Yankees Carlos Rodon throws 45 pitches, no fixed return date yet

Carlos Rodon is pitching at Yankee Stadium during a practice session on May 23, 2023.

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Although he has a $162 million deal with the Yankees, left-handed pitcher Carlos Rodon has yet to make an appearance in a regular season game. Despite hitting a roadblock earlier this month due to a back injury, he is confident about his comeback. Having spent the first seven weeks of the season at the Yankees’ spring training complex in Tampa, Rodon returned to the Bronx on Tuesday.

According to Carlos Rodon, the cortisone shot he received in his back two weeks ago has proven to be beneficial. He believes it has had a positive impact on his condition. Aaron Boone, the Yankees’ manager, mentioned that they are aiming to establish a plan by the end of the week, which would allow Rodon to start throwing off a mound once again.

Carlos Rodon shared that being involved and visible with the team was important to him as the throwing intensity went up. He expressed his frustration at having to sit and watch his teammates compete while desiring to be out there with them and contribute. Despite the challenges, Rodon is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the team and support his fellow players.

Rehab in sight for Carlos Rodon

Carlos Rodon’s presence at Yankees Stadium before Tuesday’s game against the Orioles was seen as a positive development, providing a psychological boost for both him and the Yankees. Manager Aaron Boone emphasized the significance of integrating Rodon into the team’s routine, stating that it holds importance for them.

Carlos Rodon, who started the season on the injured list due to a forearm strain, mentioned that he conducted approximately 45 throws, reaching distances of up to 120 feet, with increased intensity on Tuesday. When asked about his timeline for returning to throwing off the mound, he responded with optimism, saying “hopefully soon.” It is worth noting that he had advanced to that stage of his recovery prior to receiving a cortisone injection in his back on May 9.

When questioned about the possibility of making his Yankees debut within the next month, Carlos Rodon expressed his optimism, saying that he hopes it is realistic. He said he hopes to be back with the club as soon as possible, but that pinpointing an exact date is difficult. Carlos Rodon reaffirmed his desire to pitch again and contribute to the squad in any manner possible.

Despite the potential benefit of having the two-time All-Star in their rotation, manager Aaron Boone emphasized the Yankees’ commitment to exercising patience with Rodon. He acknowledged Carlos Rodon’s significant contract, a six-year deal worth $162 million signed in December, and highlighted the organization’s intention to proceed cautiously in order to ensure his proper recovery and integration into the team.

Manager Aaron Boone expressed his enthusiasm about Carlos Rodon joining the team and emphasized the positive impact it can have for him to be around the players, coaching staff, and training staff. Boone acknowledged Rodon’s desire to contribute and understood his frustration of not being able to pitch. He recognized that Carlos Rodon’s intention when signing with the team was to play a significant role in the rotation. 

However, Boone emphasized the importance of prioritizing Carlos Rodon’s long-term well-being and ensuring that he returns to the field as the dependable player they expect him to be. Boone expressed optimism about the progress made thus far and the team’s commitment to supporting Rodon’s recovery journey.

Carlos Rodon’s Yankees debut

The burning question remains: When will Carlos Rodon be prepared to join the rotation? Although the starter himself claims to be free of pain, no specific date has been set by anyone to mark his return.

After spending the initial six weeks of the season at the Yankees’ player development facility in Tampa, Carlos Rodon has now arrived in New York to proceed with his rehabilitation. The left-handed pitcher started the season on the injured list with a forearm strain despite earning a six-year, $162 million contract with the franchise. As his forearm improved, Rodon began experiencing stiffness resulting from a chronic back problem diagnosed by medical professionals.

Carlos Rodon is training at Tampa, FL, during the Yankees spring training camp 2023.

On Tuesday, the 30-year-old Carlos Rodon engaged in a game of catch, making throws from a distance of 120 feet. He completed approximately 45 throws, which indicates a positive step forward in his recovery process and brings him closer to a potential return from the injured list. Despite this progress, Yankees manager Aaron Boone mentioned that there is currently no definitive plan in place for Rodon to resume throwing off a mound.

According to Boone, it appears that Carlos Rodon received the necessary relief and underwent the required treatment for his condition. However, the next step involves scheduling a follow-up session. Boone expressed optimism, stating that they aim to have Rodon ready for a bullpen session by the end of the week, which will mark further progress in his recovery.

Carlos Rodon looks to the expertise of the training staff to determine the timeline for his return. He expressed that it was difficult to provide a specific date for his return, emphasizing his eagerness to come back as soon as possible and contribute in any way he can, particularly through pitching.

Josh Donaldson update

There is potential for the New York team to welcome back third baseman Josh Donaldson in the near future, as Manager Boone expressed his hope for Donaldson to begin a rehab assignment as early as Thursday. Once Donaldson recovers from his hamstring injury, he will resume his role as the team’s starting third baseman, according to Boone.

On Tuesday, Donaldson participated in batting practice on the field.

Boone said that they would observe how Donaldson progresses from today’s session.

Giancarlo Stanton update

Boone mentioned that designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton is getting closer to coming back from his left hamstring strain, although they haven’t established a specific timeline for his rehabilitation. Stanton also participated in a workout on the field prior to Tuesday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles.

Boone stated that their priority is ensuring that Giancarlo Stanton has fully recovered and is ready to play. He mentioned that they will assess his condition after today to determine his progress.

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