Inside look at Nestor Cortes’ euphoric wedding via wife’s Instagram

Nestor Cortes wedding bash
Sara Molnick
Monday January 1, 2024

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More than a month has elapsed since Nestor Cortes and his longtime love, Alondra, exchanged vows in a joyous ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Yet, the festivities extended beyond the wedding day. The post-nuptial celebration became the stuff of legend—an exuberant whirlwind of music, laughter, and sheer enjoyment, with the Yankee star and his bride at the epicenter.

Alondra eloquently captured the infectious energy of the night on Instagram. Photographs depict a radiant bride reveling in dance, her elation mirrored by the spirited guests. Nestor Cortes, affectionately dubbed “Nasty Nestor” by Yankee fans, is captured beaming as he wields a water cannon in one snapshot and shares a kiss with his new wife in another, amidst the jubilant crowd. The final post, fittingly captioned “The End,” showcases the delighted couple still dancing, surrounded by their cherished ones. Nestor Cortes, sporting a relaxed Hawaiian hat adorned with flowers, appears blissfully immersed in the moment.

However, the narrative of their love story predates this vibrant celebration. Alondra Russy, born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, on August 16, 1996, crossed paths with Nestor Cortes in 2015, and their journey together culminated in this joyous event. Their love story took root in Miami, where Alondra pursued her studies after attending Everglades High School and Florida Career College.

In 2022, after the All-Star Game, Nestor Cortes elevated their love story. Kneeling in front of his parents, he proposed to Alondra, inviting her to join him on this remarkable journey. On that day, with his future wife’s radiant smile before him, the pitcher transformed into more than just “Nasty Nestor.” He became a husband, a life partner, and the focal point of a celebration that truly embodied its name: “Nasty” in the most delightful way.


Here’s to Nestor Cortes and Alondra, and their love story that continues to dance to its own joyful rhythm. May their laughter resonate through the years to come, and may their journey be as vibrant and joyous as their unforgettable wedding bash.

Yankees look to Nestor Cortes’ 2024

The year 2023 didn’t provide Nestor Cortes or the Yankees with much to boast about. His All-Star prowess from 2021-2022 appeared to fade, leaving behind a 4.97 ERA that may linger in the minds of fans as spring training rumors begin circulating.

However, before we consign “Nasty Nestor” to the shadows, let’s take a step back. Unlike Carlos Rodon, who grappled with back issues, Cortes’ hamstring strain wasn’t the season-defining nemesis. Yet, it did deprive him of the intense crucible of the World Baseball Classic and a customary pre-season buildup.

He entered the regular season with a mere 11.2 innings across three March appearances. For Cortes, much like Rodon, a truncated spring training is pivotal in finding that rhythm and groove that distinguishes excellence from mediocrity.

Should we dismiss this and merely await Aaron Boone’s optimistic assurances about Cortes being fully healthy next year? Not quite. While optimism is a manager’s bedrock, Cortes requires more than positive vibes to reclaim his throne.

He needs a purposeful off-season, one devoted to fortifying that hamstring and preventing it from becoming a lingering concern. He must rediscover the mechanics that once allowed him to paint corners with surgical precision during his All-Star peak. Perhaps most crucially, he needs to recapture the swagger, the confidence that once had batters dancing to his unique delivery.

Nestor Cortes possesses the talent, the heart, and the moniker to be a linchpin in the Yankee rotation. However, the lackluster showing in 2023 served as a stark reminder that talent alone doesn’t secure victories. If he rises to the occasion, the upcoming spring won’t be about recollecting a 4.97 ERA but rather anticipating the fireworks a healthy and focused Nasty Nestor can unleash.

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