Juan Soto’s Blake Snell endorsement mounts pressure on Yankees to sign ace

Juan Soto, player of the New York Yankees

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Blake Snell has been linked with a move to the Yankees, and all fans are accustomed to knowing, but this novel seems like it won’t end well. However, Juan Soto believes that Blake Snell would be a perfect addition to the Yankees, expressing his enthusiasm for any assistance the team can acquire. Despite recent reports suggesting a deal between Snell and the Yankees is unlikely, Soto remains optimistic about the prospect.

In a statement to Jon Heyman of The New York Post, Soto shared his excitement, stating, “It would be unbelievable to have two Cy Young winners going back to back; it’d be great. [Snell’s] a great guy, a great player. Any help that we can get I would love.” Soto emphasized the positive impact Snell could bring to the team and described it as a fantastic fit.

What’s the conexion between Juan Soto and Blake Snell?

blake snell has been linked with a move to the yankees

Notably, both Juan Soto and Blake Snell are clients of Scott Boras. Juan Soto expressed confidence in Snell’s ability to significantly contribute to the team, suggesting that Snell is merely waiting for the right opportunity to make his decision.

But, is Blake Snell going to the New York Yankees? According to the NY POST, the Yankees spoke to Blake Snell on Monday, but the path toward a signing remains difficult.

Aaaron judge and juan soto, players of the new york yankees

While one of Boras’ clients, Cody Bellinger, recently signed with the Chicago Cubs, Snell, Jordan Montgomery, and Matt Chapman are still available in the free-agent market. The unexpected terms of Bellinger’s deal, compared to the initial expectations, have sparked speculation that Snell and other Boras clients might also consider deals below their initial valuation.

Juan Soto acknowledged the precedent set by late signings in previous years, citing examples like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, who secured lucrative deals during spring training. Overall, Soto believes that Snell’s decision is about finding the perfect fit and remains hopeful for a positive outcome.

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