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The New York Yankees are the most successful team in Major League Baseball and became world champions 27 times. Their first tryst with World Series began in 1921. However, the Yankees won their first world series title in 1923. The following four decades saw the Bronx Bombers dominating the championship with 29 appearances and 20 wins.

Between 1949 and 1964, it was the era of the Yankees, who won 14 titles and became runners-up twice. This included five in a row between 1949 and 1953. They won three consecutive World Series from 1998 to 2000. Here is a list of all of the World Series titles that the Yankees have won.

1923: Babe Ruth helped the Yankees beat the Giants 4-2

Babe Ruth led the Yankees in the very first game at Yankees Stadium with a massive homer. He blasted a .368 average and three home runs to help the Yankees to come back with a sweep in the last three games and won the first World Series.

1927: The first AL sweep of NL, Yankees routed Pirates 4-0

The Yankees won the World Series 4-0. Their sweep of the Pirates was the first ever by an AL team of an NL team. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig turned Yankees legends, who helped them win 110 games in the regular season. It was the era of the Yankees’ power hitters.

1928: Ruth’s ruthless batting gave the Yankees 4-0 win over the Cardinals

This was the first time that a team won back-to-back championships by sweeping both series. The Yankees kept making history. Ruth hit .625 in the series and it included three home runs in Game 4.

1932: Ruth’s last world series, the Yankees won 4-0 against the Cubs

The Yankees swept the Cubs in a series that had one of the most famous moments in sports history. In the fifth inning of Game 3, Babe Ruth faced Cubs pitcher Charlie Root. The Yankee great pointed with the bat to where he wanted to hit the ball out in Wrigley Field and then did it.

1936: The Yankees defeated cross-town rival the Giants 4-2

This was the Yankees’ first series with Joe DiMaggio and the first without Babe Ruth. Lou Gehrig helped them beat the Giants 18-4 in the second game and 13-5 in the sixth.

1937: The Yankees rout the Giants 4-1 to surpass the A’s and Red Sox

The Yankees surpassed the Philadelphia Athletics and the Boston Red Sox with the sixth world title.

1938: The Yankees swept the Cubs 4-0

This was the third straight world series win for the Yankees. Pitcher Red Ruffing got them victory in two games. Game 2 at Wrigley Field was the last they played until 2003.

1939: The Yankees swept the Reds 4-0

The Yankees had their fourth title in a row. Game 2 ended in 87 minutes and Monte Pearson drowned the Reds with a complete game.

1941: The Yankees’ 4-1 win was their first over the Dodgers

It was the first subway series between crosstown rivals and saw an intense baseball game.

1943: The Yankees avenged the Cardinals 4-1

The Yankees lost to the Cardinals in 1942, but they won in 1943 to have their 10th championship to take revenge on St. Louis.

1947: The Yankees went up 4-3 against the Dodgers

The first time an opponent made a Yankees team win a series go to Game 7. Also, it was the first World Series with a team (Dodgers) having a black player.

1949: The Yankees routed the Dodgers 4-1

The Yankees went on to win the first of five straight World Series with Casey Stengel as their manager. It was their stepping stone to 14 of American League titles in the next 16 years.

1950: The Yankees swept the Phillies 4-0

The Yankees team with Vic Raschi, Allie Reynolds, and Whitey Ford proved to be too strong for the Whiz Kids of Philadelphia.

1951: The Yankees beat the Giants 4-2

Joe DiMaggio played his last World Series while Mickey Mantle took over with his first. Gil McDougald scored a grand slam homer in the fifth game.

1952: The Yankees 4- the Dodgers 3

It was another intense seven-game series. Mickey Mantle had his first of 18 World Series homers in Game 6. The Yankees shut down the Dodgers in Game 4.

1953: The Yankees won 4-2 over the Dodgers

It was the fifth World Series win in a row. No other baseball team has ever done that. Billy Martin, who would later manage the Yankees, had 12 hits in this series.

1956: The Yankees took revenge on the Dodgers

With a 4-3 win, the Yankees avenged their 1955 title loss to the Dodgers. They came back from 2-0 and 3-2 deficits to win the championship. This was the last series between two teams from the same city until the Yankees played the Mets in 2000. In Game 5, Don Larsen pitched a perfect game to shut down the Dodgers. No one has ever pitched a perfect game in the World Series before.

1958: The Yankees beat the Milwaukee Braves 4-3

Milwaukee was able to push the Yankees all the way to Game 7 and even led the series 3-1 at one point. The Yankees then came roaring back and won the last game thanks to Bob Turley’s dominance and a rally in the eighth inning that started when Yogi Berra hit a double.

1961: Ford powered the Yankees to a 4-1 win over the Reds

This was the same year that Roger Maris beat Babe Ruth’s home run record by hitting his 61st on the last day of the season. But it was Whitey Ford who pitched 14 innings without a run and won two games for the Yankees.

1962: Record delay but the Yankees won 4-3 over the Giants

The World Series went for 13 days, the longest ever , due to rain-caused postponements. All seven games saw very close contest. The Yankees won 1-0 in Game 7 thanks to a dramatic catch by second baseman Bobby Richardson.

1977: The Yankees beat the LA Dodgers 4-2

Reggie Jackson hit four home runs on the first pitch, one in Game 5 and three in Game 6. He hit each homer off a different Dodgers pitcher. Fans began calling him “Mr. October.”

1978: Repeat of 1977 win

Another back-to-back championship and the Yankees beat the Dodgers 4-2 again in the World Series. Fans enjoyed the rivalry that saw Reggie Jackson and pitcher Bob Welch trying to dominate each other.

1996: The biggest comeback win

The Yankees lost the first two games to the Atlanta Braves 12-1 and 4-0. However, they went to win the next four and beat the Braves 4-2 at Yankees Stadium. It was the first time the Yankees won the World Series in 18 years. Game 4 saw another big comeback by the Yankees.

1998: The Yankees dominated the Padres 4-0

In a series that was never close, David Wells, Orlando Hernandez, and Andy Pettitte all won their games.

1999: The Yankees swept the Braves 4-0

The first world series where teams with the highest wins in AL and NL met each other.

2000: The Subway series

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter played a key role and they beat the Mets 4-1. Game 1 went to 12 innings before the Yankees win 4-3.

2009: The last win for the Yankees

The Yankees won their 27th title by beating the Phillies 4-2. It was the last time that Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera played in the World Series.

Which World Series win is your favorite?

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