Should the Yankees entertain Trevor Bauer?

Rumors link controversial pitcher Trevor Bauer to the Yankees.

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Pitcher Trevor Bauer, once a Cy Young winner, expresses a desire for a comeback to MLB. In a recent hour-long interview, he suggested potential support from an unlikely ally, his former UCLA teammate and current Yankees ace, Gerrit Cole, if the Yankees would consider signing him.

During his appearance on WFAN, Trevor Bauer mentioned, “Yeah, I think he would [vouch for me],” citing their personal relationship and on-field chemistry. While acknowledging the shadow cast by his settled sexual assault allegations, he emphasized not discussing them with Cole and refraining from presuming his position. Nevertheless, he believes their bond remains resilient.

This potential avenue for his return carries a twist. In 2020, Trevor Bauer publicly accused Cole of using illegal substances, creating tension in their friendship. Although Cole refuted the allegations, a 2021 lawsuit against a former Angels employee seemed to support Bauer’s claims.

Despite past tensions, a chance for reconciliation seems plausible. After Cole secured the 2023 AL Cy Young, Trevor Bauer publicly congratulated him, celebrating their shared legacy as Cy Young-winning college teammates. This olive branch raises a critical question: Can Trevor Bauer find redemption in the same league where his career encountered setbacks? The answer teeters on multiple factors.

Firstly, Major League Baseball must decide on his reinstatement. While his legal case is resolved, his actions remain a sensitive topic for the league and any potential team. Secondly, public perception plays a pivotal role. Whether fans and sponsors are willing to accept his return is uncertain. The stigma surrounding his case could present a substantial hurdle.

Rumors link controversial pitcher Trevor Bauer to the Yankees.

Finally, there’s the question of performance. Even if reinstated, regaining his prior pitching dominance is not guaranteed. Time away from the game and the psychological burden of his past could impact his effectiveness.

Trevor Bauer’s journey to redemption appears arduous. Only time will reveal whether the disgraced pitcher can reshape his narrative and secure another opportunity on the major league stage.

Trevor Bauer’s attempt to come back

Once enveloped in controversy, Trevor Bauer’s baseball future appears to be on a course toward redemption. The polarizing pitcher, absent from MLB since sexual assault allegations clouded his career in 2021, has expressed his desire to make a comeback to the major leagues.

Having resolved his legal case, Trevor Bauer’s team is aggressively pursuing a return to the MLB, as reported by Jon Heyman. During the GM Meetings, his agents engaged with teams, seeking to reignite his major league career. However, despite a reduced suspension and a successful stint in Japan, lingering questions surround the viability of the 32-year-old pitcher.

Although cleared of criminal charges, his path to resurgence won’t be a straightforward fastball down the middle. Legal exoneration signifies just the initial step on a convoluted journey laden with challenges like public perception, league approval, and the personal task of rediscovering his pitching prowess.

However, Trevor Bauer’s recent tenure in Japan’s NPB with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars provides a promising glimpse. His impressive 10-4 record, 2.76 ERA, and 130 strikeouts in 130.2 innings suggest that he hasn’t lost his competitive edge. This performance has caught the attention of several contending teams, including the New York Yankees.

The Bronx Bombers find a potential ally in Trevor Bauer’s former UCLA teammate and current Cy Young winner, Gerrit Cole. In response to a fan’s query about Bauer joining the Yankees, the pitcher playfully remarked, “We did go to the World Series last time we were teammates,” alluding to their collegiate championship run.

While their camaraderie adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, Trevor Bauer’s road to redemption remains challenging. Overcoming public opinion and potential resistance from sponsors are hurdles he must surmount. Additionally, the psychological weight of his past and the potential adjustment to the MLB’s spotlight after a year away could impact his performance.

Trevor Bauer’s potential return to the MLB isn’t poised to be a fairy-tale comeback. It will serve as a test of his resilience, skill, and ability to navigate a multifaceted landscape. Can he pitch beyond the shadows of the past and script a new chapter in his baseball journey? Only time will reveal whether the once-dominant pitcher can reclaim his spot on the grandest stage.

2020 NL Cy Young Trevor Bauer and 2023 Cy Young Gerrit Cole were teammates at UCLA.
Baseball America

Why Yankees should be wary of Trevor Bauer

The Yankees are already grappling with a substantial list of PR challenges, including simmering chemistry issues and underperforming contracts. Introducing Trevor Bauer and his high-profile baggage into the mix feels like adding fuel to an already smoldering clubhouse. While WFAN’s Brandon Tierney might find the idea of Bauer in pinstripes intriguing, the reality presents a much bleaker outlook.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to acknowledge the elephant in the room – the sexual assault allegations that led to Trevor Bauer’s exit from MLB. However, even beyond that, his presence would create a PR storm that neither New York team could easily navigate. Recall the Dodgers’ press conference, inundated with character questions the moment the ink dried on his contract. Now, envision a constant media circus in the vibrant city of New York.

Imagine Trevor Bauer, creating vlogs in Central Park, generating tabloid headlines every other day: “Yankees Ace Attacked by Pigeon! Is New York Baseball Cursed?” It’s a public relations disaster waiting to unfold.

More significantly, the Yankees opted not to pursue Trevor Bauer in his prime when he sought a short-term deal. Fast forward three years, with the team in dire need of a roster overhaul – why take a gamble on a volatile wildcard instead of focusing on rebuilding their core?

While Trevor Bauer’s talent is undeniable, his baggage overshadows his pitching prowess in this context. Signing him wouldn’t miraculously resolve the Yankees’ chemistry issues or ease their payroll concerns. It would introduce a distraction, a risky move, and ultimately, a public relations nightmare with a Bronx ZIP code.

The Yankees require solutions, not scandals. Trevor Bauer, despite his pitching abilities, is not the solution. They should explore alternatives, seeking players who won’t drown out the Bronx’s roar with the clatter of controversy.

Why Trevor Bauer in the Bronx may jolt fans

Adding Trevor Bauer to the Bronx could serve as an insurance policy to ensure Gerrit Cole’s opt-out in 2024. These former college teammates share a history thicker than Yankee pinstripes, and it’s not a history filled with high fives and celebratory hugs.

His baseball history offers cautionary tales. Terry Francona, a game legend, reached his breaking point with Bauer’s childish tantrums, including throwing a ball over the fence and messing around with a drone, leading to self-inflicted injuries. Recall how this impacted the Cleveland Indians’ World Series aspirations in 2016?

The potential PR nightmare associated with Bauer’s baggage is a significant concern. Team owners, wary of the negative impact, might perceive him as more trouble than he’s worth. Even baseball executives, tempted by his talent, could hesitate due to reputational risks.

Recall the Los Angeles Dodgers designating Trevor Bauer as a DFA, partly to prevent him strengthening their rival Padres. Even the initially rumored interested party, the San Diego Padres, seems to have withdrawn. Despite whispers of positive experiences with the Cincinnati Reds, his path back to MLB remains uncertain.

Gerrit Cole may stand firmly against Trevor Bauer landing in the Bronx, fueled by their college rivalry and alleged criticism of Bauer’s work ethic. While anything is possible in baseball, Trevor Bauer’s journey to pinstripes appears to be an uphill battle. Past controversies, whispers of clubhouse tension, and concerns about long-term value form a formidable barrier. The Yankees must decide whether to gamble on potential redemption or prioritize stability and reputation. Only time will reveal if the allure of Trevor Bauer’s talent outweighs the risk of opening Pandora’s Box.


Age emerges as an undeniable factor. As the upcoming season kicks off, Trevor Bauer is on the verge of becoming an elder statesman in the realm of young pitchers. While his career boasts a respectable 3.79 ERA and 1.243 WHIP, inconsistency has been a recurring theme. The critical question is whether he can sustain his recent velocity boost, reported to peak at 99.3 mph, or if the passage of time will inevitably take its toll.

Only time will reveal which team is willing to take a gamble on the controversial hurler. Whether Trevor Bauer secures a big-league deal or faces another year on the sidelines remains as unpredictable as his unorthodox pitching style. One thing remains certain: Trevor Bauer’s comeback attempt is a curveball worth watching, with a mix of hope and doubt hanging in the air.

The loyal Bronx fans deserve more than a gamble on a volatile wild card. They deserve players who elevate the team, not just the headlines. While Trevor Bauer may have a formidable fastball, his baggage outweighs his pitching arsenal. This is one signing the Yankees can’t afford to swing at, as the potential strikeout could cost them much more than just a game.

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One thought on “Should the Yankees entertain Trevor Bauer?

  1. While the author raised some valid concerns, I disagree with her overall assessment, particularly this statement:

    “why take a gamble on a volatile wildcard instead of focusing on rebuilding their core?”

    What rebuilding? They just traded one of their better starters & relievers to San Diego, along with one of the Best Pitching prospects in baseball, plus other highly-rated pitching prospects.

    They’re NOT rebuilding their core, they DECIMATED a large portion of their future pitching core because Cashman is an Incompetent Negotiator.

    SD was & still is DESPERATE to to save money. They tried & failed to get a $100 Million bank loan to meet their expenses. Yet, “Fool on the Hill” Cashman acted like SD had the Yankees by the baseballs, instead of the reverse!

    If Cashman had said, we’ll take on Jake Cronenworth’s contract in the Soto trade, but you only get King & 1 lesser pitching prospect, SD would have had to accept that deal, given their DIRE Financial Troubles.

    But Cashman acted like a scared little boy (as usual), and he was Humiliated by all the negative press about his Inept Leadership, so he caved & gave SD 3 times what he could have given them for Soto.

    As for Bauer, yes he’s worth the gamble. The fact that his sexual-assault Accuser took smiling pitchers of herself in bed with Bauer AFTER her alleged rape, pretty much proves that she was simply a money-grubbing @#%*. (Choose your favorite pejorative.)

    Has Bauer been an Idiot sometimes in his career? YES. But people do often mature after they see that their immature behavior has brought on Public Humiliation & Ridicule, and it’s worth giving Bauer an incentive & goals-oriented* contract because he does have exceptional ability.

    * By “goals-oriented contract,” I mean based on # of starts & # of innings pitched. That would be an effective way of keeping him in line. For example, throw a hissy fit over being taking out of a game, and you get suspended for 2 weeks, thereby virtually destroying your chances of reaching your contract’s dollar incentives.

    Would Bauer sign such a deal? What other MLB options does he have with teams that could afford his salary? So, yea, he almost certainly would have to accept such an incentive-laden deal.

    Moreover, if he was willing to sign such a deal, that would indicate that Bauer now understands that he needs to be a choirboy, from this point forward, or his MLB career will LITERALLY BE SAYONARA!

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