Yankees fans resent ‘Little League Home Run’ surrendered to Padres

Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole has his home run problem resurfaced

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On Sunday afternoon, the New York Yankees displayed a formidable offensive performance against the San Diego Padres. However, their defensive display fell short, with a series of errors resulting in an unfortunate occurrence reminiscent of a “Little League Home Run.”

With star pitcher Gerrit Cole taking the mound for the New York Yankees, it was anticipated that the opposing team would struggle to generate offense. However, Cole encountered difficulties in the top of the second inning, and the Yankees’ defensive struggles only exacerbated the situation.

With a runner in scoring position at second base, Padres outfielder Jose Azocar hit a single to center field off Cole. The Yankees had a chance to prevent the runner from scoring as center fielder Harrison Bader had an opportunity to make a good throw to home plate. Unfortunately, Bader’s throw completely missed the mark, sailing past catcher Kyle Higashioka and allowing the runner to cross home plate without any difficulty.

After the errant throw at home, Azocar saw an opportunity to advance and successfully stole second base. Capitalizing on the chaos caused by the overthrow, Azocar then attempted to advance to third base.

Higashioka had a clear opportunity to make a throw to third base and potentially catch Azocar off guard, but his throw sailed high over the third baseman, landing in the outfield. This error provided Azocar with the opportunity to score and cross home plate.

The incident has become a memorable moment that Yankees fans would rather forget. Numerous fans expressed their disappointment and frustration on social media, highlighting the team’s lackluster defensive performance during this particular play.

According to James Smyth of the YES Network, it has been quite a while since the Yankees last allowed a Little League Home Run. The previous occurrence of such an event can be traced back to the distant year 1988.

Fortunately, the Yankees’ offense sparked to life and provided a much-needed rescue. They erupted with a seven-run outburst in the third inning, propelling them to a comfortable 10-7 win.

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