NFL QB takes a break: Baker Mayfield swings for fun with the Yankees

Baker Mayfield, making a batting practise with Yankees

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The NFL quarterback, Baker Mayfield, made headlines by stepping onto the baseball field to participate in batting practice with the New York Yankees on a Thursday afternoon. The unexpected sight of the Cleveland Browns’ star engaging in baseball drills caught the attention of sports enthusiasts and media outlets alike. It was a rare moment of crossover between two of America’s most beloved sports.

From NFL playoffs to batting practice with the Yankees

Baker Mayfield, quaterback

Baker Mayfield, known for his prowess on the football field, showcased his versatility by swinging the bat alongside professional baseball players. The sight of the NFL quarterback donning the Yankees jersey and stepping into the batter’s box captured the imagination of fans everywhere.

As a free agent in the NFL, Mayfield’s involvement with the Yankees fueled comments from some Yankees fans jokingly welcoming him as the newest player on the team.

You can watch the video of the play below:

Baker Mayfield reveals baseball roots and Yankees connection

Baker Mayfield giving an interview during the Yankees' spring training, on march 7, 2024.
Yes Network

Just before the New York Yankees took on the Detroit Tigers, Baker Mayfield sat down for an interview with the YES Network. The quarterback surprisingly revealed that baseball was his first love.

“I was actually going to play in college, but I decided to focus on football instead. For those not familiar with Tampa, Raymond James Stadium is right across the street from Steinbrenner Field, the Yankees’ spring training facility.”

Baker Mayfield was spotted by journalists attending a Tampa Bay Lightning game with Yankees prospect Anthony Volpe, sparking inquiries about his presence at the Yankees’ complex. The former Heisman Trophy winner explained that the invitation came through Volpe and other Yankees-affiliated individuals like Derek Dietrich and Larry. Mayfield expressed gratitude for their kindness in allowing him and Volpe to experience the team’s culture.

Reflecting on his transition from baseball to football, Mayfield cited the dominant football culture in his home state of Texas as the reason for focusing on that sport in high school and college. Despite his gridiron success, he took pride in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ impressive season and emphasized the importance of team unity through good times and bad.

Future plans

Just a few months earlier, Baker Mayfield had led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on an impressive playoff run during the 2023 NFL season. Despite facing formidable opponents, his leadership and skill propelled the Buccaneers to playoff success, earning widespread recognition as one of the league’s top quarterbacks.

Mayfield concludes by stating that he is currently working on discovering his future plans, expressing his trust in God’s plan for him and taking each day as it comes. He anticipates learning more about his future endeavors in the upcoming week.

“Not all baseball players are though. Last question, what’s in the future for you? What lies ahead? Gonna find out here in the next week or so, just working on that right now and God’s got a plan for me. So just trusting that one day at a time.” Bake Mayfield concluded.

For Baker Mayfield, the opportunity to participate in batting practice with the Yankees offered a brief respite from the demands of professional football, a month after the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

The sight of an NFL quarterback exchanging banter with professional baseball players highlighted the camaraderie and mutual admiration that exists among athletes.

As the sun set on the baseball field, Baker Mayfield’s foray into batting practice with the Yankees left a lasting impression on sports fans everywhere.

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  1. As bad as the players are swinging, DJ, Big G, some of the promising pups, why is an outsider taking they’re at bats? He does not belong there; these guys need to be getting their swings in at live at bats.

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