What is the Yankees’ master plan for roster revival?

New York Yankees players ready to play at Yankees Stadium

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According to the New York Yankees owner, Hal Steinbrenner, the team may be heading toward a significant revamp.

The once-unshakable faith in the Yankees’ veteran players at their respective positions has waned. As the numbers continue to paint a bleak picture, it becomes increasingly evident that the aging stars on the roster are failing to live up to expectations. Since Aaron Judge’s injury, the Yankees have been plagued by the worst offensive performance in baseball, leaving them desperate for a resurgence.

Hal Steinbrenner, the team’s owner, candidly acknowledged the difficulties faced by DJ LeMahieu, Josh Donaldson, Giancarlo Stanton, and Anthony Rizzo. However, amidst the struggles, Steinbrenner remains optimistic, stating, “I refuse to believe this is a long-lasting issue.”

Nevertheless, as the team clings to the final wild-card spot in the American League, it is crucial to acknowledge that this current group may lack the necessary strength to propel them into the playoffs. Should that be the case, it would be the season’s greatest disappointment, particularly considering the Yankees’ status as the second highest-spending team in Major League Baseball.

What’s next?


With 90 games remaining in the season, the return of crucial players from the injured list, such as center fielder Harrison Bader and Aaron Judge’s expected comeback in July, provides hope. However, the question remains: will their contributions overcome the team’s shortcomings in the lineup? Additionally, the impact of starting pitcher Carlos Rodon, who recently joined the group, stays incognito.

As the trade deadline looms just six weeks away, the Yankees find themselves at a critical juncture. Hal Steinbrenner has expressed a willingness to expand the team’s payroll if it means acquiring the necessary talent to bolster their chances of securing a championship. General manager Brian Cashman is actively scouring the trade market, as evidenced by his openness to significant moves involving key players and top prospects.

Who could be on their way out?

Yankees players ready to play.

While specific deals have yet to be explored, assessing the Yankees’ investments is imperative. Trading Giancarlo Stanton, given his entire no-trade clause and hefty contract, presents an insurmountable challenge. Similarly, DJ LeMahieu, despite his underwhelming season, is unlikely to be moved.

In entering the final year of his contract, Josh Donaldson appears destined to conclude his tenure in New York, as retirement looms as a possibility for the star player. Complicating matters further are his injury history and offensive performance falling below expectations, making it challenging to attract potential suitors. If the Yankees opt to part ways with Donaldson, they would likely designate him for transfer, following a similar path taken with Aaron Hicks.

Gleyber Torres, despite his declining performance and defensive struggles, holds significant trade value. Although nearly traded last season, Torres ultimately remained with the team. Whether the Yankees will entertain offers for Torres depends on their assessment of his future potential and productivity.

The Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner with Aaron Judge.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post 

Additional trade options may involve highly regarded prospect Oswald Peraza, who has been excelling in Triple-A and could fill a void in the middle infield. While the Yankees have hesitated to part ways with him, his inclusion in trade discussions could be considered if he no longer aligns with the team’s major league plans and brings back valuable assets.

Another avenue the Yankees could explore is trading significantly, such as Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Kyle Higashioka, or outfield depth. However, the returns for these players may be insignificant. Furthermore, their contributions have been invaluable since Aaron Judge’s injury, and deciding to part ways with them was challenging.

Pitching prospects such as Greg Weissert and Domingo German could be potential trade chips to acquire the much-needed offensive firepower. As the trade deadline rapidly approaches, the Yankees are at a crossroads. Careful evaluation of available options, analysis of the team’s needs, and determining the best course of action will be vital in reshaping a team that appears to have been built around a star player.

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21 thoughts on “What is the Yankees’ master plan for roster revival?

  1. Correct, that the Yankee’s are heavily lacking in offensive production. Very inconsistent and lacking the punch to bring in the RBI’s. Team batting average is in the tank. Worse in MLB recently. So improvement is needed, however, spending power from the pitcher department needs caution. It is not all that powerfully deep either. I say trade off Donaldson, Stanton and possibly Torres for some sluggers with good batting averages which will increase the RBI situation. The team has lost too many winnable close games with way too many LOB’s. Manager Boone is suspect as well. Very inconsistent when it comes to pulling out a struggling pitcher.

    1. Send the entire team down and bring up the triple A squad. They couldn’t do any worse and they would at least have some heart.

  2. The Yanks need pitching. Except for Cole their starting rotation stinks. Their bullpen is suspect too. Keeping Donaldson in the lineup has hurt them. Stanton either hits homers or doesn’t hit with runners on. Fire Boone and his coaching staff and get a legitimate manager.

  3. Let Cashman and Boone go. Cashman been making the wrong trades for the last 7 years. An Boone make the wrong pitching change at the wrong time. We should’ve been won a world series by now. An volpe should’ve never been called up. He isn’t ready for Major League Pitching. Even if he is Home Grown he is not ready.

    1. Totally agree. Boone panics when a righty pitcher is doing great into the 7th inning gives up a hit or a walk cause he wants to pair up a lefty for the next hitter. It has backfired time and time again after the reliever blows the lead. Then last night, he didn’t pull German out until after he gave up 10 runs (without the Yankees scoring). Where is the logic? Cause he wanted to save the bullpen for the next series? What about winning the present game? Too bad the manager can’t be taken out when his performance and decision making is horrible!

      1. He wanted to save the bullpen at the risk of allowing a pitcher who gives innings time after time and take a chance of injury. Clueless!

  4. Hal and Cashman have put the Yankees in a very bad position! They have made terrible trades and signings… almost all of whom are frequently on the DL (after 50+years, I’m not saying IL). They need to go back to the 90s where they signed few superstars, but had lots of passion for the game and great chemistry. The farm system developed a lot of stars – Jeter, Pettite, Rivera, Posada and Williams. They made smart free agent signings like O’Neill who was average in Cincy, but became a legend in NY.

    1. The players mentioned consistently produced and were augmented by key pickups who added to the mix and produced.
      They brought synergy, production and a will to win that seems lacking today. Some of that is on the players and some (quite a bit) is on the manager.

  5. I’m not a defeatist by any means but I don’t see how a trade or two will get these Yankees to the WS this year. They are under-producing at nearly every position and the manager has to be a big part of that. Also, the players they bring in have (mostly) added little outside of large salaries and the young talent is not (mostly) developing as they should and Cashman has to answer for that.

  6. Get rid of LaMaeihue(sp?), Donaldson,Stanton,and Torres. Bring up Peraza. Oswaldo Cabrera. Fire Boon!

  7. The team needs more guys who can put the ball in play. How many times have they failed to score a runner from third with less than 2 outs. I would go for more players like DJ and less like Stanton. Also, strikeouts do count. They need to get more athletic.

    1. Get rid of Stanton or just don’t play him until he agrees to a trade. Get a lefty bat who pulls the ball. McKinney you can laugh but that is what he does. He should always play over Stanton. Release Donaldson.

  8. I would like them to have patience with Parazza and Cabrerra. I agree with many here that Cashman has to go. His time has grown stale. Boone is possibly one if the worst managers in baseball. The Yankees also seem to worry about hurting feelings of players. Donaldson and Stanton are automatics outs. Get rid of them. I don’t what the get in a trade or DFA. Parazzo can play third. Several guys can DH. I think this ream has what takes, but managed incorrectly and stroking players egos is not going to get it done.

  9. Too many holes. When has a trade deadline move ever done the Yankees any good and catapulted them to a championship? It’s like giving oxygen to a corpse. Forget it.

  10. Unfortunately Donaldson, Stanton, DJ are untradeable, thanks to Cashman
    This is a team of broken down old players with too many holes at key positions.
    They need to be unyankee-like and gut the team and management at the end of the season starting with Cashman who has not earned the right to continue to run this team, and who along with Boone needs to be fired
    Boone doesn’t hit so he can’t be blamed for that but he’s a terrible in game manager who continues to make strategic mistakes. Hal needs to wake up and see this and make major changes. The team is built around 1 player and is frankly a disgrace.

    1. I have an option for the team, players are revolving their lifestyle around Judge, what if Judge is out for the rest of the season, players should play the game as if Judge wasn’t in the team, they are professional player who’s been there before know what they have to perform to achieve their abilities, my opinion to jump start the Yankees starts with pitching, Yankees sould open game with Starter for 2-3 innings that would give the original starter to go through 9 innings, everyone has a part winning a championship, Me and my brother have been lifetime Yankee fans our goal as fans to see a championship, Yankees need to trade inconsistent pitchers like Severino who is always injury prone, German is only good when he pitches with sticky stuff and Gerrit Cole scares me when he comes in to pitch, he is a former cheater, will always be a cheater, he is the highest paid pitcher I believe should be paid accordingly to how he pitches his game, I think making a deduction to his salary would get him goingand team backing him up. Go Yankees

  11. Maybe the issue isn’t with the players when it comes to the Yankees poor performance at the plate. I’m thinking they need a better batting coach. I hear Donny Baseball could be available. The Yankees have the batting talent but it is being squandered. They need to be more concerned with getting on base than with hitting home runs every at bat. They need to grind out games like in the old days.

  12. This mess can be and should be laid at the feet of Cashman…and Steinbrenner…Stanton, Donaldson, Long term deal for DJ…Boone makes some really questionable choices in regards to pulling/not pulling starting pitchers and relievers…fans booing their OWN PLAYERS…why? GO BOO CASHMAN…the players need fan support…Time to turn the page on Cashman…and Boone and his so called hitting coaches…Yankees need a breath of fresh air, a new attitude…

  13. Not going to be overnite solution. Maybe go for benetendi if Chicago takes some salary and also giolitio. This season is gone, even if they sneak into playoffs they going nowhere . Bring up some of the kids but only when reasonably ready. Retooling gotta be in off-season, now it just rotating bandaids. Might get something for Higgy now as probably at highest value. The rest are salary dumps. You don’t give up on German or Sevy off a few bad outings

  14. I think it’s crazy that when players struggle they look to hire their own personal trainers to help them, like judge did. Why is it everyone except the coaching staff can seem to see the flaws in their hitting. I think the hitting coaches and their physical trainers need to go. We have one of the most injured team I baseball every year. If we can stay healthy and recognize where coaching needs to take place we can win ball games.

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