Oswald Peraza displays ‘zen-like energy’ amid doubts over his Yankees future

John Allen
Thursday March 7, 2024

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Almost a year ago, in an interview with NJ Advance Media, a young Oswald Peraza displayed an impressive level of maturity despite facing stiff competition for the starting shortstop position with teammate Anthony Volpe.

Even as the realization dawned that his chances of securing the spot were potentially shrinking, Oswald Peraza remained remarkably composed. He chose to focus on supporting Volpe and celebrating his teammate’s success, refusing to let the uncertainty surrounding his future cast a shadow over his attitude.

Now, a year older and with even more experience under his belt, Oswald Peraza enters this spring training season with the same resilient mindset that impressed many last year.


According to Oswald Peraza, playing for the Yankees had always been his dream and he had been cherishing it since childhood. Now with the opportunity before him, he is committed to giving his best effort despite ongoing speculations over him losing the roster place.

“This is the team that I love and that I grew up loving. I have this opportunity in front of me and I’m trying to do the best that I can, improving on and off the field as a person and player so that I can be up here playing in the big leagues,” he says.

Oswald Peraza radiates calm in the eye of Yankees roster apprehension

Oswald Peraza’s path to the Yankees’ starting lineup has taken an unexpected turn this year. The once fierce competition for shortstop has settled, leaving Peraza without a guaranteed route to regular playing time. While his initial shot at a prominent role might have seemed to diminish, his value to the team remains.

His defensive versatility across the infield and his blazing speed make him a strong candidate for a utility infielder role, providing valuable depth off the bench. This role could land Oswald Peraza a spot on the Opening Day roster, contributing to the team’s overall flexibility. However, starting appearances will likely be limited, primarily occurring in the event of injuries to key players like Anthony Volpe, Gleyber Torres, DJ LeMahieu, or Anthony Rizzo.

Some might see Oswald Peraza’s lack of recent major league experience as a hurdle in securing his long-term future with the Yankees. He still has a minor league option remaining, and faces competition from other talented infielders in camp, some of whom have greater roster flexibility. This underscores the need for Peraza to showcase his abilities and fight for his place on the roster.

Oswald Peraza himself conveyed that he lacked control over such decisions. Nonetheless, if the circumstance dictated him being a utility player, he expressed his desire to contribute effectively to the team. He emphasized the importance of playing quality baseball, exerting maximum effort, and finding avenues to support the team, all in pursuit of his goal of remaining with the team and playing alongside his teammates.

Inquired about the difficulty of relinquishing control over such decisions despite having the talent and potential for success, Oswald Peraza elucidated that he has cultivated a sense of inner peace.

The Yankees young gun described his approach as embodying a Zen-like energy. He emphasized the importance of controlling the effort he puts forth both on and off the field and highlighted the support he receives from his family and mentioned having a routine to maintain a positive mindset.

Oswald Peraza shocks the Yankees fans showing his progress during the offseason
A-Rod Fit

“It’s having a Zen-like energy,” Oswald Peraza said. “You control how much effort you put out there on and off the field and that’s what I focus on. I get so much support from my family and have a routine to stay in a good headspace. Then, once the game starts, I switch to my game-action mentality.

“I’m always searching for something that can help me become a better ballplayer, something that can help me take the next step in my career and get me to be the baseball player that I want to be.”

Oswald Peraza is honing in on consistency, recognizing it as his primary area for improvement. Returning to Grapefruit League games after a minor shoulder injury, he seeks to address this aspect by refining his approach to swing decisions, aiming for more consistent results.

Finding consistency for a permanent role

Yankees rookies Jasson Dominguez, Oswald Peraza, and Oswaldo Cabrera.

Oswald Peraza’s journey to the major leagues hasn’t been a smooth one. Inconsistent playing time has hampered his ability to find a rhythm. Brief flashes of success have been overshadowed by stretches of struggles and returns to the minor leagues. Last season, Peraza’s .191 batting average and .539 OPS in 52 games with the Yankees reflect this inconsistency.

A National League scout believes a return to Triple-A could benefit Oswald Peraza. While acknowledging his potential as a valuable utility infielder, the scout feels consistent playing time is crucial for Peraza’s development as a potential everyday starter. By establishing himself in a regular role at Triple-A, he could build confidence and refine his skills, ultimately making a stronger case for a permanent spot in the Bronx.

Only time will tell if Oswald Peraza will ultimately secure that permanent role in New York. However, consistent playing time and a chance to establish himself as a starter could be the key to unlocking his full potential and earning a regular spot on the Yankees’ roster.

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One thought on “Oswald Peraza displays ‘zen-like energy’ amid doubts over his Yankees future

  1. I think it’s time to trade or DFA Peraza. This notion that Cashman hordes all these players because it’s supporting their best interest is utter baloney IMO. Cashman lied about Peraza in Spring 2022, then he compounded that lie with not trading him when he had multiple opportunities at the 2022 trade deadline.

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