Meet the Yankees’ latest batch of 1st rounders: Anthony Volpe headlining last 6 premium draft classes


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In recent years, the New York Yankees have consistently leveraged their first-round draft picks to inject talent and potential into their farm system, focusing on a mix of high school and college players with varying skill sets and backgrounds. From power hitters to skilled fielders, these selections reflect the organization’s commitment to maintaining its competitive edge. This article delves into the profiles of the last five first-round picks, highlighting their initial impacts, unique attributes, and the promise they hold for the future.

2023: George Lombard Jr.

In 2023, the Yankees secured George Lombard Jr. with the 26th overall pick, a decision that intrigues many, given Lombard’s relatively untested status in professional baseball. However, his lineage and early performance hint at significant potential. Being the son of a former major leaguer, Lombard Jr. has baseball in his blood, which is evident from his remarkable plate discipline and consistency in making contact. With a notable $3.3 million signing bonus and an impressive debut, the expectations are high for this young player. His development is keenly watched as he embodies the promise of rising through the ranks to make a significant impact on the field.

Yankees promising young infield prospect George Lombard Jr. is with his father George Lombard on March 3, 2024.

2022: Spencer Jones

Standing tall at 6-foot-7, Spencer Jones, the Yankees’ 2022 first-round pick, naturally draws comparisons to Aaron Judge, another first-round success story. Jones’s imposing stature and the resultant exit velocities evoke memories of Judge’s early promise. Described as a five-tool player, Jones brings a blend of power and speed, painting the picture of a future core player who could mirror Judge’s influence in the lineup. His potential as a middle-order mainstay underscores the Yankees’ knack for identifying and nurturing talent that aligns with their championship aspirations.

2021: Trey Sweeney

The 2021 first-round selection of Trey Sweeney introduced a player who combines an unorthodox approach with notable results. Standing 6-foot-4, Sweeney’s stature and unique swing have not hindered his ability to excel, demonstrated by his Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year accolade. The Yankees saw him as a multifaceted threat capable of adding depth and versatility to their lineup before he was traded to the Dodgers for Victor Gonzalez and infield prospect Jorbit Vivas.

2020: Austin Wells

In 2020, the Yankees went for Austin Wells, an offensively gifted catcher, emphasizing their preference for players who can contribute significantly with the bat. Wells’s consistent offensive performance, highlighted by power and an advanced approach at the plate, underscores his potential to be more than just a defensive asset. His development since being drafted signals the Yankees’ intention to bolster their lineup depth, offering a promising future wherein Wells could challenge for a significant role.

2019: Anthony Volpe

Anthony Volpe, picked in 2019, represents a blend of tradition and potential, having grown up idolizing the Yankees and wearing number 7 in homage to Mickey Mantle. His advanced hitting, characterized by line drives and an ability to excel on the bases and in the field, positions him as a future cornerstone for the franchise. As Volpe continues to ascend through the minor leagues, his progression is closely monitored, with expectations of him becoming a pivotal figure in the Yankees’ quest for their next championship era.


In conclusion, the Yankees’ strategy in the draft echoes their broader organizational philosophy: a blend of respect for baseball’s traditions, a keen eye for talent, and a commitment to nurturing future stars. As these players develop and gradually make their marks, they embody the hopes and aspirations of one of baseball’s most storied franchises, suggesting that the future remains bright in the Bronx.

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