Showalter’s return? Yankees seek savior for 2024

Buck Showalter, a coach who have been managed Orioles and Mets
Amanda Paula
Thursday October 12, 2023

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New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner is facing increasing pressure to make significant changes to the team as fans grow increasingly frustrated. Michael Kay, the YES Network play-by-play announcer for the Yankees, has issued a warning, stating that if the organization doesn’t address its issues, fans may “revolt.”

Yankees could face fan revolt if changes aren’t made for 2024

Aaron Boone, manager of the New York Yankees.

Steinbrenner recently disclosed during Sportico’s “Invest in Sports” conference that he held a meeting with Yankees operations personnel. Following this meeting, he acknowledged the need for substantial changes within the organization before the upcoming season.

One of the primary concerns among fans is the performance of Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman. Calls for his dismissal have been circulating for months. In fact, a Jersey City native even organized a “Fire Cashman Night” protest, which took place in the right field bleachers during a game against the Diamondbacks on September 22.

Another point of contention is Yankees manager Aaron Boone, who has faced criticism for his apparent inability to publicly criticize players, even when they seem to lack accountability. However, both Cashman and Boone were part of Steinbrenner’s recent meeting, suggesting that they might not be on the immediate chopping block.

Kay’s perspective is that simply removing familiar faces from the team might not be enough to appease the fanbase. Instead, he believes the key to exciting fans would be hiring a prominent figure in the world of baseball.

Is Buck Showalter a good fit for the Yankees?

Buck Showalter playing for the Yankees

Key predicts that the Yankees will likely bring in a high-profile name, even if it requires a substantial financial investment. Two potential replacements for Boone, Mike Sciosia and Buck Showalter, were dismissed as options by Kay.

Notably, Kay suggests that bringing in Buck Showalter as part of an advisory team could significantly impress fans. Showalter, who previously managed the Yankees from 1992 to 1995, most recently managed the New York Mets. Following the Mets’ decision to go in a “new direction” after hiring David Stearns to run baseball operations, Showalter has been rumored to have an interest in managing the Los Angeles Angels.

It wouldn’t be surprising if an offer from the Yankees, the team that provided him with his first opportunity as both a minor league player and manager, enticed him to remain in New York.

In conclusion, the pressure is on the New York Yankees to make substantial changes to their organization in the lead-up to the 2024 season. The fanbase is eager to see not just the removal of familiar faces but also the addition of influential figures to revitalize the team. Buck Showalter is mentioned as a potential candidate who could make a significant impact on the Yankees.

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4 thoughts on “Showalter’s return? Yankees seek savior for 2024

  1. I think that both Boone and Cashman should be replaced. The fans were not happy with the final standing of the ream. Boone seems to like keeping his distance from the players. If he sat in the dugout, he could communicate between innings with the players. Cashman has to find good players to trade for. That are not on the IL. How many games were played while the newly acquired players remained on the IL. Hope Hal makes a smart decision.

  2. I would welcome back a manager like Buck, because he would instill an atmosphere of accountability—I’m sick of Boone’s defending every player who screws up, or don’t produce enough in the clutch—he’s too interested in being “liked” by the players, and not interested in motivating them to do better—maybe it’s the analytics getting in the way—Buck had a way to communicate with his players, both in a positive way, and a stern way when the situation called for it—he knows how to handle men, and get the best from them—his hire would immediately change the culture in their dugout

  3. Buck has had many great situations handed to him. Whether the Yankees, Diamondbacks, Orioles, or Mets he has just fallen short, usually during the stretch runs. I don’t think it would be any different in a Yankee 2 sequel. He seem to do his best work as a TV analyst, so let’s hire him once again to provide all of the answers for the YES network!

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