Yankees GM Brian Cashman explains trade deadline decisions

The general manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman
Amanda Paula
Tuesday August 1, 2023

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The 2023 MLB trade deadline proved to be a tumultuous time for the New York Yankees. As the clock ticked down, fans held their breath in anticipation of potential blockbuster deals that could bolster the team’s chances of securing a playoff spot. However, when the dust settled, the Yankees had made two notable trades that left many supporters feeling underwhelmed: pitcher Spencer Howard and reliever Keynnan Middleton were dealt, while the team’s glaring need for hitters remained unaddressed. General Manager Brian Cashman faced a barrage of questions and criticisms during a press conference following the trade deadline.

Yankees’ Trade deadline deflection with Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone - the manager of the New York Yankees.
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The Yankees, renowned for their illustrious history and relentless pursuit of championship glory, had high expectations leading up to the deadline. Fans hoped for significant offensive reinforcements to complement their formidable pitching roster. Instead, the Yankees seemed to double down on their strength by acquiring pitchers while neglecting the pressing need for more productive bats.

In response to the perceived disappointment, Cashman took the podium to address the media and offer insights into the team’s strategy during the trade negotiations. He explained that the Yankees entered the deadline as “opportunistic buyers and opportunistic sellers,” indicating a willingness to explore both avenues. However, as the deadline approached, they shifted to “cautious buyers” as other teams were unwilling to meet their asking prices for key players.

“I do think we do have the talent. We do have the capabilities. Saying it is one thing, I know watching it lately hasn’t been anything close to what you’d feel comfortable with.”

Brian Cashman

Cashman made it clear that their priority was to remain competitive and take a shot at the playoffs, even if it meant sticking with their current roster. The team was still within striking distance of a playoff spot, sitting just 3 1/2 games out of contention, and Cashman expressed confidence in their ability to turn things around.

NY Post

“We’re in it to win it,” Cashman affirmed, showing unwavering commitment to the team’s ultimate goal. He highlighted the impending returns of Nestor Cortes Jr. and Jonathan Loaisiga from injuries, which would bolster their pitching staff even further. Cashman acknowledged that the team had yet to showcase their best baseball but remained optimistic that they would find their form over the next two months.

“No one was able to pry anything away from us that we felt was more valuable than where we’re sitting in the standings, 3 1/2 games out still and having a chance to find a way to get it together and take a shot. I’m sure some people out there say tear it down and sell, and other people are out there saying to add something big. There wasn’t a big thing to add, to be quite honest, that was going to solve the immediate problems that we had. “

Addressing the calls from some fans to “tear it down and sell,” Cashman defended the team’s decision not to pursue a major sell-off. While the Yankees possessed several talented players who could have been attractive targets for playoff-bound teams, Cashman believed that holding onto those assets and taking a shot at the playoffs was the more prudent approach.

Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

“In terms of the selling stuff, there’s certainly a lot of players here that are talented, that playoff teams would like to get their hands on. But in terms of trying to pry that away from us, it wasn’t really worth it. It was like, I’d rather just keep it and take a shot.” Cashman stated.

Critics of the Yankees’ trade deadline approach might argue that their hesitancy to part with some assets in pursuit of impactful offensive players limited their potential to make a deep playoff run. However, Cashman and the Yankees’ front office believed in the current roster’s potential to find their groove and make a push for the postseason.

Only time will tell if the Yankees’ cautious optimism will pay off. As the season enters its final stretch, fans will anxiously watch to see if the team can rise to the occasion and prove their doubters wrong. For now, the Yankees are sticking to their guns, confident that they have what it takes to compete with the best and make a run at championship glory.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees GM Brian Cashman explains trade deadline decisions

  1. I don’t know how he can say these things with a straight face.

    Cashman and the Yankees’ front office believed in the current roster’s potential to find their groove and make a push for the postseason.

  2. He is clearly delusional. I guess working for an a**hole like Steingrabber will do that. The whole organization stinks from the top down. This is the end of the Steingrabber cycle. New leadership is needed. Boycott the team. Don’t go to games. Don’t buy merchandise. Force them out.

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