Carlos Rodon back in New York, set to return in July

Matthew Maybloom
Monday May 22, 2023

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Carlos Rodon, who has faced many challenges and obstacles, is finally getting closer to making his debut with the Yankees. If everything goes well, he will most likely be able to make his Yankees debut in July.

The left-handed starter is making progress in his recovery without any health problems. After spending almost two months doing workouts and receiving treatment at the Yankees’ player development complex in Tampa, Carlos Rodon has now left for New York. He will continue his rehabilitation with the Yankees as he moves closer to returning to the field.

Boone awaits Carlos Rodon’s return

Manager Aaron Boone stated that Carlos Rodon would be with them moving forward and expressed their desire to have him on their team soon. He also mentioned their plans to help him build up his skills and abilities while being part of their team.

The cortisone shot that Carlos Rodon received on May 9 for his back has been effective, just as the Yankees had anticipated. After experiencing periodic stiffness for over a month, Rodon feels completely healthy.

Aaron Boone mentioned that as of the present moment, they have not needed to administer the second round of shots that were originally planned. He expressed hope that they would continue to progress in that direction.

After a break, Carlos Rodon started throwing again on May 14. His long tossing has advanced to a distance of 120 feet. He will continue with long tossing until he receives clearance for the next phase of his recovery.

Carlos Rodon of the New York Yankees

Boone expressed his hope that in the coming days, they would reach a stage where they could discuss the possibility of Carlos Rodon returning to the mound.

Carlos Rodon still has a significant amount of time before he can begin his season, likely around six weeks. Currently, he is only engaged in casual throwing. Once he is able to return to the mound, he will likely have several bullpen sessions every four days, followed by facing batters in a couple of simulated games before participating in rehab games.

Yankees look to Carlos Rodon

In 2021, Carlos Rodon was an exceptional player for the Chicago White Sox and the year before, he performed remarkably well for the San Francisco Giants. During the offseason in December, Rodon took advantage of free agency and signed a substantial contract worth $162 million with the New York Yankees, spanning six years. Although Rodon has experienced injuries in the past, he had a healthy season without any complications last year.

Unfortunately, Carlos Rodon encountered another injury during the early stages of spring training. After participating in only one Grapefruit League start, he had to stop playing due to a strain in his left forearm. However, by late March, he had recovered from that injury and was back in action, facing hitters in a simulated game by early April. Unfortunately, during this time, he experienced stiffness in his back.

For Carlos Rodon, the entire month of April and the first half of May were filled with frustration as he eagerly awaited the opportunity to pitch. According to Boone, he is very excited to see Carlos Rodon and mentioned that everything appears to be progressing according to plan.

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