Analyzing the Yankees: Changes in the air, but is Boone staying?


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The Aaron Boone saga is far from its conclusion; to be precise, it may have only just begun. The New York Yankees have concluded three days of important organizational meetings, marking the beginning of a crucial offseason. During this meeting, team captain Aaron Judge and ace Gerrit Cole, though not initially expected to attend, will maintain ongoing discussions with managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner, building on their monthly meetings during the season.

Does Aaron Boone will return?

Yankees manager Aaron Boone

As stated by Andy Martino – an MLB expert, the Yankees have yet to determine the public announcement of manager Aaron Boone’s return, despite earlier reports suggesting it’s likely. Since Boone is already under contract for the upcoming season, there is no immediate action required in this regard.

The team has also not set a date for GM Brian Cashman’s annual postmortem press conference. Both this conference and the anticipated update on Boone’s return face complications due to Major League Baseball’s desire to avoid non-playoff news during the postseason.

Changes in the analytics department

Contrary to initial assumptions, the Yankees will not be enlisting external consultants to conduct an organizational audit. Instead, they are bringing in a third party to assess their analytics processes, a request made by the analytics department itself. This assessment will not involve external review of Yankee materials or an audit of the organization from an outside party.

Nonetheless, the Yankees will continue to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of their operations following a disappointing 82-80 season that GM Brian Cashman referred to as a “disaster.”

Speaking at the Sportico’s Invest in Sports event in New York, Hal Steinbrenner emphasized the importance of candid and respectful communication during the recent meetings. He stated, “It was a great three days. It was a very honest communication. Many more to come in the months ahead, but we’re going to be making some changes. Some of these changes may be more subtle than others, but we’ve identified areas where improvement is needed.”

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2 thoughts on “Analyzing the Yankees: Changes in the air, but is Boone staying?

  1. Please change managers it’s for the best.Boone is not gonna change the way he manages.He does it with no aggression other than arguing about balls and strikes.As a super fan I would love to see that change.

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