Insider foresees Yankees’ Carlos Rodon deal turning into a ‘nightmare’

Carlos Rodon is seen during a practice session at the Yankees' 2023 spring training camp in Tampa.

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The Yankees held big expectations from Carlos Rodon, envisioned as their second ace. His six-year, $162 million deal, fueled by his impressive 2021-22 ERA performance, appeared to be a strategic move. However, the Bronx fairytale swiftly transformed into a nightmare.

Sports analyst Kerry Miller from Bleacher Report paints a pessimistic picture, expressing fears that Carlos Rodon’s contract could become a “nightmare” for the Yankees. Miller highlights Rodon’s history of injuries and questions the sustainability of his brilliance in 2021-22 as the reason behind his analysis.

“Everyone already knew last offseason that Carlos Rodon was an injury risk. He pitched a full, 178-inning season in 2022, but only after averaging 73.0 innings pitched over the previous five years … But he has now had two great seasons and three atrocious, injury-riddled seasons in the past five years, and the great seasons might have been fools’ gold,” the insider commented.

Analyst predicts Carlos Rodon becoming a headache for Yankees

Yankees starter Carlos Rodon reacts after a rough outing vs. the Rays on Aug 1 at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees’ grand signing of Gerrit Cole in 2019, marked by the largest pitcher contract in history, was anticipated to rekindle their pursuit of a championship. While the ace has lived up to expectations with a 51-23 record, 3.08 ERA, and a 2023 Cy Young Award, the elusive championship ring remains out of reach.

But Carlos Rodon fails to satisfy the Yankees’ need for one with the ability to complement Cole’s performance. His tenure in the pinstripes started with setbacks rather than triumphs. A forearm strain kept him sidelined at the beginning of 2023, followed by a back injury. Upon Carlos Rodon’s activation in the summer, concerns escalated as he posted a modest 3-8 record and a daunting 6.85 ERA over 14 starts, casting a gloomy shadow on his future in New York and potentially beyond.

Yankees starter Carlos Rodon is pitching at Yankee Stadium in the 2022 season.
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If Miller’s analysis holds true, the Yankees find themselves in a precarious situation. Having missed the playoffs in 2023 and falling short of the World Series since 2009, the pressure is mounting. Carlos Rodon envisioned as a cornerstone for a championship, could turn into an obstacle on the path to October glory.

His redemption season hangs in the balance. Should he fail to rebound, Carlos Rodon’s substantial contract and underwhelming performance may symbolize the Yankees’ prolonged championship drought, staining their pinstripes with frustration and disappointment.

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2 thoughts on “Insider foresees Yankees’ Carlos Rodon deal turning into a ‘nightmare’

  1. Rodan is a headcase just like Verdugo. No post season play coming up. As long as Hal and Cashman run this team, it isn’t going anywhere. Bad management, bad results.

  2. Why is this surprising. The Yankees have routinely tried to buy s World Series for years now. Tho organization is nothing like it was with George running it. How does thst idiot GM still have a job. They are pathetic. It’s not going to change.

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