Yankees could target Cy Young Winner amid Judge’s uncertain return

Yankees set a target on Shane Bieber to reinvigore their roster.

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A trade proposal put forward by Zachary D. Rymer of Bleacher Report suggests that the New York Yankees should consider engaging in trade discussions with the Cleveland Guardians. The suggested trade would involve the Yankees acquiring former Cy Young Award winner Shane Bieber and shortstop Amed Rosario, while the Guardians would receive outfielders Jasson Dominguez and Spencer Jones. This trade idea aims to revitalize the Yankees’ roster, which heavily relies on the talent of Aaron Judge.

The timing of Aaron Judge‘s return to the Yankees’ outfield is uncertain due to his struggles with walking, but his presence alone may not be enough for the team to reach its potential. Nonetheless, the Yankees had a triumphant weekend, securing a convincing win against the Texas Rangers.

Considering the Guardians’ current record of 36-38, it becomes questionable whether they should be regarded as potential sellers. Remarkably, they are only one game behind the leading team in the AL Central. However, Cleveland has a history of trading key players, even when a postseason spot is within reach, often driven by financial considerations. This trade speculation surrounding Amed Rosario and Shane Bieber has emerged as a result.

The master plan of the Yankees to reinvigorate their roster

Yankees could target Shane Bieber from Cleveland.

Although Shane Bieber’s Cy Young Award in 2020 may slightly overstate his credentials as an ace pitcher, he would still be a valuable addition as the Yankees’ third starter behind Gerrit Cole and Carlos Rodon. While Rosario has struggled this season, his recent performance in June, with a batting average of .319, indicates a potential return to his 2022 form.

Incorporating Bieber into the Yankees’ rotation alongside Cole and Carlos Rodon would create a formidable trio. Furthermore, Bieber remains under team control for another year, as he will not become a free agent until after the 2024 season.

Despite his numbers this season, with a 3.69 ERA and 1.23 WHIP in 16 starts, falling short of his Cy Young-winning campaign, they still demonstrate his skills and effectiveness on the mound.

Yankees could target Amed Rosario.

However, adding Rosario to the Yankees’ roster could pose challenges due to his underwhelming performance and the existing talent in the infield. Unless the struggling rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe is demoted, there would be no room for Rosario. Consequently, the Yankees might be better off focusing on acquiring a left fielder, which currently presents a more pressing need compared to the infield.

Moreover, it is unlikely that the Yankees would be willing to part ways with their top-ranked prospect, Jasson Dominguez, in exchange for Bieber and Rosario. If Dominguez were to be included in the trade, Cleveland would need to offer additional incentives to sweeten the deal. Alternatively, the Yankees could explore trade opportunities with other teams that may provide more suitable options.

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11 thoughts on “Yankees could target Cy Young Winner amid Judge’s uncertain return

  1. A washed up pitcher and “never was infielder” does not warrant giving up a young promising #1 prospect and potential superstar!! Ridiculous trade!!!

    1. Well since Cashman has made so many stupid and terrible trades lately go ahead feel free and make another 1 so that way finally Hal Steinbrener could finally open his eyes and get rid of u

  2. Dominguez and Judge 2.0 are untouchable especially in a weak trade proposal like this one. Yawn 🥱

  3. Hal Steinbrener should look into hiring Don Mattingly and finally get rid of that Terrible Boone come on Hal make all of the fans that keep putting money in your pockets happy by attending games buying those 12 dollar beers buying those 6 dollar hot 🌭 etc etc etc.

  4. The Yankees r better off trading for the guardians 3rd basemen or st. Louis 3rd basemen they will be better off and finally get rid of that washed up Donaldson which again another Cashman terrible trade

    1. We have reliable young infielder waisting away in the minors any one care to talk about him? We have all the staters a team could need.

  5. Sounds like we will be getting more broken pieces just what me need more dead bodies Hal is never going to lean why even have a farm system

  6. I would like the Yankees to add Beiber and maybe Kwan the outfielder but not give up 2 of the very best young outfielders that we have in our system. Maybe package Cabrera with Spencer and a couple young pitchers in return!

  7. Stupid trade – Yankees giving up two young potential stars for pitching they don’t need and an infielder who doesn’t help the offense is absurd.

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