Yankees snub Marcus Stroman’s desire to pitch in pinstripes

Pitcher Marcus Stroman is reportedly interested to join the Yankees in 2024.
Michael Bennington
Monday January 8, 2024

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Ex-Mets arm Marcus Stroman is making an overture to play in pinstripes. However, the Yankees, who are in need of replenishing their pitching department, have shut down his hopes to land in the Bronx.

The free-agent pitcher has expressed his desire to join the New York Yankees in 2024, according to USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale. He claims that Marcus Stroman was in contact with the team but the Bronx Bombers appear unmoved, leaving his dream deal in jeopardy.

Why Yankees don’t want to sign Marcus Stroman

While both sides acknowledge the appeal, their visions have yet to align. Marcus Stroman, with a career 3.65 ERA, brings finesse and guile rather than overpowering velocity. Despite his effectiveness with a groundball-heavy approach and a talent for avoiding barrels, his 7.5 strikeouts per nine innings may not provide the firepower the Yankees are seeking.


Moreover, lingering injury concerns from his time with the Cubs, where a 3.73 ERA in 275 innings came alongside two shortened seasons, may give the Yankees reason for pause. This, combined with Marcus Stroman’s reputation for outspokenness and occasional on-field intensity, adds another layer of complexity.

Marcus Stroman is known for his confidence, occasionally bordering on cockiness. Past incidents, such as criticizing his former GM and expressing strong opinions on social media, have raised eyebrows. His dugout celebration against the Mets, which drew criticism from an unnamed player, further underscores the potential for a personality clash.


Its more than just complicated

Complicating matters is Marcus Stroman’s projected market value of a three-year, $63 million deal. With the Yankees already managing a significant payroll, they might be hesitant to commit substantial funds for a pitcher whose skillset and personality may not align perfectly with their preferences.

This development raises eyebrows, considering the Yankees’ previous pursuit of Stroman in 2019, an attempt thwarted when he was ultimately traded to the Mets. After experiencing two eventful seasons in Chicago, Stroman is once again a free agent, bringing with him a solid 3.95 ERA from 2023 and a career average of 3.65. Known for inducing groundballs and maintaining a knack for keeping the ball in the park, Stroman offers stability to any rotation.

Pitcher Marcus Stroman is reportedly interested to join the Yankees in 2024.

However, a shadow looms over Stroman due to his outspoken nature and past clashes with Yankee fans. His departure from the Mets was marked by acrimony, including criticism directed at their former GM, raising concerns about potential clubhouse dynamics.

While considering Stroman wouldn’t be unprecedented for the Yankees, who have previously embraced players like Josh Donaldson with fiery spirits, they also tolerated Domingo Germán‘s past issues. The organization might weigh Stroman’s undeniable talent against his personality quirks in their decision-making.

Nevertheless, a sense of hesitation remains. With other preferred targets still available, the Yankees are carefully evaluating their options. Will they discover a more agreeable upgrade, or will Stroman’s pitching prowess eventually sway their decision? Only time will reveal whether the outspoken right-hander will become a part of the pinstripes or remain a tempting, albeit controversial, possibility.

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