Yankees fans poke fun at Trump’s naming of Nestor Cortes for political gain

Donald Trump and Nestor Cortes

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At a recent gathering in Hialeah, Florida, former President Donald Trump unexpectedly highlighted New York Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes, fondly referred to as the “Hialeah kid.” Trump commended Nestor Cortes as an exceptional pitcher with a remarkable fastball, injecting a distinctive sports element into his political gathering.

This unanticipated acknowledgment underscores Trump’s strategic approach to engage with various communities, notably Hispanic voters, as he considers a potential run for the 2024 presidential election.

“A great pitcher from the New York Yankees, they call him the Hialeah kid, Nestor Cortez. Where is Nestor, he’s a great pitcher. He’s got that fastball.” – Donald Trump.

The rally, strategically hosted at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, a stronghold of the Cuban-American community, underscores Trump’s emphasis on bolstering support among Hispanic voters in Florida. Miami-Dade, the state’s most populous county, holds considerable influence in electoral outcomes with its 1.5 million eligible Latino voters. Trump aims to leverage the momentum gained among Hispanic communities during his 2020 campaign.

While Trump’s acknowledgment of Nestor Cortes introduces a sports-oriented dimension to the political landscape, it’s crucial to clarify that Cortes has not been formally associated with Trump or his campaign. The mention of Nestor Cortes highlights Trump’s eclectic campaign style, intertwining political discourse with cultural references and local endorsements.


Following Donald Trump’s mention of Nestor Cortes during a speech in Florida, New York Yankees fans took to social media for a trolling extravaganza. The former US President, addressing the crowd ahead of the GOP debate, praised Cortes as a great pitcher. Despite Cortes’s challenging season in the MLB, Yankees fans seized the opportunity to playfully troll Trump.

Yankees fans reacts to Trump naming Nestor Cortes

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