Yankees’ bats keep Rays on edge: Jason Adam’s reaction is a testament

Aaron Judge is at Globe Life Field as the Yankees play the Rangers.

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NEW YORK – The Yankees offense still carries enough power to create fear among their opponents. Their surge in the last two games enabling back-to-back comeback wins against the Rays wreaked havoc on Tampa Bay pitchers. This was on full display on Sunday at Yankee Stadium through the reaction of the Rays’ bullpen pitcher Jason Adam.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, with two outs and the Rays clinging to a narrow one-run lead, Jason Adam, a pitcher from Tampa Bay, found himself facing Aaron Judge, the reigning American League MVP who had hit two home runs in the previous game. Adam threw a sweeping pitch at 95 mph and Judge lifted it to 399 feet. Overwhelmed by the moment, Adam immediately bowed down, placing his head in his hands and resting them on his knees, convinced that he had just surrendered a game-tying home run.

After mustering the courage to look up, Adam was relieved to witness the ball safely nestled in the glove of center fielder Jose Siri on the warning track, securing Tampa Bay’s 8-7 victory. But this showed how anxious he was when facing the Yankees captain.

Formidable Yankees caused Rays’ bullpen to panic

Similar to how a bloop hit by a batter may be described as a “line drive” in the box, this situation for Jason Adam unfolded like the pitcher’s version of that. He flawlessly navigated the ninth inning, securing the save and recording the final out against the formidable Aaron Judge.

Zach Eflin admitted that you never know what to expect with Siri in the outfield, as he always seems to deceive everyone. Eflin mentioned that Siri’s decking tactics were particularly effective against their team. Eflin expressed his excitement in witnessing Siri making the catch, considering it a fantastic victory for the Rays.

Adam reacted by placing his hand on his chest and emitting what seemed to be a surprised exclamation before breaking into a wide smile.

Adam expressed that he believed the hit would go around 30 rows deep but expressed relief that Judge missed it more than he had anticipated.

He mentioned that the entire series had been challenging and a battle for both teams. He emphasized the significance of winning the game after being down 2-1 in the series, considering it a major accomplishment. He stated that they would carry the momentum from this victory into the upcoming off-day and the series against the Mets, starting on Tuesday.

Aaron Judge on MLB Opening Day, March 30. 2023 at Yankee Stadium.

Yankees regain their formidability

According to Judge, he was aware that the ball would not clear the park for his ninth home run of the season. Judge stated that he didn’t believe the ball would go out of the park, mentioning that he hit it well but too high. He expressed that he was hoping for a miracle as the ball was in the air due to the deep outfield dimensions.

Taylor Walls, the third baseman for the Rays, was well aware of the challenging nature of the four-game series, which ultimately resulted in a split. He acknowledged that the Yankees proved to be formidable opponents during the series, stating that whenever his team took the lead, the Yankees would promptly counter by either regaining the lead with runs of their own or matching the Rays’ offensive output in the previous inning.

Walls said the Yankees as a strong team, particularly with Judge back in their lineup, noting the danger posed by their batting order. He mentioned that the Rays didn’t have a comfortable lead and emphasized the importance of scoring more runs when the score was 8-4. He expressed disappointment that they couldn’t add more runs but highlighted Adam’s ability to close the game for them. He stated that a victory was crucial for their team on that day.

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