Limited market choices: A closer look at Yankees’ trade options

Dylan Carlson, Juan Soto, and Tommy Pham are among key trade targets for the New York Yankees.
John Allen
Monday July 31, 2023

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The New York Yankees are facing a different situation. Their fans expect them always to be competitive, and their current record of 55-50 means they still struggle to make the playoffs. However, it’s becoming harder to find good trade options as other teams are making moves and some key players are off the table.

Manager Aaron Boone doesn’t like to openly ask for specific changes before the trade deadline because it might disrespect the front office. However, the Yankees have several needs, like a left fielder, more starting pitchers, and maybe a third baseman, but the options available for trade are limited.

The trade deadline is always challenging, especially this year when many teams are competing for a playoff spot. The time is running out, and there are still 55 games left in the season. On Monday night, the Yankees will face the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are currently ahead of the Yankees by seven games, and if they win three out of the four games, they will increase their lead even more. But with the right trade moves, the Yankees can boost their prospects.

Yankees trade targets available in the market

Joc Pederson, OF, Giants

The Yankees are considering trading for Joc Pederson, who is an experienced outfielder currently playing for the Giants. He is known for hitting powerful home runs and has valuable experience playing in the postseason. The trade might happen if the Yankees offer their pitching prospect, Will Warren, in exchange.

Some people think Pederson could be good for hitting powerful home runs, especially with Yankee Stadium‘s short right field. But others believe he might not be much better than the current left-field players the Yankees have.

Dylan Carlson, OF, Cardinals 

Yankees target: Dylan Carlson - the player of St Louis Cardinals.
USA Today

The Yankees have had a hard time finding a consistent left-field player. The group of Triple-A call-ups has fizzled after an early burst. They might consider trading for Dylan Carlson from the Cardinals. While his batting stats may not be amazing, his excellent outfield defense and potential to get better make him an interesting option.

The Cardinals’ trade for Harrison Bader turned out well, but they shouldn’t expect the same success with Carlson. His skills may not be enough to make a difference in the Yankees’ lineup, so they should probably not go for it.

Jeimer Candelario, 3B, Nationals

The Yankees need to find a better player for the third base position since Josh Donaldson isn’t doing well, and he’s dealing with injuries. They are looking at Candelario from the Nationals, who is a switch-hitting infielder with good defense and a decent batting average of .258/.342/.482 this season.

Adding Candelario to the Yankees’ batting lineup would be a valuable move because he is a left-handed hitter, which is important for their offense. They could consider trading prospects Tyler Hardman (who plays third base) and Carson Coleman (a right-handed pitcher), along with veteran infielder Isiah Kiner-Falefa, to make the trade happen.

Jake Rogers, C, Detroit Tigers

The Yankees need to find a new catcher since Jose Trevino is out for the season due to wrist surgery. The current catchers, Kyle Higashioka and Ben Rortvedt, aren’t the best fit. They are considering trading for Jake Rogers from the Detroit Tigers. He had been injured for the past two seasons but is now having a great year with a.738 OPS and 12 home runs. His defensive skills, especially his framing abilities, would be a valuable addition to the Yankees’ team.

The Tigers might be interested in trading Jake Rogers for a package of good young players because he is doing well, and they have another promising catcher, Dillon Dingler. They could consider offering 2B prospect Jared Serna, Jake Bauers, and two other top 50 prospects to make the trade happen without losing anything valuable.

Lance Lynn, SP, White Sox 

Even though Lynn’s ERA has been high this season, he has had some impressive performances in his recent starts. Because of his past success in the playoffs, Lynn could be a valuable addition to the Yankees’ pitching rotation. If the White Sox agree to cover some of his salary, Lynn could be a desirable player for the Yankees to trade for. His ability to handle pressure in important games could make him a crucial asset for the Yankees’ playoff ambitions.

Lynn is worth giving a pass on his performance because he has allowed the most home runs in the MLB (28). He’s giving up a home run every four innings he pitches, which could be a problem for the team. His high strikeout rate is good, but the home runs could be a bigger issue. On the positive side, Nestor Cortez is coming back to the team, and the Yankees’ pitching rotation will be fully healthy for the first time this season.

Juan Soto, OF, San Diego Padres

San Diego outfielder Juan Soto

Soto is a true superstar. If he bats before Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo bats after him, it would be a challenging situation for even the best pitchers. Soto’s impressive stats of a.268 batting average, a.420 on-base percentage, and a .500 slugging percentage, along with 20 home runs, 64 runs batted in, and 59 runs scored, are exactly what the Yankees’ offense needs right now.

The San Diego Padres traded five top-tier prospects to the Nationals for Soto and Josh Bell. Since Soto has one year left before arbitration and will earn at least $25 million that season, the Padres might need to trade him quickly if they want a good return. They might get slightly less, but four top-10 prospects could still be enough. The Yankees could be a great trade partner because they have many options in their farm system. If they offer Trey Sweeny, Elisha Dunham, Matt Sauer, and one more player, it would be a fantastic deal for the Padres. Even if that one more player is the Martian, Jasson Dominguez, the Yankees should try to make the trade happen. Soto is the type of player they hope the Martian will become in the future.

Tommy Pham and Mark Canha, Mets

The Yankees could face competition from the Miami Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays, and Philadelphia Phillies to sign Tommy Pham and Mark Canha, but other teams like the Miami Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays, and Philadelphia Phillies are interested too. Pham and Canha have performed well this season, and their contract situations could benefit the Yankees as well. Pham is not under contract for 2024, and Canha has a club option for that year.

Pham is hitting at his usual levels this season with a batting average of.268, an on-base percentage of.348, and a slugging percentage of.472. He has hit 10 home runs and driven in 36 runs in 79 games. Canha, on the other hand, has a batting average of.245, an on-base percentage of.343, and a slugging percentage of.381 this season. He has hit six home runs and driven in 29 runs in 89 games.

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