7 years. An he have 2 Cy Young in the last 5 years.

  2. Take a look at what we have given up the last 7 years and counting. An what do we have to show for it nothing!!! which is sad No World Series Championship. Then the patch jobs you have done. with everything you have passed up the last 7 years we would’ve been to the World Series. But everyone he have passed on at least 5 to 7 of them have been to the World Series.

  3. Yankees need to sign Trevor bauer an bring Cody Bellinger to get another lefty hitting person in this lineup to go along with Soto an the price they would pay Blake snell u get a 2 players for the price of 1 an a pitcher with just as good as snell almost for nothin A good arsenal of pitches an a good player in Bellinger…

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