Ken Rosenthal warns Yankees of Mets’ bid to drive up Aaron Judge contract

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Sara Molnick
Saturday September 17, 2022

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The cross-town rivalry between the Yankees and the Mets is one of the most talked about episodes of the Major League. With Aaron Judge going into free agency after this season, many franchises will try to sign him. Analyst Ken Rosenthal feels that the Mets may enter the fray to make it tough for the Yankees to retain the slugger.

The battle royal in New York, if ensues, would propel Judge to a contract that can cost the Yankees much more than what they offered prior to the 2022 season. Though the Bombers will try to resist any attempt by the Mets, it is surely going to push the price tag for Judge much higher.

Ken Rosenthal, who works for Fox Sports, came up with the Yankees vs the Mets tussle for Judge on Thursday night. He was speaking after the Mets’ victory over the Pirates at Citi Field.

As Judge tries to break the record for home runs, he has become the talk of the sport. The power hitter has 57 home runs, which is four less than Roger Maris’ American League record. When the season is over and he is the biggest free agent in baseball, people will talk about him differently.

Ken Rosenthal was asked about the possibility of the Mets trying to get the Yankees slugger when he becomes a free agent this offseason. The sports writer and reporter responded that the Mets would find it as an opportunity to “torture” their cross-town rivals.

He acknowledged that the Mets might try to get the most prized possession of New York and if fail, they may still would made the deal costly for their rivals by showing interest. Ken Rosenthal didn’t rule out that the Mets could love to land the slugger if their season failed to live up to their expectations.

According to Ken Rosenthal:

“I don’t think anything is crazy when it comes to free agency. With Judge, Steve Cohen is a classic Mets fan. I grew up here, and what Mets fans love most is to torture the Yankees. So, even if he can’t get Judge, I have a hard time imagining he will not at all make a bid or at least show interest. If only to drive up the price for the Yankees. And if the Mets season does not end as successfully as they want it to, why wouldn’t they be interested in Aaron Judge?”

Contract talks between Judge’s camp and the Yankees were supposed to be completed by Opening Day, but when they were unsuccessful. General manager Brian Cashman later revealed the terms of the deal – seven years and $213.5 million – that Judge did not accept.

Ken Rosenthal still sees a chance that Judge will stay in The Bronx but admits that t is hard to predict considering one of the best in the current MLB and with a historic season will be entering free agency.

Ken Rosenthal has earlier predicted that the Yankees had to improve their last offer by at least $100 million more if they wanted to keep Judge.

Currently, the Mets are in sixth place on the Forbes list of richest MLB clubs. The Yankees are on the top and on second place for operational revenue. The Red Sox, which ranks third, and the fifth-placed Giants may also throw their hat to the market for Aaron Judge.

Steve Choen, the Mets’ owner and a hedge fund founder, has a lot of money that can power his team to run for any big-name free agent.

The failure of the Yankees in 2022 to reach a deal with the slugger put them at a disadvantage. Judge was not happy after Cashman revealed the failed contract offers and it may open an opportunity for other MLB teams to bid for him.

Speaking about this, Ken Rosenthal said:

“He was not pleased when the Yankees announced what they offered him around Opening Day. Who knows how this goes? If the Yankees offer him what he wants, yes he stays. If they do not or it becomes a situation jumping in and wooing him, then maybe he goes. I would bet on the Yankees, but with free agency you can never be sure.”

However, all now depends on Aaron Judge. He is a shrewd decision maker and knows his capabilities well. A few months ago, everyone thought Judge did a mistake by rejecting the contract offered by the Yankees. But since August, he has proved all cynicism wrong.

His decision to gamble on himself paid off. As his bat speaks for him, he is on the way to make a record home-run haul.

The 30-year old has positioned himself to make a significant amount of money irrespective of the Mets’ interest.

Do you agree with Ken Rosenthal? Will the Mets try to sign Judge only to trouble the Yankees?

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