Who is George Lombard Jr., Yankees’ prospect shining at shortstop?


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At just 18 years old, George Lombard Jr., the Yankees’ first-round pick from the 2023 draft, showcased his potential with an opposite-field home run in the eighth inning against the Toronto Blue Jays, demonstrating his ability to hit for power.

His introduction came from Yankees top prospect Spencer Jones, who had a perfect 5-for-5 record at the plate across two games, including a home run, four RBIs, a walk, and being hit by a pitch. While enjoying his personal success in Sunday’s 12-6 win, Jones also highlighted the performance of another young talent. George Lombard Jr., this fellow prospect, participating in spring training for the first time, made a strong impression with a home run in his initial appearance.

Jones expressed his excitement for George Lombard Jr., mentioning that it was the first time he had seen him play in a game. The top prospect stated that he had heard positive things about George from others and described him as a good kid who gets along well with everyone. Additionally, he noted that George Lombard Jr. is bilingual, which helps him connect with others, and mentioned that coaches have a high regard for him due to his work ethic and passion.

The top prospect remarked that at 18, he was not as composed or mature as George Lombard Jr.

It was an extraordinary day for the new rookie, a solidly built 6-foot-3, weighing 190 pounds, whose father enjoyed a career as an outfielder in the major leagues for portions of six seasons.

Who is George Lombard Jr.?

Selected by the New York Yankees in the 26th overall spot of the 2023 draft, George Lombard Jr. signed a $3.3 million contract and quickly began his professional journey.

Last summer, the 18-year-old shortstop from Gulliver Prep in Miami started his professional career with a strong showing. He batted .417 with six RBI in four games with the Florida Complex League Yankees, showcasing his offensive potential. Lombard then transitioned to Single-A Tampa, where he held his own against older competition, recording a .273 batting average and four RBI in nine games with the Tarpons.

Eager to make an impact in his first full professional season, George Lombard Jr. arrived in Tampa early for minor-league spring training. He spent weeks dedicated to training at the Yankees’ player development complex, refining his skills before the official season began.

During this training period, Yankees manager Aaron Boone occasionally visited the complex to observe both the major league players and promising prospects like George Lombard Jr., highlighting the organization’s focus on player development.

George Lombard Jr. had plenty to discuss after his eventful day. It marked his inaugural experience wearing the iconic Yankees pinstripes during their initial spring training home game. From the dugout, he watched in awe as Juan Soto made a memorable debut as a Yankee by smashing an opposite-field home run off the scoreboard. Additionally, he expressed his excitement at being teammates for the first time with Aaron Judge, who had a successful outing, going 2-for-2 with a double in his first spring game appearance.

George Lombard Jr. expressed his sentiments, stating, It was truly remarkable. The experience was very special, particularly during the introductions and the flyover at the start. And then, of course, being out there on the field with established superstars of the game, it’s quite a unique feeling.

George Lombard Jr. wins over Yankees’ manager too

The young rookie took over at shortstop from Kevin Smith in the fifth inning and concluded the game with a walk and a two-run homer in the two times he came to bat.

Manager Aaron Boone responded positively when asked about the performance of George Lombard Jr., describing it as “awesome.” Boone further commented that he noticed Lombard’s first swing of the day was a bit long, but he appreciated how the player adjusted with a walk and then hit the ball to the opposite barrel.

George Lombard Jr. faced left-hander Jimmy Robbins, a pitcher who spent time as a starter in both Double-A and Triple-A last season. Despite being a right-handed hitter, Lombard patiently waited for the first pitch, and then swiftly connected with a 92.5-mph fastball, sending the ball soaring 356 feet to right-center field for a home run.


He mentioned that they had received a favorable scouting report on Robbins. George Lombard Jr. stated that he had devised a solid plan beforehand and had to adhere to it during the game. The prospect noted that he managed to get a good pitch to hit and executed a solid swing.

Boone expressed that it has been enjoyable to get to know George Lombard Jr. and observe his progress. He noted that player development is excited about Lombard, highlighting the positive contributions Lombard has made and the attention he has received.

Boone found his performance at shortstop impressive.


Boone mentioned that during certain drills, the competitiveness among the players was noticeable, which added to the enjoyment. He observed that with many of their major leaguers participating, the intensity during the groundball sessions was high, and he could envision George Lombard Jr.’s physique developing further, allowing him to excel as a shortstop.

Boone commented on the physique of George Lombard Jr., noting that it resembled that of a future big leaguer, and he could visualize how it would develop over the next few years. He mentioned observing his quality at-bats during live batting practice against strong pitchers and highlighted his impressive performance during Sunday’s game.

George Lombard Jr. will probably commence this season with the Tarpons in Low A unless the Yankees opt to retain him in extended spring training for an extended period.

The shortstop prospect conveyed that he had experienced a bit of a roller coaster ride, but he noted the warm reception from the community, including the staff and players, which had facilitated his adaptation to the new system and lifestyle. He expressed hope for a successful year ahead, acknowledging that it would involve a significant amount of baseball, more than he had ever played in a single year. Consequently, George Lombard Jr. emphasized the importance of maintaining mental strength throughout the year and remaining committed to his plans consistently.

George Lombard Jr. is focused on the present and not dwelling on the future. He doesn’t dwell on Anthony Volpe‘s achievements, such as winning a Gold Glove last season as a rookie shortstop, and speculate about his own position in the Yankees organization when he becomes major league ready.

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  1. Why sign and then be unwilling to trade Roderick Arias, when it seems that they will put Lombard ahead of Arias? Because we know they won’t put these prospects at other positions.

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