Steinbrenner hints at pitching addition, fueling Blake Snell rumors

Blake Snell is on the radar of the Yankees, according to the latest rumors
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Amanda Paula
Thursday February 22, 2024

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Is Blake Snell going to the Yankees? That’s a question that everyone has been asking for over a week. Recently, Jon Heyman, a journalist for the New York Post, published on Thursday afternoon that the imminent arrival of Snell seemed promising as softening was detected in the signing stance. 

Despite initial assertions from a Yankees source claiming they were no longer pursuing Blake Snell, a subtle shift late in the week indicates that Snell’s camp might need to adjust their demands for a deal to materialize.  

The negotiations had initially hit a roadblock with the Yankees’ reported offer being over $100 million apart from Snell’s expectations, despite the Yankees’ openness to a sixth year. The short-term financial implications, particularly regarding the luxury tax and draft picks, added complexity to the discussions.  

Hal Steinbrenner speaks out on Blake Snell rumors 

Hal Steinbrenner addressed inquiries regarding the speculation surrounding Blake Snell potentially joining the Yankees with a reserved stance on free agents. Given the current payroll situation, he emphasized the ongoing exploration of various alternatives while acknowledging the financial implications of any additions to the team. Steinbrenner remained open to possibilities, entrusting the decision-making process to General Manager Brian Cashman and his team. Despite the cost considerations, he affirmed the organization’s commitment to enhancing the team, indicating a proactive approach to bolstering their roster.

Hal Steinbrenner, owner of the Yankees
The Athletic

“I’m not going to get into free agents. I’m just going to tell you that we continue to look at many different options. Given where we are payroll-wise, any addition to the club will be costly, but I’m still willing to consider anything that comes my way, anything Cash and his team brings my way. I’ll leave it at that. But we are not done trying to improve this team.” Hal Steinbrenner answered some questions regarding Blake Snell’s rumors about the Yankees.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hal Steinbrenner’s recent statement about pitching depth leaves room for speculation. While it doesn’t guarantee a pitcher is next, it keeps the possibility alive.

There’s a sign that Blake Snell could arrive at the Yankees

Blake Snell

Earlier in the week,’s Mark Feinsand reported that Snell still had an offer from the Yankees, a claim refuted by an MLB source briefed on the Yankees’ stance, dismissing it as “total BS.” It was suggested that Blake Snell’s agent, Scott Boras, might inflate the Yankees’ interest to drive up offers from other potential suitors, such as the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angels.  

Blake Snell, a two-time Cy Young Award winner with impressive stats in 2023, found himself without a team for the 2024 season alongside other Boras clients like Cody Bellinger, Matt Chapman, and Jordan Montgomery. Despite the Yankees‘ initial interest with a substantial offer of six years and $150 million in January, Snell held out for more favorable terms, prolonging the negotiations.  

Blake Snell’s history with the Yankees dates back to his MLB debut against them in 2016 at Yankee Stadium while playing for the Tampa Bay Rays. Despite initial jitters, Snell’s performance showcased his potential, setting the stage for his subsequent success with other teams.  

Although Blake Snell’s signing would be a big hit to the Yankees, it does not mean that the board has been dead seeking a big name to arrive at the Yankees. Although a few names are linked to a move, it’s impossible that a name as big as Blake Snell, available as a free agent, would not whisper to the Yankees’ side.

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One thought on “Steinbrenner hints at pitching addition, fueling Blake Snell rumors

  1. Why are the Yankees seemingly determined to add the wildly inconsistent & expensive Snell to the roster, rather than the more consistent Montgomery? We already know Monty can handle pitching in NYC, but we don’t know that about Snell, do we?

    IMO, the reason the Yankees are focusing on Snell is because Cashman is Loathed to Admit that HE was an idiot for saying Monty wasn’t a playoff caliber pitcher & trading him for an injured CF, who couldn’t hit righties, no less, which comprise about 85% of starters.

    Snell basically pitches 5.1 IP per start in his career. He KILLS your bullpen every outing, forcing them to pitch 2.3 innings virtually every outing. Over 30 starts — which Snell rarely does — that would mean about 79 IP out of the Bullpen to cover ONE “starter,” which is Ridiculous!

    Keep in mind, Snell has started more than 25 games only 3 times in 8 years. Even if you throw-out the shortened 2020 Covid season, Snell has AVERAGED 134 IP Per Year!

    Over the Same 7 Years, Garrett Cole has AVERAGED 218 IP Per Year, and yet Snell & Boras want Cole-type $$$ for 84 LESS IP a year!

    Other than in his 2 Cy Young years (out of 7 non-Covid seasons), SNELL IS A GLORIFIED LONG RELIEVER, who just happens to start games.

    Snell has pitched 436.2 innings the last 3 years, including his second Cy Young, which averages to 145.4 IP over those years.

    Monty has pitched 524.1 innings the last 3 years, including his World Series run last year, which averages to 174.7 IP over those years.

    So, Monty has averaged 29+ More IP per year the last 3 years. That’s like giving your Bullpen the equivalent of almost 10 Games Off that they would otherwise have had to pitch for Snell.

    And I’s NOT like Snell’s ERA has been significantly better the last 3 years vs Monty; in fact, Monty easily beat him 1 of the 3, and virtually tied him in 1 other:

    • 2021: Snell 4.20. Monty 3.83.
    • 2022: Snell 3.38. Monty 3.48.
    • 2022: Snell 2.25. Monty 3.20.

    And in the only year in the last 3 in which Snell’s ERA was markedly better, Snell won a Cy Young & Monty won a World Series.

    I’ll take the World Series, Thank You. Besides the odds-on Snell NOT going into another post-Cy funk aren’t great, especially if he feels he’s being grossly underpaid in the pressure pot that’s NYC, versus the very laidback environments of Tampa & San Diego.

    Remember, Snell has NEVER pitched in a High-Pressure Environment like NYC.

    If Snell crashes & burns in 2024 & beyond — like he did for years after his 1st Cy Young — and only pitches about 130 innings, while Monty continues to be a very good pitcher who provides more IP, you’ll know who to blame: Brainless Brian & His Immense Ego.

    So, once again, Cashman’s Immense Ego might preclude the Yankees from making the smarter & least expensive of 2 possible starting-pitcher additions.

    Acknowledgment: There’s risk in EVERY signing because of possible injuries. So, either or both signings of these two signings could ultimately backfire on their eventual teams.

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